Free Air Fare For Life!!

Monday, June 19th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave go through another round of "Real or Fake Headlines"


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These days in the studio average daytime for real or fake headlines which you are gonna do today. Now what is this about a free. Shall I there is yes all first ref make headlines. A boy it was given a free air travel for the rest of his life real or fake. For the rest of his life. Ethnic airline must upper something Ain. Because everyone's trying to calling airlines on days so I'm gonna see it's real. It Israel's illegal alien the reason he's getting free airfare for the rest of his life is because he was born yesterday in mid flight. Always a baby yes he's one day old baby was just born mid flight. While they were in the air. That's the way to get it lady you have your baby the airplane. Window of time WiMax most of fly if their pregnancies must have been a tree or something I think that must have been premature it was not a a jet Airways Boeing 777. So a big big flight. And they were 35000. Feet up and a woman went into labor they are on the away from India to Saudi Arabia. And luckily there are the paramedic on the flight who helped gives birth to the baby boy. And I guess as a baby boy born. Wavy I don't know where. Country of origin is love and I guess we here's your gonna happen there's there's a dad summer listening who's. Why for mom girlfriend whoever's writing have a baby is Bynum played to his re not hurting right now skinny guy on a second here three flights of why. You brought up in a fun fact one. This is not the first baby to be born on a flight this year. There was another baby born earlier this year on a Turkish Airlines flight and that baby get free flight to the rest of its life not know love does not go back and the airline you just you know you know I could do like. Comparison shopping if you go somewhere you write bad soundness and a difference to offer different price. They need to dig this headline into the airline and say hi to man guys like me you saw this article where's my free flight was ivory played so Ari what's your last relentless. Traffic Atlanta area you can buy. They Kim Jong Hoon romper. The prolific. Tom I'm I don't want this to be real bottom to say this Israel Israel really real and. Wearing pads quite quite this case like this Kim Jung there numbers as a man Robert. So you know that's the new fatter right now these men Robert and it's it's literally his base. Distributed like just one giant image of his face throughout the whole robber so it eyes light up like arms aren't high. Noses like right on his belly. You know some. Iraqi met at a barbecue are like some backyard part I don't know I feel like if I were to see somebody. The winner in this I would like just be so distracted by the eyes of it is yeah. Proper I don't know either mr. about the fact that it's a man where Iran Burma than you all went back face and it I don't know but you can get this for the very low price of just eighty dollars hey you know what. Do you plan to.