Emmy Predictions w/ A Side of Dim Sum

Monday, September 11th

With the Emmy Awards coming up, Dave and Hannah give their predictions to all the main categories, and offer up a recipe for the best potstickers you will ever eat. 


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Already and there may be some swear words. Enjoy it below. Welcome to episode two this was Dave I am your host Dave again I am joined by my girlfriend and Dario and carry on duke and our right so this episode is another television Saturday episode because. The Emmys are coming up and us being actors we love the awards shows love watching these shows. Debating who's gonna win who should win so that's exactly over the did you hear right now we're gonna. Talk about who we think is gonna win. But who we really want to win. He got here to answers from us but we want to win as who would in a marked on sheets. Because I wanted to start out there if you're gonna play along with me and cannot you cannot fill out an Emmy she. Sent to dish with Dave and gmail.com. And you know of anyone actually sends in an email. I'll play and it dominates podcast and that can be your prize slow. If you play a lot dish with David Gmail accounts and your sheets outpost mine. And Anna's do we Dave dot com aside from my prediction is today we also gonna give you a recipe for pot stickers the best. Can't help food you eat for an awards show Hannah is a pot sticker wizard. That's past. So we'll be there for that in this episode let's just dive right into the Emmys are Sunday September 17. Stephen cold there is hosting which I think it's going to be. Fantastic. Sixty Michael Baird is a very. Good post material he's the right amount of political humor witnessed pop culture if you matter. With that kind of sarcasm. Dead and so calm we're gonna go over some of the category right now and the rest of him you know will be posted on line because of their song awards. Got a ridiculous the news. I feel like fifty on me not billion in the show the candidates. Eagle asylum. But we're gonna go with our favorite ones for the first start with is. That's limited series. And the funniest or best limited theories are big little lies. Fargo. Feud. Genius and the night of column. Some pretty small. Not a new category for this season of Andy's because some candidates and an eight nominees but this one. I would have to say that being the same thing. Viewed is gonna win. Because it's. Or Ryan Murphy show. It's Susan Sarandon and just to land fill on his loves pretty ladies yeah back kind of died on the show I think it's gonna win but what I want to win is big little lies. Big liberalized and surprised. I was not expecting to really enjoy the show we watch now on HBO and Alice pleasantly surprised Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Even shouting would be sharing with the can't even look the people directly in the eye when she acts and I was not that matter and the ships so well. That's why she's only supporting actress she's only nominate his great actress because she couldn't look she can focus she can't make a few government. Well I've said little big lies. Because for both us and I want to land and that's I think is gonna win. And has rubbed it it was so intriguing it was just. I loved it I only eight episodes yes it's a fast low watch. And it's great it's going to keep you guessing telly and. Yeah I'm in other videos is definitely suspense the at all about moms and their. Kindergarten aged children act basically very very intriguing and I think Reese Witherspoon is gonna take it. I think either vertical commitment ticket yes we're gonna talk about that award in this show because. It's just definitely going to be one of them yes vote on it talk about it there ain't very thought out early never to supporting actress in comedy series. The nominee is that tire Vanessa Bayer. Anna Chlumsky. Kathryn Hahn. Leslie Jones Kate MacKinnon. In Judith Light. Three of these nominee either from SNL we think is great at this kind of ridiculous honestly. I mean for them. You're playing so many characters. And developing so many characters but I don't like this look at comedy series tomorrow look a little variety show that sketch show like they have the category for sketch shows and other big comedy series that are comedy. Shows. Doesn't bother me but I think. Back Kathryn Hahn is gonna win for transplant. And it'll. I didn't want transparent and I would like to win also different because I love capital high. And everything else that season I've never seen something where I hadn't enjoyed it which is imminent stepbrother for the first and sauter. Left all out every time I see that movie wanderlust. Our idiot brother acted Disney movies in movie captain on it and she's hilarious that much is that you. And let's see I have. I hope captain I don't think cats aren't gonna land she might but I don't think she's gonna win. I think other gonna get it zubin as a barrack because they get educated last year. There's a little I had last year Els on us and so does that it's her attorney and interesting. In just. A move it over to supporting act tore an economy. We got Louie Anderson baskets. Alec Baldwin for plane the president from us and now. Tightest Burgess unbreakable Kerry -- matter how modern family that is given nominee that year. And Tony hill and Matt Walsh both from deep my favorite show on TV. There they hope that Matt Walz wins I want to win really bad. I've never lands he's very underrated actor you've probably got enough analysis he's bald redhead with a mustache. He just play the little comic heroes an all these movies and can't that I. Every time he got that's being he says that a lot letter he liquid that was hilarious who is this guy. And I hope and want him to win but I think Alec Baldwin's gonna win because of the political. Environment that I world then and now and people love Alan this is the best season and SNL in years to help those Alan Ball and being on. Louie Anderson one last year's on the island mr. Think. And the app again I think Anderson. And baskets baskets since. Good to break out Louie Anderson plays a woman he plays the mother of his neck out. Straight and is aimed at kids. It's she's the center class. Four. And she's got these twin sons both played as neck out and packets at their back and forth grade Galen chance she's partnership now and it's. And I hope it's it's Titus. That is and on the earth in my. Tennis I think he's like pick one degrees cages. And and I time. And it's I think that shows can't go line. Down since season one yes he is like. He stays consistent and he just so funny. That little one liners and he's. Best. Channel. I watch just for them. All right well and I asked her yeah exactly this that island to Florida the best. Actress in comedy. We got Pamela Atlanta and better things Jane Fonda Grayson Frankie Allison Janney and mom. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. On the Ellie Kemper K Schmidt. Tracy Ross and black is in Lily Tomlin grays and Frankie this on the wash open must agree Julie that we dress does that and UN's every year and hit every year the show is great she's. Isn't that great in everything ever since she's done anything until I mean that. New Adventures of Old Christine is public so on that note great don't get out that I. But it islands London and none now she's got beat and it's just that she's Sobel to her she's so ruthless she's so. Everyone in that show every lunch and watch that show everyone needs to logic you haven't been watching you need to watches thirty minute comedy just breezed through last. It's okay it's perfect for this. Time to become political. Uproar. And it everybody thinks that the government is just full clown and then they shall not for so long are any greens is just great com. So yeah that's a lottery in the apartment. And move it our best actor in a comedy. Yeah Anthony Anderson and black fish as he is the master of none. Out and practice in baskets Donald Glover and alana. William H. Macy and Shamus and Jeffrey Campbell and transparent which if or even go on let me just say one more thing a best actress. Every Rossum never been nominated for best actress really bothers me because Seamus is on the English show an Emmy Rossum is that show that she does it make it because there's been nominated and they routes and there's we nominated just as much and a more emea. And acted like she needs the one award one day that show for some options. Like how how it is that she shouldn't yeah. And it is an important step for William misery here which you will not win the race because you know who should win and I want to win. Is that cabinet is in baskets because he played through that girls can't. Because. That shows that a drama hit it a comedy. As a half hour at banks that. Is about. Cloudy but it's not really about honor and also life and I it's just that somebody resolutely CHL. So you know there's so many layers to it but I think Donald Glover low because Donald Glover. I wouldn't be upset Dublin Berlin enjoyed a lot I really did enjoy this season in Atlanta. He's clearly. To me one of the most talented people of this decade. He's like a quadruple threat to anybody couple that he does and he's not wrapping more childish Gambino is retired. Vicki. Funny he can do everything mission that show again it's kind of mega drama and comedy and there's only social. Commentaries and it in the show it's like that's where it's time I'd bet that our love that's what people love honestly it's like really. Discussing the important points that are going on an everyday life the people can relate to yeah. And that's what measure does I think he's gonna win Iowa Galifianakis to invent one. Oh and let's see. Again I'm just that this and people who have just won last year but I have that happens I mean I think it and Jeffrey Chandler is gonna win again you've really got elections. Man. You love it hate me different wars one of my favorites yes I am an Eads you know he plays a woman he will he plays it's a transparent. He's transparent cents range that never never really understood it about the showdown now it's an and I and I figure that out actually the second season. But he does agree chat about it and it's. Analysts think it's it's sensitive. To the subject and has some really crazy crazy. Story lines. But what hope does get away and I don't think is gonna wind is Donald. That Pennington beat him was taken in but I do I have high percent. Governor Owens because he's such times and sit with a caddie grabbed it out of set. When anybody happens Israeli though. It's just it's really get it's really really it category which leads on to another really it and it is a series of best comedy. Which is full of great shows Atlanta. Black ish master of none modern family Silicon Valley unbreakable commission it. And beat this and I want need to win I think people win it's like I said before it's the best show on TV if you're not watching it watching it. You have to I mean. It's there's nothing I guess laughing out loud funny that every time I've never laughed this hard during a TV show since friends honestly. As I watched their friends and that's and a lot has always friends that I mean Ichiro is. I did this is on the speeches clearly give him that speech that. But I do wanna say that this season master man. Brilliant. As these did a great job. But I don't think about you. Yeah I have the same ID I think veep is gonna win and should but it. I masters masters because the first season is really dead and me that second he's analysts. Totally different and it was just like. Creative. Like it was just teach him as a creative person's dream. Just every episode was different the black and white in Atlanta there's an Italian episode that episode it was so well. Read it and into staying and I could just tell people like a lot of time energy effort and it was like as. His project you know he could just feel that a lot like Atlanta and the two of them are very similar in which again that way back pedal and also. Yeah I mean how would be upsetting Mikey said that they're related category and be happy I probably can each and as the last capacitor and but it's all like if that's the last show they can win and Nationalists as it is it is. SCSI. Related differences but it's going to be. Tournament because their candidate. And. And to the drama category. We're gonna go to best supporting actress in a drama series. We got to go crazy guys. From lord of the new black which every issue and evidence against actor a lead actress supporting actors it. Always try to theater and Israeli that is this audit and are you black isn't that overlook that children. Millie Bobby Brown from stranger things she was eleven. And out in the end its tail Kristine Madsen this is us Tandy Newton in west world and some near Wylie. Not on the new black but for the hand maid's tale. Martin Davis what hampers. Thanks atletico. I think your favorite person ever expressing Mets is gonna win and I think out of all the categories. That this is a has nominated for I think this is going to be the one on negated today tank unit to. The lead actress. But I hope will lead is some your partly because. It's funny that I aid just want. Mentally. And she agreed Aaron did. Cheated luggage out it's funny that you know I Christie met in the lead actress in this illness she's not and is supporting actress. Why. It's so weird that what are what I mean it is very negative at all competitors' actions. The cosmic combine a candidate just a split them up Tom I agree with you I think she's gonna win. People love this is us ideas found it hard to believe that like a network drama. Is better than any other dramas and premium or cable television. Now to say that this is bad I just can't get into it and like. Whenever candy it was awesome. Like everybody rout of the greatest things that she's thirteen I don't want it went I want. Caving in to win I really enjoyed west world I think west world the more I think about it the more I. Try to leg and grit my head around Andre and I kind of show it's awesome and Clinton. It's a good show I hope I really wanted to win. But I guess that I think for humans and down and think now. Moving to supporting actor and a drama. He had Jonathan banks in better call salt David Harbour stranger things rod see this Jones and this is us. Michael Kelly and house of cards gently on the crown Mandy Patinkin and homeland in jeopardy right Westbrook got so many nominees it's ridiculous things are all brand new nominees to. A evolved Jonathan banks and was nominated last year you guys nominated Mike Herman Trout. Made a thing of all known it for homeland and it's true. I think from opposite. I think that got let go is gonna win because. When you portray a historical figure. You're guaranteed to in the war they love when people play real people and biopsy because it's so. Partly Greece are important. To. Rape and. Lastly I did not. In joy and that goes all pro. But because we do it doesn't mean Winston Churchill makes it into the Winston Churchill the roses QB in the world he talked editor at arch. Punched back it was. Huge. I like to me he was the penguin from bat that's that's who is at Churchill now will forever be in my mind. Love gamut goes at Dexter fantastic. Everything as it is and I know he's in more than just get him and I think it's ridiculous that word for yes Hala test and trial and error which is a complete apple is off roll which is as a side note talent and amounted Grammy. And he's at all it's a comedy show. Go watch it at the half ours not just hilarious it's great but Amy seems like between just like he's just a bumbling idiot. In turn that cared about Alice and he's a major challenge round. Cyrus I want to win this one though is Jeffrey Wright and Westbrook I want Westwood this week I do I really want this week because. Gave up on it it any nominee that year because. Give it does not nominated because of the missed the deadline for when the season started they started the relating to Jack further and further not going to be an action means either because the next auto election for the seat in the going to be your off again because another a year and a half to go. That and using Jeffrey Wright regardless such an interesting characters so many twists and turns never knew what was actually going oh wasn't on that. Michelle the beginning and the win seasons and I am I and I think Jeffrey rays can win. I think I think people it really does in his apartment I really enjoyed his department's and I think he deserves it totally. And it is David carver. And he had he just he brings a tear in my high average pilot stages. And they're all like they both play grieving fathers like on a bigger mention. You know they both have kids and I too early and that's exactly sucker Imus under that. Just really does mean and act inherited a great job but I mean. Things when it out. Why are you watching stranger things too much it's easiest access. I Netflix season two comes out in a month and a half Kelly. Suitors. Super Tuesday and you know there are a little fun fact about him he's the new public. So move it on from that we're gonna go to best actor in drama series which. This can go to anybody honestly it's another seven actor category yet sterling K brown. Who'll right now I think it's gonna winless there right now because this is thus he won last year for OJ verses. The people at the people are under Simpson. And I think he's gonna win period of the bridge out and this is us again I'm not merry and this is thus it out in the west world I would like him to win. Because Lester the awesome but. You will maybe because he's. It happens he said Anthony Hopkins. Bob Honecker Matthew Reese each driver Kevin Spacey in need of anti Leah. Meals also this is thus I think sterling K brown has. The number on mile. And rethink that anything really. I mean I eighth and watch one of these shows. Pack ain't opinion but yeah I think probably can't happens in a win last round. It's just it's gonna sweep the nation and the item. Eyes. I don't. Yes I did not like Bob. Nice about what they're doing because you know it's. Because he is he's like a comedy actor exactly that's turned into this trees. He was a late bloomer that's like what I think about it he's been around since forever Steve Corel but he he's he's still he'd really pop up internally heat that. It. They break. Respect him for that Annie does a lot of Kirkwood David cross and mister show at yeah that is yeah I mean. Comedy sketches yeah but I think you know you know they say comedy is so much turns and so he probably. Massacre how many. Changes and possibly app. How does today and I think it's going to be it happens. I think yeah. Movement until the best actress in a drama series. Via viola Davis and Powell to get away. Claire Foy who plays Queen Elizabeth two in the crown Elisabeth Moss and hand its tail Keri Russell on the Americans Evan Rachel Wood and let's world. Robin Wright house of cards. You probably think racial world does west. Evan Rachel Wood into the west world. But I'm not. Let that one K Russell because I love the Americans. Care Russell is. Supersonics. And care of super sexy and I want her to win. I don't think she will she never gets it diligence. I think they're poised to win because just like John let coaches were train real life historical person. She should do a really good job it's itself on because that's hard for me to imagine Queen Elizabeth two as a young person because I just. Here's the word queen in my mind instantly thinks that's all right an old lady old lady. And that's all I've seen as mean as a result of this is so perfect and it's been really because they're Nicholas yet you're gonna win. She doesn't a bad job but I would like Keri Russell. And I. Well I think Elisabeth Moss should win and I think she's gonna win and she nailed heads. The tiny. Little. Leg. Cracks in her face like her eyebrow in moot and you know she's thinking and then like he should give a little sound. Like yours is now. If she'd just she'd blow out the latter I think this was a perfect. Vessel our car. She's one of actors that I is currently issued and she she she needs to stretch and America you know him and she's. She's great. It tells you thing about it like what you started logic of real together. I I was like this show is only tournament. I thought I was spent like the fourteen hundreds of them you know it's of future to stop it in the OJ to the basket credited to him as it is let's move on to the best drama. Which is pretty much you know the category and I mean you know we got better call sol. The crown and maid's tale house of cards string of things there's guys in west world. The best category. The best category like that they asked. Displayed. Story better than most Oscar actions need so I really really want. West world the wind. Westwood was fantastic we can't say it enough that twist in terms. The first episode led lit up behind. Them a mines rocket itself and then you know you go line to. I think probably learn new acts allowed in that shell. It. It it's hard to talk about the sport and for people who it's only curious about that bullet for you got to watch the twists and turns are unbelievable. You literally never know what's gonna happen next each episode I want that to win I think. The crown will win in the crown problem is you know what's in right now is tell the story of hierarchy of the monarchy in England which is very popular right now just died Diana's point and it's very Hilary Duff as well all the stuff really happens that she's still terrible illness still so interesting to see what. What's cool to me about that show though was seen. King George who made the King's Speech don't count her years ago and seeing another person portrait that king was awesome because. The first thing is that well there does this count Burt. You know public policy that London. You know much about the non argued yeah but it's funny because. I hear. Monarchy British monarchy. No it's about Queen Elizabeth to re still in mind. Kind of expecting to show to be set and like the seventeen under because that's just what you think when anything goes wrong. King every time they talk I am on how tight spot driving on extending thirties to the sixties. But I think that's gonna win when you think. I think west. It. I think acting. Up and the world. Honestly I think that's not as well. Copper. It even though we Rhode Island really I am so excited I'm like. Like between Lester in game around. The next. Obviously. Going to though now. I mean our. I. You can integrate ME that is that are really fun I think it really did a great host I think. There's going to be some shocks that going to be. Give me is and does integrate show. It'll move onto the food group and eaten that show. Which is pot stickers yes we love all caused more excited about the pots and all. I'd go as far as saying that we are obsessed with plastic ears it's. Getting back we got we left. We still frozen pot stickers that we made it from the first day that we moved into this new apartment and then and we just seven months ago yet we give them anymore positive country anymore. Can't fund to make. It out Sunday I think I might have been like a little. The Asian lady in my pain in my previously beat classes I. Making plastic makes me so happy. From sun up to sundown. You really get an idea right now this passing it are probably one of the best food in the world. And it starts with the bill yet though. Now it's our runner. Like in on it and yet somehow it's fluffy and it's like it's our coalition are solid inches about and then how blotter what are the measurements. I would do like one part flour or one part water to parts. But really. You know flowers weird it depends on the days and add the water's equally. At the wired I feel about the app just like comes together and it's definitely puzzling bowl you know winding sticky. He's. And then we'd feel hours with pork music deport filling. But you can do checking in due to eat shrimp you can do you like ours is porky Angeline. Some green and cabbage. Garlic obviously. I never have too much garlic that's our number one really good in their argument garlic butter 1 AM and we also doesn't soy sauce and there's not to Russia. Now the red the red pepper flakes and and. Casey or not to tase but you know whoever's face you want it. And then the trick is to put in some corn flour dislike a couple tablespoons. Because this is gonna one hopefully keep your filling. Lake stick together mar. And 201 year when your pork cooked some like that fat and the Jews and seat got an airport. They're gonna get held. Like they're gonna stick together and figure parking keep it moist rather than my leaky I'll I'll. And Japan here rappers. Yeah so after you gain years dough rest in you'd content of those circles. Roy well and to circles stopped it with your feeling. All that already want. All related to the traditional plastic away. Yes it does you can add to how aware of all the way below that you can make it into little purses whatever words to two rounds but I took them is. Put them on hot pan with oil and butter. So you're off the bottom side relate to that it's yeah it's Ron Brown. And once he gets browned on some water. Yet as couples splash as it's in a moment where the couple now water immediately cover so esteemed escape and need to and then a bag over about. Three minutes four minutes and bottom boomed out of being the Don. In the best hitter and eat make a little bit of office soy sauce honey. Some red pepper flakes garlic. And you got yourself a delicious snack food to watch the awards with saline the Franz a love it will be cell may sell impressed. And are opposed to rest before also bondage today I'm pictures the pictures. Yeah keep your mouth water to go. But that's it for this episode of this from day of thanks for joining me for episode two. Please if you feel it and in your pictures and your ballot to did you Davis Gina back. And whoever has the highest court if anyone actually sentence and stuff faith in him missing gonna win this thing they just stop by and low will pocket next time.