Excuse Me, Somebody Is In Here! - Part 1

Thursday, April 26th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about times they have been walked in on.


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Do you ever been blocked in China and what were you do and whose side you that's what we're talking about your common outfits Elizabeth and radar partly sunny today mid sixties it was going to be a lot warmer today cell is gone Johansson was on Jimmy Kimmel this week she's obviously out promoting the new avengers movie and it's a really funny story. How she was going to the bathroom. On an airplane and you know it's a very. Small glass case when you're in those bathrooms on a lot of room to move around her height should somebody lock in and you own and that's exactly what happened her. You think back room in the plane has won. Yes and I guess I locked the door happens them occasionally I don't know why did. That. Beaver and my entire like the and I adore you down you like that at it like that. I. And why can't ask them what they're. You know pants completely die I also Scarlett Johansson got black widow my gas is the best known 00 I'm just gonna keep staring though. Justices do you think is guide me that this guy saw all. It's got to enhance and discover once the matter Kennedy's seat it is and hopefully she left the Yankees don't like it yeah. Totally and it guy. That's not what happened based on how she's sort of laughing about it. Can also at play here in attention delinquent anyone else goes of the bad yet your hard. I'm now that I am you're always the candidate I think Gaal and on the line there's one person standing out there. I get up and go to the bathroom and the door blocking like that knowledge no I'm totally watching violence and a stand in the dial now suddenly this guy was what do you Chris go giants can't pass it immediately. I have just a little flatter plane. I always wanted to be there in the middle C on the end because I don't want to disrupt a lot of people there's nothing worse than that person next he was sleeping and not someone you're traveling went. And that you write about them yet. Right exactly and it was humid it's an anxious. Because I feel that the limited for time compliance airplane and eventually they say yet to be seated and keep your seat belts on the key piece aid you just where there's going to be turbulence you're gonna bounce off the toilet. He's gonna Liberia to get out give meg do you see -- boggles my cell plea would have been like in my view is what kind of funny after the fact but they're seeing it happen and he hasn't happened yet. As considers made down and in Mexico that at some booty. Because I'm in the bathroom changing and my wife Jess were down in Mexico on vacation and she goes MI why would you Wear pants meanwhile though understands avocation I'm Jenny has account I'm on my my swim trunks on it and she go swim trunks in Mexico well this wasn't an all nude. Back in Jamaica estimate guy further that's further but she went down there reserve one of the chairs by the pool. And you can let the door open he didn't slam and or whatever and and the housekeeping was up and down on TV yeah well it was like this scene but I have the bathroom open I don't care you know on and change or whatever and I hear the lady command I never saw our issues like oh sorry say. And I think. That's. Well I was down at that it was my life death you know she comes back and appreciate I'm laughing matter in seventeen that wasn't me that must've been the lady in the hallway the housekeeping in the hallway might well that she just got a little shell. The backside that was my good side with the backs just got furious is looking for this lady didn't she cheated because she went to shore the front now. The goal a power is an. And added. RAI. Have you ever been locked in the more like radar like Scarlett Johansson and what were you doing and who's side you fall and force of an eye 1999. College showdown.