Dumb Debate: CASH or CARD - Part 2

Friday, May 25th

Elizabeth & Producer Dave talk to callers about what they pay with. 

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Cleaner ways of feeling good brain cells and then treatment then. Today. Nine I put on the mix Elizabeth and radar would produce a baby in studio it's our job and Deb paid cash or card Debbie what is it for you. Why do you catch him on everything. However when I want to change. I get a few cars speed out of about 500. And that he knew that it gets credit Bo is certainly a commodity out it states I'd undergraduates. All right thank them how to cash. Me ask you sneaky you are. Our house smartly media okay well we'll coupled with two down for cash and but died yet you do boldly on vacation and that's really Smart things for the you're welcome okay bite out of it for Randy join the conversation and what is it for you cash. Or car. I used my card a lot actually used the spam went on my own that's quite a bit better or. What you pay I Euro orange or well hired you have a twenty dollar card created it. How are you get. Unless every purchase I as her and I employed but how many urgent you have made out on what items I would say it don't matter like that salary prevent. The dollar regular if you are. See I'm in double miles for every purchase every time I saw like this a million free slice my weakness is this dumb debate is turning into a little of an ad for these cars are. In the current thank you weren't listening haven't spent a great weekend very open right. President won't work on as a bed net dumb debated producer Dave are you cash or card. And not all okay we'll majority are saying cash now but how regularly late yeah. How much are necessarily spend at the grocery store then out to dinner I mean how do you figure that out you just have too much Jim a lot of cash on you. I think it did go up over one or edited the record of you out you're more it's more than. Armed. You know you're orders to our knees or back. Right so we had a situation we've been though you're out you only run play but about to view but. Lunch cost 24 dollar he had given typically don't have a card night of that guy use and activity on the head when he found out cash what what do you do bad. Our road from here are your doctor picked big situation. Or you just be Smart I guess you don't order the 24 dollar meal on the menu that looks so good Elizabeth street argue I'll. The flight C a guy so maybe yes we can say that cash keeps you a little bit more and Shaq what those reward miles some really tempting bet I don't know. View all of only do I mean what you lose your card you never know who had to cancel it. Granted you can catch it but by the time you re right off it you never know of course to be first. Then he's not really Smart if you think you're gonna retire early thirties. I don't expect they're all okay. And RA that we want financial tips for real you should call it again and your financial experts are. Have a great weekend things and an apparent don't debate back and.