That First Date Is Going To Cost You... - Part 1

Thursday, April 26th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the guy who sent a girl who ghosted him an invoice for the date they went on. 


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OK it is send someone a bill for a first date gone bad while all. It's a little bit rate I live from the Catholic diamond setter studios. Next that's an interesting thing this is so what happened to a woman named Amanda. From Indianapolis Indiana tea and banana for stay with the guy. And she wasn't really into it social toasted him I and she stopped answering his messages and that she posted on Twitter that. And this is going. Extremely viral on the on Twitter posted a picture of the invoice that he mailed her. For the date because when she goes to the end. She money hear from him but he didn't money give up so persisted he's like our own I wanna get Beckett I wonder whether it's not a second date yeah. Like a real winner in and socially seems very aware check this out ten dollars for her Moscow on yield ten boxer his beer 1450 pulled pork not Jose 7% sales tax put on there plus a buck 99 processing fee and go to forget. The 47 cents shipping and handling fees or paper his beard. He's making her pay for the entire David's almost forty bucks because of this so she posted on Twitter instant can you believe this. I can kind of believe that do you. Just wants attention that's all he wants his attention and he was school arts and he wants to get some kind of attention from her whether it's good or bad she is not to be pain that. Why not because that's what you that's the risk you take when you go out of the date when you got it is you risk. Not having a good time you risk being stood up you risk spending money you also take the risk of finding out dating is risky this isn't like it. It's dubbed that you'd turnaround he help you to get the ball or something happens at the ballpark here in the hockey rink you're gonna get her you can't sue us. This there's nothing agreement additional risk taking here. It's time it's understood that. Exactly Loretta there's no agreement here so there's no agreement that this girl should have stayed through the whole day in paid for dinners you have a good time she out of there clearly this guy the weird though she should've at least split the bill thought that she at least twenty bucks give him twenty bucks back did anything get through it doesn't look like a good lesson journal learned you don't just go with somebody and then just kind of pretend that you just disappeared and yet the guys some credit where OK okay thanks candidates sorry I'm really not Andy. Is she just goes to that she's done she's went dark I'm done a nine talking anymore. So sit in this guy and I was I it's and boys for every time that I see somebody for one expert. A business meeting in their like almost our get caught up at work cancel out what you just don't do that as just the risk you take manhunt. Why don't you you like to be polite it was that your alleys and I like a nice deal Lama. Why would you do something like that so lineup this guy's will to do this woman alas if I was as one door for Hollywood and have the guts to just go semi I would say hey it's not working out best of luck to you how it's been an invoice back and sale actually. Your time is actually worth a hundred dollars of mine so you owe me another hundred just like they do in court at that time but that that emotionally your distract us. Intra. Emotional. Foley's. Is not a single human being. That really thinks that it's a good idea first and voice except for you I think there is and I'm sure there's people out there that agree with me. I think there is soggy greens serious I am serious now. I am so you shouldn't guitar I'm glad he did this airline outrage and pain for the date. Now. Yeah somebody I didn't get a second 4147991099. I do now and do know that there's the radar I know that there's people that will side and I guarantee that somebody's gonna side with me it's not honest and you have built for this morning Joseph.