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Tuesday, November 21st

Thanksgiving is about gratitude. What are you grateful for? What's preventing you from living a life of gratitude? Is it stress or anxiety?

In this podcast, host Elizabeth Kay talks with her friend/personal trainer Pam Arnold from the Wisconsin Athletic Club Greenfield about easy, fast steps to help you relax, stay in shape during the holidays and ultimately help you live a more grateful life.

Learn more about the Wisconsin Athletic Club by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for listening!


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Who's ready for a thing to give mean it's Elizabeth Kaye with another podcast here. Of fifty shades of K and my guest is a good friend of mine who's been I'm fifty shades before. Now she's married so she has a new last name it's Pam Arnold my trainer also in general and programming manager at the Wisconsin athletic club. She was Pamela Bach. Not Arnold Hsu story panel like it will easier to pronounce and so much to be thankful for this year I'm sure. The when I reached out to Pam about this podcast. You asked me what you wanna talk about it Mason here's what I meant vision he possessed. It's the week thinks give mean. And Pam is someone that I really admire for how positive she is in the positive energy that she puts out and I gain a lot from you when it comes to physical health being that she's my athletic trainer but also just. Outlook on life and perspective and I wanted to podcast that was about gratitude and wheezing you are grateful. With a little side dish of it's the holidays have we still keep our butts and shaped tail yes I like it really combination and when we read the Jim Todd Jeanne just this last week planning for the podcast. You're talking to me about an app right yet a new. App that living using is called parade in dire need cells people who tend you know reflect on the day keep depositary alive. It's a agreed after the kind of balances out you can pick the questions you want itself. If you wanna say Honda vehicles and in my financial goals this year how did I fall more in love with my husband this year you can kind of out those income which is great and then it kind of gives you more machine line instead of just field. Dear diary today was great. Good it's really easy to be positive but to really isn't a lie to yourself and say it was a way better day than it was when you are scared something's gonna read that dire a yeah this is right on your phones the you know have to worry about it. He can do it wherever you want is on Jan texting and driving your panic get ago while we talk about people reading your diaries and going back to my grade school days and I had a diary and the one that had the tiny little keys that you would get. Know with my sister is I was always fearful that they were going to steal my diary and read about it because I brought a lot of ball boys are a lot of all that. I don't want to read about it but also someone that. I see a lot of value in journal lean but I don't out of concern that someone may read some scene and then read it out of context. Right that's why this app is a really great thing. And I think because of that people tend to die and not be completely honest and some originals and when you go back and we filter that's not how that happened so dearly completely honest and more always on our phones anyways no matter how much you don't want to be. You aren't your phone is just easier access to an option is to canning get a general mountain hand right things is while it's the modern day journal it is because we do live on our phones and what is it called again it's called the drug raid didn't dire in the gray diary we are not endorsing these by the way no one's pain has to say you know this this is not actually and then when I went right chimed in with pay out. She told me about that I symbol my my sister Natalie. Told me about this app that's called debris. Which I downloaded and it's kind of a zen meditation app. Also a free app. And you can meditate really anywhere but it has these different. Notification. That it can say and you basically where. They can just check in with deal and you can update it with all kinds of different notification. But it forces you to take a second to just stop. And briefed. To stop and be grateful stop in deep presence we all could work better on that. And that's a perfect Segway and to what Oprah talks about with her podcasts that I enjoy listening to. She talks about how the biggest gift that you can give yourself is time. Time to be present because we're never gonna get time back we can always make all this money and have more things that time. Time goalies you can buy more time. And this app I really enjoy because it does to me pop ups every now and then. Just checking in with me and it does make me be more present but speaking of Oprah on. With things to be be in this week and gratitude. Oprah has talked so often over the years and how do you feel like life it just crappy nine U. And you feel like things are not gonna get better and you're in the storm. We all have at least one thing we can be thankful for and that's when she tries to write down things that she's grateful for when life gets tough if you have. There in your lines you know something to be thankful for because you're here in your alive. And she does a lot of grateful lists where she writes now what she is grateful for a lot of gratitude journal yeah. I'm sets us when you can do on on the grid. But don't you think as women we get caught up a lot in just sometimes emotional nonsense that is an all moving us forward in life but we do get stock in it. And it's easier said than done is able I get really pissed off I'm at a stop and be grateful I met my husband I this is Italians I am so grateful I have him. For a while and I angry. It's not easy to do now but there's something to be said bowel it. Taking a step back and just thinking about OK what is good today at the end of every day there can be something you could say I'm thankful for that. And silver lining I think that's kind of what I live my life by there's communities that are terrible. You know but you can't live every Monday and Wafer to be Friday Sadiq and find the silver lining in every single day. Find something positive out of it. So all you were delayed on the way to work while he got to listen to one more awesome song on that play less than what you had in your car. Just finding those little tiny cues and sometimes it's hard. But if you can look at your life like that I am a big believer that if you put that energy out there. That happy energy is gonna come back tee was so if your man at the girl she store and you manage the wonderful person who's checking your Turkey and all that the season I think scanning. Not you're probably gonna have to you know get some positive energy and I'd be the highlight of their day or vice Versa if you are having about being into the B the highly the year that you never know where that goodness her data to its gonna come from and if you sometimes can be the bigger person and those encounters whether the customer service. At the grocery store like you insane if you could be that the person to give the smile to really ask how are you today with eye contact and almost wait for an answer or not just I'm good thanks to find everything okay as are scrolling in an you know I mean your items and scanning them over the balance. Because the other day I was at taken save choppy and a woman I was checking me out was clearly crabby she was in a mood. And I was never really great day I was on the up and not been and I thought you know why sums bothering her I don't know why I'm even about her. And I can ask you know how are you you're right for the holiday inches they. All of a sudden her manager came owner called her out and say hey after this cost you one break. And she quietly sit and think back I have to. And I heard her at the and I looked I was like yeah on the bathroom and she looked at me and we kind of connect because I human moment them like I get it. Yes and she looked at me and smiled and said I have to go to the bathroom for an hour we been so busy haven't had time. I taller girl Robert Pickett say two I get a ideology saint she kind of laughed I laughed and then I realized her mood it was because you go girl. It was maybe it was right that put a little conversation like that. Flipped her mood kind of put me a really good mood to to fill it all great we're connect dean and she can you know maybe get out of this funk a little bit and hopefully she went on break and went to the bathroom. Came back with a big smile on her face what I Tony Robbins whose. Really motivational speaker author and he's cat is also one of Oprah's people to. He was just on Good Morning America this week talking about how he's raising all of this money to feed families that feeding America and he was talking about what you focus I. On is what you're feeling him. Have a degree Arafat yeah for sun is and that's something so. Single why you're grateful for and focus on that try to focus almost positive things in him 'cause that's how you're gonna feel you're gonna feel more positive. And it is hard it's something that's kind of like a muscle you can relate to that the Jim panic you don't work that muscle it's gonna go away it's not going to be as strong but the more you come work an exercise that. The more that you can. You more positive person and not focus on what you don't have because we all look at sit there and focus on what we don't have a million things we don't have cracked the look at what we do. In this time of year we tend to think of everyone around us so it's constant like. Making it better for this person making America that person that people pleaser and it's all during the holidays. So also urging even though those moments of grant to be grateful for yourself. You know that self love and that's health care we hear that all the time it's such a buzzword right now but. Take some time for yourself fed day. You know your mother must come and over eager ear nieces and nephews are coming over on your kids are coming home. We cheaters have like ten minutes it's just. About you whether it's meditation like you talked about journal lane sitting quietly newsroom you know gators of the attention because they can't bank can be were some of that. Energy can come from two for not giving back to yourself as well today. Am and that's what that app breathe is all about it's kind of just that basically seen you on your phone it's going to answer Graham and FaceBook you have time to open up an app. And it takes some time for yourself I love. Because the holidays there's is unrealistic expectation that's out there I feel like things a lot entrance. Or how many times on the podcast I said thanks a lot and stressed the dialogue picturesque and I'm obsessed with it. But it does set this unrealistic standards sometimes of what your holiday table should look like what you're tree should be high eastern rap against. What you should be wary how your makeup and hair should look for the holidays that hallmark holiday movie moment yeah that's both always be like that. I can remember a year when I came back. Home for the holidays I was living up and remain and I came back with. These expectations. Of what I was gonna see in how much time I was gonna see nom and kind of get a hopeful for what I thought a couple gifts are gonna be here there. And nothing in turn out the way it seemed I don't remember what the family drama was there some kind of family drama. And I remember talking to my mom later on into same as Christmas socked. She told me it may seem negative to some people but I think it's realistic. She told me she said Elizabeth you have to stop putting expectation. On holiday. Because a second you do that you're gonna always be disappointed I agree with an eye so they called a lot when it comes to when he is a big event to work function and we put this expectation I NN. How many times can you see panic you've gone out with your friends unexpected and it's been the best you've ever had. Like an unplanned night. Right I agree but if you look even back in the good days of college drew like we're into this tonight we're going to hear it and to meet this guy tonight's beat on some there was terrible every single time. It's and is living in the moment and saw what was coming your way he missed only create opportunities and some insane you know. National fiber in their best buyer and then it was awful there's no one mayor here in your entire night. So that unexpected unexpected moment is a way better and I'm a single day and that I feel like is again take away for the holidays and also Tony Robbins talked about that he said instead of setting an expectation. Just be grateful for what it is. Just be grateful for the moment that everybody's dare you have your family together you have food on the table not everybody has that buy you presents to open however when he gets that. So the expectation. We all need to just get rid of it just just garlic and just beat and make a memory kiss your gonna always reflect back on the year and why would you want to reflect and all the terrible things that happened. And not just that really great thing that happened so you burn the bird but everything else turned out great awesome east that are really good time and you this hilarious memory now. That is the mistake that became something funny that's door falling apart right. Now let's transition this into talking about the holidays because it is a lot about gather mean and median and it and you're at a jam and this is the time of the year where people are still trying to stay on their routines and not completely let there. Good healthy habits go to the wayside and then you have the after holiday. New Year's resolution and yes what are some tips you can have for people that let's let's start with the people that. Kind of go back and forth at the gym they're not there eat healthy they're not and this is a really a struggle for them there's a lot of temptation what kind of nice hippie like that justice sort of still try to stay on track with their goals I think it. First chance of making a realistic golf you know we CO the times to her like you know working out two hours a day every day until Christmas number eight perfect. One of similarity loves you the way that you are so that's great if it's for health. Kick realistic goals if you know all that you have a work function on Thursday tell yourself I'm an order Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Their stamina forgive myself and not work out that because it's OK I don't have time and then start fresh. You know don't beat yourself up and just got quite into it's not going to be the worst enemy eve nineteen Oreo after the hour function. Don't do that that's what people do all the time and it spirals so make sure your goals are realistic. And the same time taste everything you eat. Nothing sell if grandma makes all of your favorite things and you're lucky enough to have agreement that still doesn't feel tastes a little bit of everything you don't have to have nineteen helpings. You're in and I'm saying now even though it's hard. But I have a little bit of everything knowing it's one day and on Friday you're gonna give up. He and Hendrick and preparation it'll work out in and start over but it's all balance among people do it's the same thing with. Expectations of the holiday is the same thing with working out. You if you have a family you know that there's twenty people staying in your house. And tell yourself I'm an into the gym for twenty minutes I'm gonna do an interval training on that treadmill walk for twenty minutes. You know deal to for twenty minutes and then leave not your normal hour however allowing you normally worked out. Just know you're giving your body that Ty name for itself. But they seem to mean taking away from the memories you wanna make and for people that feel like Lilly did Tony minutes are only doing half hour. That's still better spat then yeah. Sitting on the couch eating all of grams cookies we've all seen the holiday we've all seen all of these Christmas movies it's okay if you missed the first twenty minutes go work out this. Of that one outs no one's gonna know what you missed apparently to block is going to be okay. Yeah let's talk about how. High value lies yes aunt Kate yes if you don't have a memorizing Asians are memorizing my sister and we are hoping there's some reality it was a feeling and a I haven't watched yet I see the classics I passed it to those. Too that's candidates can cause a ground space shuttle buckets and I'm like no one about people that wanna do baking for the holidays but Dave maybe have a family. That doesn't really care for them. Healthier options if they want incorporate healthy options. How they can do that but still make everybody happy not have a go to waste for people still enjoy it I think you can do to options in the sense of your dessert options so. If you're gonna typically do a pumpkin pie than knowing you're gonna do something else that's a healthier option with the impact. And at the same time it's your call do you really need that dessert is the need only want. Borges at the random desire gosh nice solid financial advisor. To unite here all the time is it you're right imply or suggest you knowledge and social media publicly discuss what I'm gonna their brother has kind of a punk empire there's. Halo type pumpkin pie all of these options out there. Do you really want that or is it because several announces having trailed so once he being dinner do you really want that help captioned by. And then they when it comes to dessert. Have a tiny bit so whatever you want in your mind half half and if you do have people that are really picky in you can make something for them or ask them bring it. So this is what I'm making two point do you really want that and you obviously know how to make it I'd love for you to do that. I'd love free to make it. And have them be hard of the solution knowing that you're not having to do everything for everyone and right people pleaser again and asking for the help like. I know earlier phenomenal making pumpkin pie you yourself don't really won't come from private. They're getting what they want and now you're able to constant healthy option yeah I know he's a great suggestions over summer listening that they're not really a Jim gar wants to get started. And either start to think about it now with the holidays and New Year's resolutions cuisine as someone like that. I mean and those kinds of auto club we allow for a week passed so if you wanna try before you by NC will Wear light can kinda get the feel of our clubs that's an option. It being on the gym is something new heat and loads and never wanna do. And are willing to be outside read to have a really good trail system here with Scotts and even if you're just going for a locker going hiking. Just getting your body and moving. In on the making those healthy decisions he really those are. Terrible and park in the furthest spot you can pass we park at in the parking lot take the stairs not the elevator and can make those conscious decisions at home. But in the elements of like a club of the best thing about a club system which in my opinion as opposed to like a studio or things that that is there's variety. See you hate yelled out that's okay. We have a card you classy Cardiff that's so we've a pool you hate the water creep we have coffee every morning and people play crib edged. Are you meet people and tennis socialize and I think that's the hardest part is really discount and getting past that comfort zone. You know and actually feeling comfortable and some people. It just isn't a good fit and we just had to give you as much for ideas we can't and that's you are gonna get with the Wisconsin athletic club is a lot of variety when you talk with a different options and you're always. Changing classes to keeping the ones everybody allowed to try add new options as well and you're not the only person that's gonna lock in that gym. And beat starting out there's all different levels at the gym I feel some people think you walked in and everyone has a six pack. Crack and Matt. It's not always just not everyone's there on their own journey and also those people have their hackles on our own world but there are gonna you know. For me it's my therapy it's right don't talk to anybody and I just listen to music when I train with you we have mommy listen music on my talents like don't talk to me he's an Iowa thing. Let Nowak is a place that it has something for and every want something for kids in it for everyone cracked and if you really want to it's Tennessee was symbols were close look at. If you go to the Wisconsin buckle on contrast. A bunch of our work answer on there. So there's things you wanna try at home you wanna. Even Elvis Pena out or at the right now we're doing gratitude challenge attorney Wendy granted to challenge Ricans take a photo on its Emma vault the danger grant grateful for. Begin of the kind of incorporate into our world through the realm on the Internet as opposed to getting in our doors right away as an option to bounce a healthy recipes and European transport to. So anything we post in the club it allows you to see us in that realm as well I make a lot of the recipes from the lack and they are amazing but you this is a great way to wrap this up you talk about. Gratitude that's kind of how this all started the witness for everyone listening in. I am very thankful I have a lot of gratitude to all of you that her listeners podcast and supporting me on this podcasting journey that I started almost a year ago January was only launched its were come up to the one year mark. Why there is a lot to be thankful for and if you have airing your lungs and you've woken up today you another chance is still here that's something I really think about. So happy Thanksgiving everyone Pam thank you so much for being on the podcasting he's not your enemy and loved it I'm grateful for you I'm grip over you are French chef and I mean you're so much more than athletic trainer it's like working out my best friend and all the like an ice that you give me is just amazing. She knows and I Cummins fired up because I'd talk a mile a minute I'm like damn this happened that happened and what about this and you did really to kind of calm me down total ban on top but that's it's on analog wolf thanks to be up to DC to came thank you if you enjoy this podcast and you wanna hear more make sure to subscribes to can be updated when there's a new episode. So to subscribe just podcasts on your Smartphone. Open your podcast app. Or you lose your Google play app in the search backs tight end at fifty shades of K. Now the fifties spelled out so it's 50. Shades of K once the podcast comes up click on it and then hit the subscribe button and as always give any comments or suggestions for the podcast. Feel pretty email me at Elizabeth Kay radio at That's Elizabeth K a Y radio. At Thanks for listening.