Dumb Debate: CASH or CARD? - Part 1

Friday, May 25th

Elizabeth & Producer Dave debate whether they pay with card or cash.

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Complete waste of perfectly good brain cells and and treatment. You're life. Let me just address the old London and it's. And yesterday they. So much for an out us this Friday here on the mix and we wanna know all of this weekend or maybe just mean every day. What do you prefer to use do you prefer to use. Cash. All war. Card because producer Davis talking here on the air how he has is brand new fans so exciting and fancy car and our. The best and he's trying to get these reward points mobile radar myself. Kind of feel like your your parent and we're telling you don't. Don't spend more than what you can't pay back as he enters gonna kill you have already paid off on that Elizabeth and already done it well yesterday we were all out for copy we had a little morning show median off campus and radar paid with cash. Paid cash and here comes producer and it is the until critic. Can't win rewards with cash who is a bit and that we got to start talking about it like what do the majority of people do his term for my sanity when I go on occasion. I bring a credit card just adjacent to bail somebody out of jail because you never know. But I always bring cash because that I can see it what's coming and going otherwise I was on vacation. And I had just our credit card Ehrlich my debit card I got. I'd be slightly into a bit more cocktails the old are mega deals for everybody see I I feel like. I have five cats in my pocket then I like I'm gonna I'm gonna lose it if I lose it you know again that back if you lose your card. You can cancel it and there's no big. I don't have the self restraint enough that only in the cart and that pocket I still would treat it like I only have this much money really so I'm not going to spend and spend spend but it's so tempting when you can't exactly see the money going out of the accountant Wesley got to have an opinion not in and know how much huh. So what is it what majority of listeners here. Cut just a car and on the apparent as a one and only what what do you use most of the time cash for card it's our dumb debate doesn't hurt your brain too badly. 41479. I 1099 I like the majority of people are gonna say card. Probably ME two let us that he you lose cash. And you can't cancel can give money to the losing can actually do opposing it are you lose your wall people lose their lawn alive I've never looked. Always good albums mellow but I haven't actually lost that had the same wallet for a long time but the cash and there is not there. Just in case. That's engines and the I don't know I I just have that self restraint Elizabeth get those rewards. There are 79910 I mean I what do you use more can.