Excuse Me, Somebody Is In Here! - Part 2

Thursday, April 26th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave tell stories of times they had been walked in on. 


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When is somebody wants in on you we wanna hear those stories and it's Elizabeth and radar on the mix well it's done Johansson was on Jimmy Kimmel promoting the new avengers movie out tonight at midnight and she would tell a story how she was in the bathroom on an airplane. Didn't lock the door and had a branch Don Nelson sonic hi blocked added all people like at scarlet giants and you know hey backed down on wall and went to his wife Blake. To the anatomy guess what. Something happened and indeed Isaac I tell me attacks my voice not that. I think that she's not sure. So we wanted to earlier stories you can tell us on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash makes a lot even column of the shell producer Dave what happening you know well. Party you know the bunch of my friends and reared. The younger and those Halloween parties when my Captain Underpants outfit when you say younger we talking like ten years old are we talk like because you are only like 25. Yeah I was like high school college age I was dissolved and you know that I Halloween party. Now for him Captain Underpants outfit and had a girlfriend at the time and we had gone into another room to a good noodle I'll little. And somebody somebody walked into the room. And catch lately though they got he looked and you all they didn't Becky said my name. That is anything. Idiot just like look at me and he gets he looked mean just gave me the thumbs up now that Anchorage. I went dead and he gave us. And I looked and he just turned around and nothing was ever spoken of it ever again and bright to me the thumbs up says at all that I needed now it's like hey what's up man IC estimates grabbed my. I said my name allow those birds and it. You've got confused I thought I was hurt yeah wait a minute. And other wells I had my situation Howard and the happen to put a few years ago at Abercrombie & Fitch when I was still shopping at that store. And you know they have the music so loud you can't even think flat yeah out while this was a Saturday prime time patterns with teenagers with moms with. All kinds of people and there's this waiting room area where everyone's sitting waiting for a fitting room and waiting on couches. Why I was in eighteen world trying to I'm jeans my back is to the door because I'm facing the Mir because it was the genes are gonna look. All of a sudden I'm. Actress girl ever count me that she's yelling and I sit yep somebody and you're. Not one more time. Yes I hear what what does she do puts the key insist they're not opens the door very high. Spots. Now until all of the people waiting for a team room and so I just at the moment is that music was as audioblog whatever we say it was like he's got that one earpiece in her she's talking to the front desk he's got people yellen and ears. Kinds. Turn it down the abuse you just need to be a little louder when your new V hearing on sand falling out of got a thumbs up and a couple of the elite.