Family Traditions and a Vow Renewal Ceremony?

Monday, August 6th

Are you a fan of, "vow renewals"? See what people are telling Elizabeth and Radar on their, "Aftercast".

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And it's Elizabeth great actress and it was in Toronto for a family wedding he'll be back tomorrow it is time for. The after cast because the puck don't stop at knack act now and it's a little after nine so we gotta get wrong with more fun yeah we do have at a busy dated days so we have a meeting with Abbas. That's Monday for yeah I'm meeting with the boss ray anyway. That's always happy drag on time saying daddy died it's Monday it's rainy. Nor any of the lost by the way and then after that I get into the Wisconsin state fair hence the rain color I'm wearing right now. And the shirt because we're gonna do a little bit out there to state fair in its affairs still open Blakey said the rains colossal approval it should wash that avoid you guys see and they had the horse shows and everything and when they go from barn two that. Well coliseum the arena. Off just a mess and it wasn't me we always put like potato chips in to see it like well like the horses went. Would eat it at is that the right Steven who does I apparently do it again aren't just last week where we would you agree circus parade we would like right circles on the sidewalk doctors all got approved yesterday you can play gains of that and anybody who wins I mean. To win the circle the horse has got to drop one or whatever animals lock my eyes got a drop one yeah and is currently open and this is a redo Wisconsin it's the best thing what I'm wearing my ring -- inside I was gonna ask you now you're not leaving for the state fair for awhile why are you wearing the jacket inside because it's very easy it is he do you somewhere. That when it's summer time and it could be beautiful outside warm test. You're still ice cold inside the building because that's what it's like. Here in the mix I don't know what happened and I look at the thermostat now and not war. But there's the draft. Now you're acknowledged he had I I don't feel the draft employs warm now you know I hated guy I think guys are always hot in the ladies are on Chile so it's a constant battle with. The thermostat over here tend not to downturn turns out not good we do go back and forth with the parents and you know what I'm good as long as she's comfortable I hear another home. Mean here in our hands and today SL if you missed it but we are talking about is family tradition that you've Mary in tube because you're telling us Rainer about it. Megan Markel and the royal family. And how they did she have at the girl is married to prince and lives in accounts yet she's got all these Stanley traditions that she has the follow I'm sure. When she was a little girl she inept that we do her grandmother went to bed before she could go to bed and that's one of the traditions. That the royal family hands they'll still open up all their Christmas crash it is tired right. That is the party will end. And now it's done now you can all go to bed now all that's the fun don't stop at 9 o'clock it'll stop at an idea c'mon let's go wireless Internet old I think she goes to bed early. Just a lot of tees like caffeine teacher he has a problem but there's nothing worse than dean add a big family event and you're not feeling well or you're just. Over the family party we had a lot of drinks during the day get tired I go to bed that you can and because you have to wait for her grandmother. First made this my younger outlaw yeah we would never go to my granny goose was a farm kid. She can function after hours of sleep. Does not she sometimes seven matches early in the morning when I'm leaving for work really. So as you rightly. A lot of weight creams like that. Maybe she is I don't know but if he had any. Weird family traditions I mean we've been married star let us know what they are I mean that's the only one I can think of is when an anti life. Her family likes to have. Frozen pizzas well obviously cook them but. Heathrow and a pizza and the governor about 9930 at night and Michael what is as we just had dinner so is every college kid this is just a snack of course you know I'm really sits in your gut well overnight but yesterday's do. They always are frozen peas follies have frozen pizza at night and now when we have a long day or some like that. Just still my wife was took a moment ago she's a frozen Pizza Inn like old times. Time's sake think a Lori Perry now. Now additional I was talking about how my friend Allison a her now husband when she first went his family's Christmas. For whatever reason they have this tradition of a monkey costume. That people put on somebody puts it on every year at the holiday the thing is old it's ripped it smells it's never been Y Yi and her first time at bat family Christmas. They looked at her and said what you're that you. And yeah that. Just an aide knew he. She she says that that they smelled so bad she was in sector her stomach. She wore some tapered shirt that had to be dry clean only she was sweating profusely in there Sorgi took it out she had pit stains. And it went on I was just so funny she ever like our tailgate and now they rotate around how they pick cool where's it every year. And Becky she was the new person and she's gone I'm not on a Christmas and the RJ initial about social media that the monkey Castel. That bad of a tradition I guess except the fact that it's now as it nears and the Monday cast in some damage to Asia and leave them below the interest accurate got married into my family is right Harley's and shoot guns that's a good look at the same time. No comments okay dad. That sounds good I actually dream can't imagine that yes yes I love dreams that I can't I stop and not realize the dream right away until something triggers that this just reminded me of the dream so I've been drinking in a lot of these like she been drinking a lot out there and that's going Alex Sulzer things at this line seltzer is also mean different brands that are out there. I dreamed that I get to the radio station by 8 AM. To record a promo. And my clock said 756. It was like jot dot Harley I did have a helmet on which I've always Wear a helmet but I had my cell surgery. Right hand and I he aghast with the use these three fingers here. Crook all on a 94 try to get the radio station watching the clock it was the jury was so regal. And I kept thinking liquor drink here let me out okay now is that dangerous it's illegal it's an open and beverage and helmet on. I'm trying to get into the station and three minute and it. Sorry maybe you're not tangent but you know really merger in years years subconsciously probably telling you slowdown. You do way too much stuff. Maybe that's what it is the only analyzed dreams it's fun loving town like that dreams that I think it's really Smart to do have a dream about a wedding anytime recently or anything like that. Because something else we talked about today and today starts. Why is vowel renewals. And my life is obsessed with trying to get me did you allow renewal ceremony and. Only thing how many people listen and you think do you think he should do I seagulls are come. They've been married for 26 years now the kids can be at the ceremony. It's romantic. You guys can't union like a wedding night you can have a involved renewal night what's wrong with about three -- to win on their nation out of it. I think she just wants to have a party. She wants to dressed up she wants a ring and maybe a trip. Probably afford that right rate it's a lot of money to his body wash your you can afford that I had about bought a new life got a kid's gone back to college so there's more dorm stuff that buying every Yankee you know but that's what do I. I was comments below what do you think I think he should do about real did deeds powers like expire after awhile so we have delayed re knew them. You know I saw like my body did say when you first do your wedding dollars. It's a for better or for worse this is now the fourth batter. So the vows mean even more. Dragging me two of our renewal as for worse is basically what it is I did you get a doing. I see now this morning and said do it now just is gonna hear yeah bush dirty dead Diana. Planning it renewal everyone it's gonna happen this one I'm not paid for us coming drink down from the line yet to sit there and just keep you know doing in my life. You don't do it far is well I'm gonna tomorrow Shalit still chances do you do when 1000 dollars and backed Kelsey from a wanna go dead as a legislator. All it thousand dollars for listening to the mix because paper of how renewal all Canadian generally being I would rather buy it like a rolling bar for the backyard. Don't say it NOT gonna say will then you can have your bout we knew that. Renee Edward I guess we aren't we are don's direct wanna stop the video. Here is because they've got to be back tomorrow so had to walk around and stop the video you got app that that's the actor cast. Tell us what you think hopefully enjoy the show today and be back tomorrow morning five until.