First Date Disclosures - Part 2

Tuesday, November 14th

Elizabeth & Radar get advice from callers to help Mix Listener Danny out.


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It's Elizabeth and radar yes or no she jury meal on the first date they are unemployed. Mix FaceBook friend Danny sent us a message. Any set I didn't go to get a job. He's actively looking for new jobs they said it's paid for the next three months from his old one he's an accountant thought his message he said. I feel especially we'll find something new especially with the tax season coming up should be able to find something you can do it online dating his final days. In the future proof Susan wondering do I bring it up but I say yeah absolutely because why. Your diet might we might have a job the second makes sense a kind of wait and her. Tax season to come around until they get busier is taking a lot of right I'm saying and it's it's too much of an explanation to somebody just kind of thinned it a little bit just to see how the relationship goes ABC start your business or start out with a lot I hate just a little bit and then at the. Good relationship really go somewhere from the first day will then you can say something later on and decided not to do that I got a new job. There don't think agonizing updating. On the same page radar saw. Collins and find out what do you think 414799. And 99 net Melinda up. Thought I'd think that benefited from brought up that's great added products and I think that's. He's Dioner problem affects what and ideology and are now after the you know and I am. I don't care cardiac equipment items viewed as it's your myself throw that out. It added a woman and that's that's our yes but she's got a warrant because they need to got Italy are just. Yes that is true if you you're gonna get someone that is gonna say I you know I have a job by your gone even know all. She's making money the next three months he's gonna take another job right away because he's an accountants thing ads that would be the right person. And I dated a person on other jockeys work. And they've got to encourage I'm and they are doing just I didn't have since the boards and that's I think why they have cares what you all think about time. Somebody that they don't have a job that it's a new person take a very happy with the board's shots. Yeah that's your Chandler truck comes and for an answer I want Melinda you brought up really great perspective thanks for calling and you're listening to Michelle thank you are now aren't. Kayla our last call on Nancy do you think he should tell the truth on the first day. Absolutely and you're kind of like me are right Melinda said don't say anything unless she brings about why you think you should bring enough right away. They wanted to kind of get credit come out every agent that's not act like oh by the way I write about. And I would have to say that. And well the minute he says I'm not working that's all she's been here you can give a five minute explanation about what's gone on and she's gonna be like me and I heard the first couple words were I. I don't have a job. That's gonna stick in her head what I think it's it can be it can see a lot of eyes character that he right. Right away is like and how reassuring to know each other online casinos much is something right away I want I want anything just be honest and upfront. And teller I would respect that more than a ball and he weasel in at the end of the day or ID number three well. That he's gonna get another jab and then he can say you know I decided not to start my own business or maybe I was working from home in the I didn't work out well so I'm excited about get a job summit he's real go getter that. Thanks gala here and.