Feeling lost? The Secret to Help You Find Your Way!

Tuesday, July 23rd

Whether it's a death in the family, a career change, divorce or simply just feeling like you're in a fog - we've all felt LOST at some point or another in our life. But HOW do you find your way?

Return guest, Libby Castro is back on 50 Shades of Kay to share her tips and advice of what she and her husband Patrick did when they felt lost. They've turned their professional and personal experience into a keynote presentation called Lost...A Wayfinding Tale

They explain it using the acronym STOP - similar to what the U.S. Forest Service advises.


As soon as you realize you may be lost: stop, stay calm, stay put. Panic is your greatest enemy.


Go over in your mind how you got to where you are. What landmarks should you be able to see? Do not move at all until you have a specific reason to take a step.


Get out your compass and determine the directions based on where you are standing. Do not walk aimlessly.

If you are on a trail, stay on it. All trails are marked with signs (where intersections meet) and diamond blazers or maker. However, signs are sometimes vandalized or stolen.

As a very last resort, follow a drainage or stream downhill. This is often difficult path but could lead to a trail or road. Again, this could be very dangerous.


Based on your thinking and observations, come up with some possible plans, think them through then act on one of them.

If you are not very, very confident in the route, then it’s always better to stay put.

If it’s nightfall, you are injured or you are near exhaustion, stay in place.

How can you apply these tips to your own life? 

If you'd like to connect with Libby, you can connect through her website lpwsstudios.com