Get Your Own Account! - Part 1

Tuesday, March 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about people who have shared facebook pages.


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Are you a couple of shares of FaceBook profile rather then having two separate profiling stands Elizabeth and aren't some leg and scroll through a FaceBook like everybody does and you can kind of see people using different names nowadays some women don't use their maiden name or maybe their middle name that my wife uses her middle name. As part of her FaceBook profile but then you also see like that. The Jimmy and Jimmy near. Jeff and Janine picked bush still doing a couple FaceBook is this couple. FaceBook profile and so I'm thinking OK what they think and it and they think and this way it looks like we're synergy were together everything we share is out there for everybody to see. War. It's somebody cheat name don't trust the other person but yet they still want to be on FaceBook. Mean what's the reason for couples. FaceBook profile I feel like it's been no reason. Curtis and it says that. My take attic is that whining if apple for not very computer savvy. So they wanted to be involved on social media. But one doesn't really know hollered to. So they tell me yeah let's just have a couple days you can interact with your people can act of my people we can keep an eye and the kids. Me pretty today what do you think I. It probably comes around only one person actually managing the profile who'll yes he wanted it to vehicle bailing images the second part of a couple others. You know the manner the Leonard what are they normally don't wanna make you knowledge we've probably had wanted nothing to do it fit. Cliffs caves Elizabeth is the look is there gonna say that the woman who's making these pages here you know let's say Janice that. Sure I'm not pro. I don't worry about it again as mentioned individual Janet Charlie. And now all of his friends like dude was guilty or not he's like the highlight pianist made this page and you now she's trying to see what's gonna my friends yeah but I. And it's hard for Charlene in typical high school safely on the right. Can do it this Janice Charlie page this is true. I'm not a single value and it can also they don't know it should talk to you and make comments on things you don't know who's which one of the war in our view message then you're gonna move who's gonna you're in this era again I think about that with us here at the radio station in the mix FaceBook page is monitored by all of us that work here which is why we do have a status tagging actively dash Elizabeth there has to Elizabeth and ran you know. Who's prospective player that's coming from Gatwick you and I don't have all the viewpoints of my husband's cell we don't need to be on the same page we don't need to have the same opinions because we're very different in a lot of things. Some he's more vocal about her passion about I mean I'd care. He's a big Michigan. Van when it comes to Michigan sports and. You don't care from a Scott and I Mike and I can put gold blew out my page because you go badgers yeah. Accountability for those comments that are made on the page then and then it really isn't quite right who gets the Boleyn girl gets the praise for some of us and I'm pleased to listen they get Elizabeth at least the flight time. It's not so lucky with the yeah yeah are you are coming or one are you couple that has a that's shared FaceBook profile.