The Emmy Spectacular 2018!

Friday, September 7th

Dish with Dave turned 1 year old this week! And what better way to celebrate than talking about the upcoming EMMY AWARDS! Dave and Hannah talk about who they think will win each category. Why is Shameless never nominated? Everybody needs to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. How will the comedy category go without Veep this year? Plus a new local Milwaukee Beer and recipe for Zucchini Cake. It's all in the newest episode of Dish with Dave!

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Sure we can. Hello and welcome to another episode and dish with Dave I am your host game. And Hannah. And Arabs. And my permanent TV watching bunny. And that's important because today is another and you spectacular. Not only is another any spectacular. Did you they've turned you this week time. Here and you made it. We need it all you guys are subscribers our listeners. I love you and our back out of it we've come full circle this episode they gonna have animal. Fact because this is just essentially an extended version of food and the filled. Saying only you. Locally out a lot of light on the acts. Are acts. Even better QB just entertained. So we got booed Ramirez before they had an episode is zucchini bread well it's eat it's a key cake. It Cheney cake even better than Red Hat kind of we're letting it sugar butter. A little that is Keeney. You'll learn all about it we'll look at the other case and as a local beer to Milwaukee. When my sales of third place I I read today that saved is out in recent staying. True except for you. I sit com and I didn't know it could be out yeah arteries. It's. Well guess what. Well talk about our Fave TV shows and TV actors read it well I mean I dig you a lot yeah I think our audience. Surely go blue. Best drama. Best comedy and then the best supporting actor and actress of each of those were not gonna do limited series actors and documentaries. And all that tornado that mumbo Jumbo is one of the main stuff. Great to get right to the rest over the drama. The best drama category. It's got the Americans. Which just finished the entire shell shows not Alter the crown. Hand maid's tale. Game of drones strangers scenes this is us in west world. So how many of these things are out of second season and beat the crowd. Sound strange thing is west world. This is us this season to her for this award yes well. While so what do you think can don't know on your thoughts on these shows I think. It's going to be the same thing unless you're as a hand me Taylor again. Once again that show is on are well I just can't get into does not do you have only seen a couple of episodes this season just that I can't. The acting is fine as is I don't know this Paris candidate I mean I wait a minute entry yes. See isn't as good as the first season the the first season was unreal so nothing's gonna top that. But this is this was the best. Series ever this year I'll SA Latin crowd. I'm thinking in that the crown. Is gonna win. Because they're changing their cast up. Sharaud after the season Greg so I think she is just the last for this whole like cast of the current visit to the gallon. It's gonna be really interesting uber interesting because slogan older son does that mean two years after that hardly see there I think so I changed. Well I believe that's what's happening and I think I'll live to make America time. This girl full learn. Megan are all. Roll. Maybe her church her turn to acting discipline yourself in the crowd now the lady whose name I always forget. Matt Maggie Smith and read as a team. Dane Smith says she's not ready he's already realty Q and indeed acting some eyes were tighter she was split on that. Yeah I think it'll last ruining a little weaker seasons and the First Lady and tell us well. Well now I'm just going to other ones that don't generally well Westbrook as well as strong of a season this is lost I can't get into any. Network shows are really hard again do you think anti sitting on average she geez for any is what did you say I said the crown well. It is a lot of heart. And peaking. OP eighteen. Can't machine and would cheat I'm not gonna look you're sheiks because my she's better than she. CID. Is better than you'll lose when you never know she must come finally he brings a good actors. How were horrible upon. They're drama I'd say etc. the best actor got sterling K brown this is thus you won last year. Jason Bateman for the second season of ozark. The second nothing sufficiently alert actually you know build a second season just started its hour. At Harrison west world. Matthew Reese Americans again last season for them. Jeffrey Wright in west world. And Milo. Meant to meet Leo Phineas is rumor water by dipping his. Dirty dirty high in the air. Thanks thanks finance I. I had Jeffrey Wright on this one west throw. Yeah you know this season went through wasn't as good as the first one. He was doing a bun yeah key. Who's who knows what's highly he would then know which molded and clothes she has no idea what's going on idol audience. Aaron you're such a good job at that company now Lynn. Now that's pretty hadn't and what do you think. I don't let last round I sent out Greece that Americans as a pure and at least one Sanyo. And editing and I don't be Jason Bateman for art because as the new thing. There are loving Jason Bateman when he's nasty there is no need people you know as this goofy comic. In the murder mystery man coming in the things that he's in that you think the. Things reason and he isn't out there until. Definitely serious deep act as a funny one I again not on the same page I'll. All right moving our best actors and John of them. And grew and now he's here we got tacky Animal Planet or from black. Final season. Yeah the show's over two and a. Claire fully pretty crowded her final season in one last year Elizabeth monster inmates who no Elizabeth Muslim last year yeah. A letter they play. Us Sandra Alpert can I mean. First. Asian woman nominated for best actress in any am done Rachel wood and OS world and then Keri Russell Byrd the final season of American and what did you. Hey why I said it for the exact same reason you said Matthew Reese I OJ Russell I think they're also. All shots and the Americans and I am I love the Americans the show I Islam rockaholic. How crazy that. This show came out and then. Relay started to kind of mimic the fictitious life in the eighties. Rush gosh guys. Rationed now. Patents that yeah I think and I think heroes who deserves it they geez. She's run this show she's she's been way more on the fat. Focal point then mad TV's I think you know throughout the whole show I think it's been more about care Russell's. Journey journey in story and struggle. Yeah I think you deserve it she kills that she killed the national literally and figuratively and also to get us Todd and her arm got hit what I want I. Thought well why don't reveal things. She she won a couple years ago so she agreed yen in Elisabeth Moss last year. And yet we haven't really lap ran out of it and I'm glad shame on hands yeah well it and it's you know instant action and I that I think cliff Floyd's gonna win. Because I think she is mesmerizing. As the queen of flippant love her dialect. It's sick if pertinent Shannon insists it. Australian I can't do it sounds says they are key passage content I'll add that queen. Likes to sit thick. Colorado has a lot of it though Max mid in the and they see will acts and is audience that you are you know that. Enslave that are hit his latest stereotypical engineering and X knock did every day I shouldn't see my name is going to feel that prince of win. Isn't done. Coming in sickened here in the crew didn't sit back since you think I hated it is like all the fault what's so funny. Awesome Shrek. GAAP and. Business on yeah sometimes it ran out and well OK so you think Clinton was gonna win that out and guess what. Other supporting actor I think Matt Smith is known for supporting actor would you say it's interesting in that he circumstances according to not lead actor outfitting let's go. Yeah. We're just talking about do you see there. Are excellent. Allen is this kit and this category. Garage cost or Wald Al. Jane he introduced back in about how when I was in Jamie into drugs Matt Smith the crowd made the team did homeland. Peter Eagles. In the arms. Data harbor from strangers things in Joseph teams from the candidates does it seems as I mean I mean dude. And that you know out and John Lithgow won this last year more than crown for playing Winston Churchill she's not indices and I want anti when again. In the shell and it and it relates. Winston church and I cannot let go home. Think it just let go metabolism a couple maybe last episode I. Yes try anything different generation other would you check out anyways Matt Smith might take because I think at. Accidents so great apathy places so well you know this ceiling talks about you know fair. Possibly that he had and end. We got to that area we haven't finished the season and then but. We're very marry into it. Dragging just got back from Antarctica it's hard to lead the afternoon that this really all he was out of you and I have many other credits to his name. He's really good he's gonna be in his dark horse. In fact yeah I like and I knew I am kind of just Killen at the names today. The beast from being a bead and Stevens and you can't see them you love there's usually don't have Barack. He's only less important actor and I said black hair and her that it does here Dana harder and you lose. My old rugged yeah. My AA is an owner and repression. Are not improper manned. Opera he gets me in that tall. And dad to eleven this season. He's well it's really trying these figures yeah. It's men underwriter or any similar. Look yeah a little I don't. Let no new nominees green I guess is that. Matt Smith I don't think when I ran last year if you let him win. Obviously you can live Golan we had a pretty warm. Out there. I mean and again it's now. Highly maintained in solitary character of homeland is just Donald remains. I re living entity actor says which is there there's one more nominees yeah there's one more eighty actress and supporting actress than an actor irate. And we got up and down upper hand me till the end she won last year and a and again here you all you know answer Hoss he also nominated for inmates down. Lena heady regain their own Nelly body brown after stranger things work out. And then Vanessa pretty crown. T eaten for a restaurant and Alexis went down for handmade films look just look. This category there's three handmade tales. And then began to throw he ran things the crown in west road which look at the other there's a porn actor dancer on the crown stranger things have made tale yeah. But I really shows Americans. This is us I'm surprised this is lost got basically shut out this year now again I ask. You ailing came round and Milo but they're in the same category and so let's go real interest in amoeba is what is. Mean I mean there's only. Just a small amount of good TV right or does that mean that means our best actors earn a rash errors. Aren't unions. I mean I guests terminates these people decide whether or friends and that's where we're Golden Globes business. Hollywood fund sag awards that are not asking now will yeah. Static is late basket as you know some random Google all people who earn. Not change the Hannity think am I hate this series and be a restless. Now. Says. Who heard stories this year just. It was wrenching. Averaging. Yeah and no man monkey wrenching. Monkey wrenching all the ranchers and Daryn this is an. And she isn't when she's had some or bleeding blue eyes and she snapped and she's just she's just she just is. Some reader oh Lexus blue led down shadow. Attorney client has Alex Mack Matt that's as though. This delay and Alex Mack. She was I mean she is from Gilmore Girls the secret world of Alex Mack. No listen let's I thought it was another ninety's are follow. She goes on this show is an entrapment and I think it out now and again. Yeah 'cause you yeah she's scared in Russia to she's nice. She's all right nice I didn't and not in doubt in our house. Scene national bawling my eyes and I know what I'm talking about you know what I'm talking. Juice into everlasting Alexis yeah yeah. Well not to mention that I don't think a lot of the ring and because there's just too much in the same thing happening men's minds if you could just switch up your facial expressions and optional. But they're usually is literally the first time that we need something else there's agencies and played it the last lady. Rookie of the camera only you're eyelashes. And just smiling. Or Lee. We're percent and sorry son marry get so. Okay drama now one. Like pick between the two. And a go to curry then were funny people going radio TI I. Hey Joseph. I hate you though I dirty joke to my ranking in dirty joke yeah well yeah. Tell me and why can't Artie get pregnant. Because Ken is NATO class now. Because can always comes in different box. EU and I think it's funny. Ideas aren't I was elated that I days I was laughing and best comedy. Here that not any Ronnie. Atlanta. Lack teach. Very. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Blow. Unbreakable OK we Schmidt. A marvelous in this maze oh no I'm not done yet. Silicon Valley. All right now I'm done so many nominees yeah know being snubbed because. The Julie Louis-Dreyfus had cancer yeah but is. Better now and there don't you. The next season ends meet. And how the game jitters category yeah I was just gonna say they have won so many times that now we finally get to see who is the second bash shell graphic it exactly it is second guys down because okay first of all let's talk about I think we have this evening. The Marlins this is everybody is there a lot of that shelf so funny I am of them drive all. Perfect I was it's like a perfect shot well is it unbelievable pretty darn funny. That like if that MV we're both nominated I have no idea before it went really. Yeah up. I leading me. I don't think aren't as in mental is blank groundbreaking. It's great. Marlin ms. Manuel a little bit yeah yeah and Marlon isn't as it's. In my thirties. Or forties. Jews in New York. Do we comedy. She she becomes stand up comedian her husband is that the bats and then added she. Added she actually links learns from his mistakes racial rob man and get from the law it mattered was up well and I'm. And create. It is this fantastic. Character or their radiance funny it's ask that you. You seem only just yeah that's a 100% happens I am yeah I've witnessed that yeah that's how people are not you know the great job I can't where does that isn't that. They showed why he's telling the senate armed they're very good Atlanta is a good show. Burial is great on HBO yeah Gator yeah I have a big advantage buried. Bottom herded together and who doesn't love they do a hilarious. Radio commission it is funny I. It's old are ready you know I mean like yeah really cool and funny how it came out really remember that has seen it's not can is not a she knew I had. Don't think they're jokes are written as hard anymore recognition Ridley Titus is character is getting old. None of us getting old Kim you know Cheney being solid stuff in the ninety's those. Dear all I I could ask after the show running gun and ends and now. Might be about. And then Silicon Valley. Is I think it's as the editors skittish via some Amara nominee is. Completely gone now wouldn't pretty diverse a category two. Yeah. All different types of comedies that get shameless not nominated Stell. Yeah makes no sense of H Macy is nominated as best actor would recover now. Where they may see four Seamus. Berry bill hater. Donald Glover and Atlanta. Larry David curb you enthusiasm Ted Danson good ways and Anthony Anderson. Black issue in financing is now it is every year only one yet and I don't think you will not you're either. Ted Danson his whole area so funny they're good players is very very very many. And that's just great because it it presented itself like it's just gonna be some late fluff comedy and it is so well thought out and sell well and then make twists and turns like lost never made twist and turns. It is very is that a lot of comedies yes I think what I can compare June. But no I don't intend to nonunion Aaron Larry gave didn't. We that is hilarious and Larry news anchor but I'm playing well read admiral Allen's claim and I think after it is just courtesy nomination and McCain if we can't accuracy of the night and let's grant. I haven't seen a lot of just what you are there. I'll lower this is the Atlanta weird me out a little bit honestly I can't really see in likes. You can understand that means I feel like you did Tehran early characters really analysts. It was a lot of golf and general Zuma does as he needs is Connecticut who. Yeah she hasn't sent episodes arrogant but it's in my blood at odds are about lake let's. Take one small minor thing and analyze it to death. And that's yeah and doing this one has. Yeah and it just wasn't very slow. Anybody story I don't like when I got that does so they don't have a lot of dialogue and either and younger couples that like an ally. Honest legal white face episode was terrible. It was wrong and that. I think that's the episode they don't they are paying. But he was a Michael Jack a person. Who indices are not only down low or no wind on last year and William H. Macy never wins either he's fantastic and she must work. How sad and Iran are leaving shameless after season nine which is going to be a season coming up. She's never got nominated for a nanny and he's never got nominated for an I mean deserves it she's deserved it. Everything in your poll showed deserves. It so real so grown. How does he get a recognition consistently angry. Once again great characters that just run that show and a half the cast is great kids that have been grilling a catcher apparently we've seen them go on the show and like you and we see them go to Sony didn't guilt is another look at you see like you feel like these people who Seamus who invest county quitting right and it should win best like ensemble cast and that was a cat I mean other awards shows that. That's it and so that we had a similar NN. Bill yeah yeah yes yeah. So good gap so that prop the premise that there is that until later is. Sniper is one of the best snipers in the world either Henman yeah man. Hit any floral. But he moves LA any his first you know kid qualities those to have. Is this guy and acting class he likes follow the acting class. And he seems like the similarities between Indians and just a and in fact there and Brantley this stuff but he's done in the past. He doesn't like soul searching because Hezbollah Ali I know Leno and then acting kinda opens you love to get into humans. Yourself I didn't. Martin king the real emotional and I am doing Canada's greatest show we created a Ukrainian and Clare Kelly English than it teacher of the acting class. You know just in general Henry who like nectar of the immigration I feel as quick half hours yeah eight episodes and really easily get through. You wouldn't think that I can't imagine Bill Hader as a serious hit man. But he does it so well in the plant relate he's acting like I can't imagine him being links and goofy character. There's like seeds or he's just like crying in front of the camera. On him some aren't but also there's time to go cats and where he is being hilarious new images is she at a later self because there's a lot like movies I've played a hole the hole you think Russia in my. I was after him I'm like yeah. Hold the hole yeah that guy friend I've got on the ad playing president is asked. He's getting me lately the other and he's on lands they plan each other's ability and I hope he wins I really did and I think you'll. Yeah look at that two for two counties OK okay we didn't drama Yassin. Isn't it. There's economics don't act junior drama actor. Don't look at me like yeah I bet that is in the comedy. Pamela. London. Better things that have backs Tracy browsing black edge racial Brosnahan Marlins has made movies array insecure Allison Janney mom Lily Tomlin grazing Frankie. Allison Janney normally wins this like every year well and if well she was really drink does not in a while it has been supporting oh well I figured well I'll still I think legitimate issue moved. The cousin and unity yeah -- soccer moment. They had an opening thousand Danny but not I think we agree Amazon also happy rich brown and now what does that earlier from Milwaukee shot out of Milwaukee. Surely won't. Look she just like it is they sell at lower it they just pretend nailing it every time. Any you know they're they're they go. The fact that as a period piece you know it might be off putting to some I need to relax and you don't even feel like you're watching the show from the they're like yeah I hit after age forty deceive yourself relevant still and the jokes still like hit so hard and she's like telling jokes about like Eleanor Roosevelt and still culinary and because I don't know the delivery is pre. Aegis its ascent and so. Excellent. Your candidates who aren't carrying toward women. Because not only is being comedians are hard and you get to see them like real assets like. Her testing out jokes and I'm just not working in and finding new late punch line. And they get a solid ten under that are Mexican salad and around. It's crazy it's it's really inspiring to us today and echinacea and got out. I got a good thing that's all I curious anywhere just go law though I marvelous mrs. nasal. Thank you and I and supporting actor here you go there's a lot this one out while NASA now Louie Anderson baskets who won last year. Brian Tyree Henry and alama Alec Baldwin on my journalism two years ago and a desire it. Paper boy and lastly Brian Terry Henry is tightest urges. K Schmidt heavyweight Lynn Mary Keenan I'm so glad that he is planning a nominee Elena last year I don't think some bridges and I think this is key is first and mean and I'm pretty sure it was Brian last year in the same category I don't. No laurel dominant and the fact check you're now and then the last one is Tony she lose. They're probably a marvelous his name. Is Rachel brother and dad in the shell and he's. What I'm guessing just your check all Jewish father from the fortieth. I'll tell you right now did you end yeah your managerial experience and some stereotypical you know he's down and she's sake. Not of course they'll live in the same building just different different floors. When she comes down as she tells parents that she's excited to Lieber has been their reaction and you know LaMont got curlers in her hair usually lose in the ground. And I'll just went time out because I fact check you and this is he answers now and yeah way AM yeah. Yeah it's really a song that Iran personalities they're renowned as a it is they're evil lobbyists. Ever remember a mess and well yeah true but he doesn't learn to entice Lou does the duration until nine in his basket blew it and this season was traded baskets season three I mean he is is age now the rodeo fifteen baskets it's. Yeah I loved industry. Baskets with back out an ad sales and a rowdy out. Sons so yes he's in for next and yeah does that factor I go wash that do more yesterday suffers difference in county. The legitimacy of the unit that means let's space nominated. So our brackets now you're not as last seen. Seward Alaska adding I had supporting actress and academy candidate yet. Also one of our nominee then burning after re lovely yeah okay. Kate can't then as now last year. Eighty grant for NASA now Leslie Johns from NASA not let. I'm getting nominee she's the only ones get. Here what does she nominated for it and what normally flows up her own line one moment I was at CB from Atlanta. Laurie Metcalf from Mezan. Alice now we've got Connors and room and he killed off. We heard well we don't get her out Bornstein the Marlins as you though. Big a deal in Burma glue and Megan Mullally from will and grace the return the British bitchy in Canada outsourcing Jenna. Nina Mason nasal sweet no no I don't have you read and I guess yeah then EB. Knowledge is my second I don't matter I had any guilt and. Well no way she is slow it straight this year all my cash he's riveting would you like the villain but not the bill and that she is she's an anti hero he's wanna like I think she's been real late star. Sorry. Al Amin is clearly out every now and going through lake. So staff. And yes that's where. And your baby yeah she heard of the baby and they made. Man we don't you just oil is she wears her emotions honestly person I first saw Betty hill and an American got Rasheed plays like SA go crazy. Widow. Relate to one seat and Alice Paul I was like who is this crazy hello gorgeous blondes. And now she's and I the most perfect relevant for her they end load another show that everyone is go watch Netflix. Slow. Leading the nominee isn't actors and I'll add that so that's pretty good I. Also had a heart aren't as easy as she's my girl precious moment yet also sick other that well these pure and now addresses all around. We don't you're not a kid McKinnon. And anymore we get it we all loved it and we don't denominated debt she's hilarious she's versatile she's enjoying nearly makes me laugh riot sodas Eddie Gill then. In many openers doing into. College comedy. So I haven't over it list. Well you're this over last round I did not follow his last season at all. Niger can touch taxis and the Jian neighbors Saatchi yeah out of whack this year who has active interest so I did you I got into it too fast and build up. Dan Griswold Monaghan yeah and then Alec Baldwin is trop I'm just it. It's just not yeah I think you go through it it Koehler until you know I had. Because he got cast is Thomas Wayne in the new Joker movie that Joaquin Phoenix is an. And then they came out and said late. This Thomas link here here is going to be a somber and red headed politician taking care down and out ball and dropped out like I'm not gonna just can't play again. Okay dirt and then when asked that well. In good round Bob and yeah I'm with you on that what you want Muslim what bro I have wanted to read this season than you did I feel like I understand it finally. I'm so lost. And I honestly I think it's going to be interesting and he's also posted by Michael. SNL where the hell right there isn't the last time here. Most of the news was used in any polar also head right there's a lesson now. With me I think it's going to be a really good that show our overall lots just going to be like an elongated version their weekend update bridges aren't screaming yeah. We get a they had been the strongest part of S enough for the past couple of years. There his grit. And you already eating well I mean these guys about what the best women experience all ya guys limited series Lilly got. LE NN asked the assassination of Giuliani or sad she genius Picasso. I'll just so I guess I'm Rwanda's defeated Jerry Yang hasn't minute pitch god bless and then Patrick Melrose that Benedict comer to act on showtime medical elitist I an ailing asked. That I ain't just blew through that show Dakota Fannie hasn't grown all of my history didn't really get through H. Cannons. And evidence that Al and Jesse James Blake forensic science in my the turn of the century. Mean even before the turn of the century. And like these two Jewish Brothers Alec and learning about fingerprints. Blood analysis says and all of this stuff and they're trying to catch a child killer and. It zaps you listen to our world man in dark stuff and I am saying it kind of I know. Like the last episode wasn't as good as I examining other zones you know what I mean my coming kind. They can give you any there's anyway yeah I guess I am I anti climactic yeah being but I think it was just because. And I think it's a big emotional stuff and they want it is time to wrap up in the end. An unjust and satisfying as a warning to. And I. I have during those still good enough to hear go yeah I mean it was the best I could about the Keating now. He is. Busy TJ. Is. Probably one of the best things Hanna has ever made this is all her rest of the year are ridge you know she shared with you give me the secret Israel now and I'm giving you the floor. I think you at all sodas all started his sister gave me an zucchini. And I miss bikini from garden. And I am I don't know who and what he doesn't mean the science besides the. I can't play well it's relatively catching a mountain you ask your restaurants and. Like I ever made as a genie back before but I was really into it Allison. But I didn't let me get like small. Labor like autumn. Space zucchini bread because it's still summer it's still like it how can you say it's like eighty degrees. In this summer its kinda chill today which is nice but. I wanted to eat tropical rolls. Teeny cake. Adam so. Shed which at a restaurant and everything's in the end you know you get checked the you can check that insult for this episode for the whole piracy in there written out and everything but it's basically like Coca and I. Wall nights. Some lions to bear Obama's nice round communal lands hands together like it sure. Yeah like lime in the coconut and I'll try to go together and then you know they could so easily and gym class all the time. You put them and I came in the coconut you don't do it looked online and ethical conduct and you feel indebted. I think as well as you drink at all. Amendment can drink out. I think I think amazed at Atlanta and no more nurses. On the first ideas and I am in the cool notes probably yeah. And I hate thick layer of cream cheese frosting out there and then some toasted coconut Lance. It turned out great and really the agony tax jail and Maurice. Edu and yet. Almost the kind walnut walnuts they do that texture and yeah that's kind of traditional victory for his nickname cheese frosting was I brought sound cool it for or someone network and she was like oh yeah Singapore at home no she ate it for even though. Yeah I brought a crossover people that alert for me too and every single person at any inning came into. A work event for me later that day yet only three interviewed over a working girl like us that anti bread he brought back and she can't. All really good buddy put in and I and my teens and this makes a flat so it is good for sure it's not a rural you know where he is. Now. K okay you know days. And not yet been all class. Well yeah that's a great checked check the end over the episode for the rest if that you can make it out your own. It's delicious I promise GO union Jack. There's been an accomplishment to Milwaukee represent a radio days are now that supposedly German actually on that there's a page. Now it's time to drink some beer. A bit. And. Long are we drinking and a day we are trying a local beer and local brewery. They're based in company. I'm happy laced midwest rail so what's different in the midwest Bill Allen and in Indian. Bill OTA yeah I guess it's just gonna West Indies are less happy they already own so not as bitter. And it that are fear I. Fear it's just summer and I end bodies into a CC. It is important local breweries in Milwaukee this guy I personally love their cancer currently in their madness on the island Kia Florida. Yeah yeah. Iran all that it played looks like Dollar General is saying let's just poured a glass of Orange juice and not lie and it doesn't look like oranges looked like. I don't care how it. It's very pretty so pretty and yes they're really pretty passion Rudy slick or GR. In order to McCann she is. So I'm happy it. This crazy you know god is hit right to back out the dollars not bad this is not at all it's just like I'll. Definitely slipped her bitterness at the beginning and then it seemed producing at the end zone. It got and it went from iron. Yeah. You're Robbie base itself. It's like peach that's that's the free Blu-ray yeah. But occasionally he dummies and reduce the tropical fruits and you know it runs and trying to eliminate us senate and I might try now and again I am. Wow judge they're gonna about a six disease and these are really popular night environment. It's yeah. And stuff while. Al items are always fun. Have a listen and listen and in oh is that ledger will be enjoy Emmys this year was the Yemeni people. We are right. You are dead and this year ballots. Dish with a data at Gmail that time. CNN accent I had. We got an episode I hope you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy it you could go subscribe. To dish with Davis really easy just go to your podcast that search dish with Dave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe and leave me let a lot bill and I would really like the valuable input they currently sit next time.