Elf On The Shelf Emergencies!!!

Wednesday, December 13th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about emergenicers with their "Elf on a shelf"


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What is your alpha on the shelf emergency. Here's Jimmy Fallon this week. I get this here as a family in Florida took their elf on the shelf to the ER after their Dodd torn apart. And doctors were able to say that's. While the guy next room was like Dora nevertheless it does fix itself out. No yeah. It's OK. Okay. Happy how does get ready for Sam it's crunch time. So do you have an elf on the shelf emergency thing happening your house Suzy what happened. Well he alpha. Cup what are you can be elf was honest in their Lear which has Blake. Current. I'll oh no and why would be off one chandelier. You have retained every doctor capitol Christmas Jerry believe you she yeah I have learned as well expert dobbs spoke. What do they saint. They were pretty emphatic and knew it was so warm out there it will go chip and a nice folks are all. The weak weak at he had no legs can we make it about my house. Paul Powell denies he animus dissent another Al the next year they had to give I don't know I guess but you know what I hear that elves they magically they're able to go to the North Pole in the offseason like repaired but that help went to another house yeah I hope our. He was a look at morning and yeah when they're cheers yeah the L probably slow by all. This is outlandish shelves emergency right there is Susie you know. Wanted to go to school longer I I that they were all there. Areas such. I then they were all bull eye wall we're glad it got another foul Trinidad and health and I think Suzie in your life.