The Funniest Man You've Probably Never Heard Of

Monday, November 27th

In this "down under" themed episode, Dave is joined by Hannah and his brother Ziggy to talk about THE FUNNIEST MAN YOU'VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF, Chris Lilley. Ziggy spent 6 months living in Australia and gives some insite on Australian culture, and we each list our top 3 funniest people. 


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Warning there may be some swear words. Enjoy. Hello welcome to another episode of dish with Dave and you have those days of course I joined by my girlfriend Hannah. Hannah how bio that I. And we got a special guest in studio today. In name is that he. And he's my brother was the of the diva you go from doing all right and I guess we know that another special guest in studio Phineas and and Phineas in the studio today is that we hear a little bit of Italian. This Phineas and who have been you know today episode is going to be an episode about the funniest man. You've probably never heard of and hit the name. And the good thanks and that type that is going to be a telephone attendant you've never heard a prop eight now probably a Democrat I. You probably remind now remember her probably might have never not known that now. It's all yeah the menu probably never heard of that his name is Chris Lilley. And he's I think he's not the and they know that he you actually introduced me to Chris -- because year old went to Australia for school for a little bit and stated brought of there. Yeah that's true diva. Cited brought Australian dollars and juniors in college and we knew what to walls on clubs are very nice article calls in pretty good round trippers Hank you know the fanatics did certain days you know water skis this year. Go public wants as well as previously. Served. Yet for the Rezko is an AA. So. Anyways we went to we've rented army wants New Zealand and we want the blockbuster it much dvds to. And there and look up in Alaska RP. It was a radio but the had a New Zealand's only one of the five dollar abandon all. Along was. The show's summer it's time to personally. I'm in the second show you can be known them for longer. Than it was and various. Yet summer heights high it's. So the show that'll make my documentaries that shows that thing off this kind of parks and rec type shows but in Australia and they have no sense in Austria Reyes where rain. You know addition blank. Are they popular and ask it to people out there aren't discount yeah I guess when you when you're there to let people know the shows did you say hung out one of the girls who got the right time. Yeah so look for that one of on the university one of the girls and was shown ashes he was. In the same class with song. And Bob insular world circle Mario to a party with threats and house by. Other than that I mean I don't know on particularly younger people call partial HBO. Or whether they had over. Eighties FiOS all all the broadcasting channel and you're. Something like they take it back up to the Charlotte documentary style shows and Chris Lilley plays multiple carrier did you read the shows he directs and he plays multiple characters and summer heights high heat play it takes place. And it's high school the private high school. And Chris Lilley plays the role of the theater teacher mr. G. One of the girls who did a transfer student there Hernandez today Jim Kane. And an eighth grade boy. With a Colombian boy and a girl gonna journal of the best record and a behavior he's got behavior issues and so. Really the show all kind of just go through life at school but what makes. We want Mitt makes us wanna tell you about Chris Lilley does is how talented and how late. Full circle the show is legacy how every element of the show its comedic. Every character. Is like totally its own separate character and he. It's not like. Apparently keep making fun of them not likely calling us now in good fun great it's more I mean you lake transformed Indy characters so fully. That it's like he's now he's doing everybody justice. For example. Yet what is characters. Smiles. Visited a new book is smell analysis of the different where he is X 66 characters. It is one. Well that before it covered anyway let's talk about some ransacked relevant and a like I likely go let's not let's not playing us on writes I. Joan Z that lets your favorite characters and. Joan I'm so you couldn't it Lola wrecking ball he's the best break if you've followed breakdance squalid putt you missed putt QBs and you don't get in trouble with his teaches. And you always have just poking your miso wasn't a wasn't anything I spoke to. In the end of the show is that in the Israel tong and do the big tough dude and I was called into the principal's office. I didn't do nothing peace means he opened a Burmese. And so that's actually the truth Australia because in Chicago that we're about to. In the high schoolers kids though Coleman and they're going to be like these these inmates were gonna go. So. So that is actually look like school of leg and when you straight. Also that shell messaging by my favorite character you know welcomed mr. Keyes through the Peter did you Dina Peter student in high school. Might be it TJMR Miller was not like mr. Jean mr. Miller was awesome he is now like mr. DMR he likes to play games and needs they flamboyant. They had premise but right to die out here are. Eroded and play throughout the all of Bear's sea then about. A girl who passed away at school. And yeah so I just. You as your attorney condom out of the department that. It makes me wanna ask you dads and I know your home schooled so you don't get many teachers but the public who is your favorite teacher who. Host school. Who are your favorite teachers had. The company's business as. If we're on the insulin. My favorite teacher or. I mean like the teacher. Should definitely to keep it cool to win. Yeah like school. Whatever the ability of their TJ. Great teachers all. Would be. And mr. Big Ten is the managing your footing you know. I. Yeah Gulf Coast and yeah it is pretty cool to greatness history TJ yeah news. Here it is really cool in the last day two of the dumped got a illicitly UN not ski area really cool. Scary enough keeps. Well you're a teacher now so you think you an insanity January teaches me. Oxygen com floors of those frivolous the fan favorite. You know pretty much about it ahead everybody K through eight so now whom you know little music call me. Mr. Frankenstein. Mr. irons in the terms mr. Bacon's non. Yeah you agent at an event that involve a debate didn't pay bay get on the right do this and do. And baking. It. All of this today when around the teacher. Obama little 667. Relocated kids but it if mr. opposing the sun just go rich just say you want. In my favorite teacher I don't know probably miss Saunders Sheila you know the coolest DJ should do whatever I want fascinating clash and I. English teacher and a film studies teacher moderating TJ. Little bit she never give up longer term paper. I'm the cocaine trade between Nicaragua in the United States did the Reagan administration very important part of history. Yeah I wouldn't enter picker. We're gonna do that or the marvel civil war so added my district for months. When both Polk on how it relates to the Bible that. Wounded you do they just you know I should you do you do event and at this time but I do monitor paper yeah. That is on the technology bridges. We know and liberated the idea bridge and over hundreds yet strategy on the program. Good man and reviews anyway is. Back to prison anyway so money. You need is a funny because I think a message here that show back to summer anti. Digi yet John they've got an engineer. And high school year old girl. Named Jim guy in each candidate sag just sadly different. So are different and odd she hates public schools she had some eggs to the private schools beach. As a private school beach but I bet the makers is all business he's got pretty completely different characters. On Eagles all I'll let you address it out my dad. And I got to say the best. The other bass part that shell is especially high this night characters for example. Like Jelena. Talking in the player whatever all of his friends are like other public outrage seeing your miles and seven you know it's like that Revere there and that there is that it didn't unity drink yeah and then like college remains friends are also X sixty. Argument that they can continue. There's that whole scene having a huge screaming buy it each other and it. Have these people that are just so cool it's natural acting around 35 near a man dressed as a sixteen year. It's that they showed it just me and like an early public office impart to correct but there. Big dot they're not scripted it is just a drought situation. How to Curb Your Enthusiasm yeah but yeah Australia so so differently and four and show that such a different style is like the music over it is literally just silence in the background and reelect. But bit and chose to all of the shows. Unbelievable doing it. Chanting like. I'm OK. Okay. Oh yeah. It's love that's called Batman Joker that. Yes and able as Inge and that's the show did after some rides high in Indy blades could be I think it's the best line. He plays. I think six characters he plays. Twins Daniel Nathan who are also ordered an earlier series wouldn't talk about next. A lot of those twins his death yes and guidance or he's playing yes that's mouse S dot mouse exclamation mark the rapper. Earlier yeah. Painted body brown. Apple and character but he got permission to do it on being let's get it yeah mission day. I don't know but I pity he's into his that they get permission to do it. Slow. Me it's it's great. Yeah and it's funny there's that they're so well done yet not insult me he lives just Danish Wayne and you know. Black man me and it's great that there is and take. Leak brake economic mama I'm on my ball out of all the oil oil oil in the golden day that there is they're being used. Sort of been getting a real talk the beaches of Australia. Actually in the hands of the beaches like welcome Angela. Although I've been to the holdings if caught on territory. And page the irony is that. Yeah I got the bonds levees there is no Obama we will obstacle documentaries. Are about like how hard core would be merely limit these giant game battles. They're viewed Colmes serve on the people who beaches like little island motorcycle gangs like. You I'm not going to Soviet bra Padilla V don't mop biggest man is Aldridge and I'm buying it. The getting to New York by. Being at being the only coast. Of the high voice isn't validity and isn't that the. There Amanda is there's jet okay Salah who's a mom of an d'antoni and I'm his mom who makes him so angry at the skateboard and guess that. And is not the deadly cross the line because Lou that's where that Brit comedy cuddly don't lie and into each day goes on the border of crops that are not. That although that's your guy grant. Who is Daniel Nathan's grandma who works at a juvenile delinquent. Prison. Really kids. Yes simply couldn't direct democracy like that Graham she's malls we got you got out merger yeah. Can't handle other names all the general litigated indices change that this means Rosemary at least Ralph Berry is not street this is Gregory tulips with frank and it's you've got enough time now but you guys fifty. And she named them all in the movie arrogant and out so sorry if I had three kiddies lately this is six kicked in the plane. In that big don't interact with each other but light connected so they're trying to have the ultimate birthday party for Daniel and then. And so they're gonna get all the legends. But they have on their walls and the legends that hammers mouse. Played Blake a Edberg I think in the last name and Tim. The state order and you know they're all different countries and they try to get him to come for the birth of it and all the birthday party but meanwhile you know. They're all doing their own separate story is playing tennis trying to become a staple learn prudent and on that he's not gay and actually wants to hang out with real people. And Blake and the lake Chelan testicle is tactical surgery. And that is that you plan of the show that's pretty funny part of it. As does it grant is like rally rated their ethnicity as much of a character. I don't know if you've got you know the glass says and like the pants really or tie a game. The illegitimate as that miles exclamation marks on. It's about that a lot of side and I again. But they're great. Oh see. And a bluff above Obama of what you're going to do. Obama Obama. Which goes to. It could be. And it will boom. From him in the and a move food Mosley got I think the best life I mean now mention is. Slant I am a ball you do is I think it's slap slap at Obama you do it lagged gains. Slant and I am glad not about Anna an. Now. Not that house arrest. Political with a bad the Danish Wayne. Yet another great show it's eight episodes and a half hour documentary style it's just. It's hard to explain why slogan. But it is just so again that's. As well children wanna keep watching the members of Richard Alpert like a sea of trouble getting to the next episode is that and yeah so. Angry boys his first showed any minute we have Qaeda and now. I think after some rights in anyone's and at times. It's a week can be heroes. And his thing and Austria. The big about the Australian of the year. And Israel Israel Boca I think so I was reading trivia on the show elegant recent John it. And so all he plays. For my record in the shippers you on the blades filled pat. That ruler Danny and again and Jim may. Doesn't it came on and email originated but yet our reading about the show and people in Australia. This show is a real that was her show to be that nobody does that educate and out of liberty and on news document outlines. What does this compare it fashion icon for yet Felix genetic code you'd love Chris Lilley is. People are so real. They'd better call it into the government complained that these people are nominated for Australian. The year. Yeah pretty mediocre. Thanks very. Very media filter the volatile part of self. Instantly get definitely went three and I admire I am. And he's nominated because there was. A bouncy house caught. And away and aids all the kids but floated away if it hasn't hasn't been rescued wizard of the it is hot there. And he. Yeah pundits are right like. Looks like now on. Speech not a gay guys and Indiana not not get interesting person. Ingesting a little better Alec. And militia and the hope that it nice and Daniel and out and the nice thing. He is. It is insert your ears a day. He'll donate his eardrum to Nathan and it into the good and it's the process of that. The funny base that. Want to the hard. Nate then it beckoning you boys well it does it. Is there a bad and I love the fact that when crystal is playing one of its. Plan. Low back itself on a trip you it looks like it. He looked like there are real badly they look like these Q Lleyton does body you know I'll make sure all beat to seventeen people away desperately. And it to. Us so let's get it. Information. There at the managers in the light and block at the Wiki add with you long Hamilton on the spot. You look at these NBA elect seventeen you know the united graduated in an accident physics at Chinese genius. But I want to be an act look. It. And it aborigine play. Yeah I'll Chinese theatre equipment that he's not there could be. You'll walk. Sometimes. I play well. The the original mean. Yeah it's funny. And then I met Britain's. There's pat. Pat has so many. Now should the professionals ruler she's a professional roller or will split is like six inches and deliberately. Yeah it's. Or and he's got this dude that there has been an. Aunt she's a professional roller. Again moral of the story is these shows documentary style shows I think. That's the best comedy honestly lake just really quick in problem. Does it have any late true substance to. But on the surf on this exactly on the circuit and you want the show will make its latest method that is nine U again don't judge people though they look like John Democrats color. Exit about it but actually. You know. It's. So. Rev up Chris Lilley moral of the story he's hilarious honestly I'd say he'd take me. Is one of my funniest people in the world Alex board to seamless government think that it lists the top three funniest people. I think he'd be happy to be number three. And he's pretty orders number two I think on my list. Would probably be. Honestly. I think like Kevin Hart. I think Canada is really funny and yeah. Are yeah Leggett lawyer more. Of them gone done what is Egypt multi I take it out I take that I take that out this Egypt and you give money to the rough at all. Well and Jack black and terrorist everybody Patrick got Kevin Hart he's very funny not much happening so Joseph cool is Pollyanna little non. Nobody probably knows Joseph coy but he go watches in nine. Essay about that just that. He's allay these numbers are solid and not girl on a list. Is obviously Dave Chappelle these days so the funny as an ally it is not enough to say about it easily. Besides I didn't know I couldn't maneuver it through so and wanted to tap the funniest people. And Chris is Chris Lilley analyst. Yeah I think so he's from daylight and I'll I don't really have an order I have like some like three people. I love personally I think she's so funny and I leverage systemic failures and Kate MacKinnon. I think than. Don't ask. And then a couple of what was treason and number one but it you've been number one and for more worried than. I love Louie CK and I still the AL with an easy kid thank you for telling look at just what a jerk off movement of people I'd do it all the time. My joke about and I do that. She taught me Nissan alliance. Once I mean you're a great live news and I mean what it is but if I can't pin and I think they have been as it will burn them. Parallel. I'll catch you should let O'Brien amber and about our love is no name is now open on here yeah I love over Angela birdies on ten lines to an outright defiance and I had no idea anything about Lee woods and Hewitt you just don't want an Alley and. He's Special Olympics. Yeah. Above and around Arnold about it what you got three. This Chris Lilley and airless lovers through the mean fortunately done via at least like her for me right now camping and heroes fund here. It big again. I don't let areas like Robin Williams and he's for gun owners. You're it. Our generation has more so meaningless and natural funny dude and so broad pretty funny yet. Yeah it's pretty funny he's (%expletive) That's funny and that and he's. Actors with a 302. Communion. Of loot this month and a lot since then hopefully. That you. The drug fueled not errant Alley Alley will love Mexico and she heard Netflix. Then soon. Hello. Yes it. She's she's pregnant animals in yeah and they than she's for an. Number one obviously. Today your boy. They know how I thought that the oddball comedy festival to a violent. India and suddenly get in the locker room and the man in that is to net that yeah new leaders. My dad is going to be so unbelievable all. So. The zoom bureau thanks for joining me studio you have an extra real candidate having you know until they get under the knife this Eliza special pins that you isn't Charleston. Strossen so how does South Carolina or Gannett tegra Palestinians he been a great game as well and then just him at all. Oh. Good a good time hand three years thanks for joining me things I mean I live with you so. Nice to have you in studio programs in the bus studios it's. Things are listening guys that hope we educate you a little bit on some funny people in my wanna go check out Chris Lilley paid all of our. An election yeah gut check it out his show. HBO but some time on Katherine you're gonna they would show you think Switzerland Ireland one. Through 387. Wow yeah. I was all right and you're good but it nada. I think anybody in the funniest can't he has a necessity summer heights high and we can be heroes Chris Lilley is too funny Chris Lou if you're listening. And Tudjman. As Mexicali. Scheduler a guy who's who's and funds it was indexed and.