Get Your Own Account! - Part 2

Tuesday, March 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the Pros and Cons of shared Facebook accounts. 


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As a couple. In your significant other. Scania FaceBook profile that you share. It's Elizabeth the radar here on the next. Is rather than having two separate ones I mean you just can't across another one I aren't as many visas are used to be that you just solidly I do give it yeah I scroll through to CNN day and and I am looking and people that are coming on not only things that I post that I go. He's a sex couples profiles like two peoples like Jeanine Kim mere. Jeff and Caron or whatever to the thing and yes if you sir have a couple profile if you got people are judging your trip and your baby yeah. Goes they are judging you the second they see your name. Because it's not normal pattern opinion you have your own thought we get pitcher married. And you share a lot of things but when it comes to FaceBook who also like to do what if what if you love the white bikini scene and a husband. You wanna Senna. Face to message friend request. Just Julie. But you're like there. Chairman chuck is CX ten and the worse. On what Kevin Shimon. It's like that then that's where it's almost too close for comfort. But there is a blogger that recently put out on her blog pros and cons to a joint account. Because that are husband suggested because he wanted to be on FaceBook and I do the work. OK I can see that he's either going to school to people's pictures and he is not a posts in gonna sell policies let's just have a joint pain agency should put this blog post out. And the pros and cons I was thinking what are her what are her pearl is she did say one of the pro who's. Would be that. She then doesn't have to spend much time on FaceBook saying what what my husband polls on my husband duke shot met with the notifications and know what's going nine. She said that she also can easily see things that he liked in his interested and she kind of like that. She's at also hold her accountable what she posts and what she replies steal but I don't think that's enough pro is. Which you need we all have different home we all have different likes and dislikes is somebody that federal you have your own individual FaceBook page and. She says the cons are they couldn't agree on what their cover photo and profile photo would be felt boy. She said people get weird about FaceBook accounts even when she put something up on FaceBook asking me if we had a joint account what what would you think it ever won. Immediately accused her not being able to trust her husband and the husband went on their underwear and sort of national get out of the dialogue that she enjoys having enjoyed FaceBook account is she can stop him. The Mets that's all not. That's stock him Keegan in line. Line but yes sock UCC the big city like Philly in lake you know running things right I think we figured out what beyond changing easier on tour together you know. I'm Jacqui and I. Scott this is Clinton is.