Don't Let It Burst!

Wednesday, December 6th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about appendix surgery stories.


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Have you had your appendix taken out because we want and all the stories there's always gets I would these kinds of things plus 147991099. John Mayer this week has it taken out. And even though you and I radar haven't had ours out I'm not somebody that's had it happen to them. And it's using this like traumatic stress there is pain yet not every goes to the hospital right away which are supposed to deal no. We don't hear stories exactly will go to the phones now Chris what did you what happened with you. Well I didn't know who is jabs. Teaching wanted to follow in corner I was. We gonna talk fellow pilot I had terrible hair in the north and I paintings and I finally went and right where rarely. Rarely. And that's I was actually late and that's for the fact that I was in the hospital probably but then you have just got to take Malibu and the province Coleman. How does happen you know today I mean it's how your diet brought it on or anything right. You know now just came out of nowhere I just thought I was like February that counts cramped I thought that's what I was gonna grant learned yeah I don't it would appendix. Each hospital's down luckily there was apparently a quiet day including. Here's a looking back he would view his rallies say it in right away rather than wait obviously oh yeah yeah wade combined pitcher work dime or dollar cut the grass on this cool kitty it. They are calling dress that's you know have a zoo then I Maureen. You had your appendix out what. A while ago two years ago what happens tried aren't the Puerto. And that now Iowa is our way you can waking up what's being honest. What I'm a teacher and it was a damn time I kind of let it twice Aaron. That I question Brad very deep to Malarkey lick my friend that I must act ballad I just you don't think LeBron. So I waited I need to go to evacuate and when I got there they finally got ugly spell your credit is coming out right. Yeah the way and I could cure the senate tiny you can actually wait coming I don't know I don't handle pain really well I feel like IBM like the first like pain in the first little. The L I just don't think yet to personally did you mean I'd be like okay. Knowing I hit bottom of the flu or something and then it got worse and actually our. I almost think that it that he died like my I flashlight walks out of the whole. Well with the hottest day of the summer has urged you to listen to you don't just heat stroke. So I mostly hit it a 1012 hours. All I'm glad you're okay thanks for calling and we appreciate. In my life. One more call nick getting your appendix out stories another teacher Nikki what happened yields. Don't three years at all after two weeks I did shooting pain. Amen right I mean Michael easier to break to go Lincoln's my boyfriend is due to act I think it's a and despite. And turn it it can't do you like you have a particular rightly or mornings. And here he picks I panic about how well look I like. You everybody years I have been doing it is patriotic Patrick Norton was a church where I could get out it actually birthday my. Holy cow I negative. He not good that voice it's in your body that's not good. Yeah ask her why doesn't call me out like he's. It's pretty easy. So you're advice is don't ignore that pain in the lower right sadness. You are or where did you meet. I call them our top flight Nikki I took a lot of little steamy staying up because they don't wanna be that person and that goal is the doctor has to pay the bills for going to get checked out evidence of just being bad gas or something. Write your proof if you have that pain of that right side of the doctor. And went twice in front shirt inside my body pulled. Oh you wolf thank god your cheers Ted tell your story and all PSA everybody to go to the doctor. Exactly I am a few ads and now. Then be not a lot of stupid yeah of the main things we don't you think you can tell you just write this sealed aboard get out of our bodies. Did or didn't take it out all its not just like circumcision I don't. Eat there. It's a little bit different I thought hey sticky audited share your story. All that happened.