Is Ed Sheeram Swapping His Guitar For A Camera?

Monday, April 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the rumor that Ed Sheeran may be in a movie coming up. 


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All right Deborah potter's report that Sharon is reportedly in talks for his first major movie Rawle. Deadline is reporting this for Israel and the actor. Yeah it wouldn't. I don't know it's exciting it's supposed to be a music themed comedy. Written by that guy behind love actually. And directed by slum dog millionaire is Danny Boyle is this really a good idea if seniors always trying to be actors I mean producer Dave you're an actor and intending Marat Asian Amaral as you got. I mean it's good to be happy to panic. Did you progress I'm tired legs and a drop yeah I think rationally now imagine doesn't relate. I yeah I think Tim McGraw he's OKE as an actor it's old Katie tell us Ryan in the blind side as Santa. Okay Justin Timberlake still way better and that timid Iraqi. I think Justin Timberlake and like 1 of my morning I think directives actually watches and can dream movies and I love scene and be an actor or not his little. But you know singing Justin Timberlake so Algerian. They are and especially I think I'm reading that is a Beatles hopefully musical. Scandal last Beatles musical that came out across the universe was fantastic. So let cashiers and Ian and he's going to be singing Beatles songs hoping maybe this is where we're going to see at Schering do music once he has babies does he has set when he has kids he's. He's dealt with music thing he's notorious they vaccine and music together and we all saw how he raided a factory was in the game and throws cameo. Which. Keep saying all of two minutes please write to say that we have this in a game drought. But speaking image sharing and he's also common at Miller Park October 23 and you can win tickets at 991 and the next dot com just click on contest and that's a popular.