Don't Judge A Person By Their Jorts!

Tuesday, February 20th

Radar and Producer Dave talk about what your jeans say about you. 


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Never judge a book by its cover. But he can always judge a person by their genes play you can in my genes it's Elizabeth and radar producer Dave in studio with Elizabeth on vacation it's going out my jeans you know little do you know. You learn a lot person just based on the genes that there where. Bob May and com mail list of what you genes tell about you as the first of all who knew that there are so many different types of genes. How Wear jeans so high. You can tell that a cool guy I don't Wear jeans. Or are you I don't know what you can tell me in my sweatpants is that I'm comfy and relaxed that's leading to of omni point of like relaxed fit jeans a perfect tiny deck you know I need some rooms and on target well you don't Wear skinny jeans then. John no I didn't the skinny jeans say that yet tall lanky Fella who XT eagle eye. But you don't judge anyone for doing the same could you embrace your confidence you lost me at telling you delicacies economic short guys. There on the third for people who can Wear with coolness. That's not the air because they feel like when you're right I think you're. You're either sometimes bank he boot cut jeans that and they and that it is not baggy they're just they're loose fitted. These are them vintage jeans or sorry guys cropped jeans that they're called milk and jeans. No jealous tapered at AT team effort is okay they're favored because I can taper down. Tapered on here they're roomy or any roomy and their tapered or any of tapered I'll tell you that means and later what does that mean about it means to you. Like we're gonna fashion tech start up and valued time over money. Bob Bob Bob. Moderate and that means for Justin beat her. Cyrus and the coming Dustin radar it's radar beavers were dead but I guess you have Bieber on the same page I thought math favorite one on here though is jurists. Do you where jurors that are now now when I was seven yeah my mom used to cut my jeans off and where an Edwards York city and I did note the time they're called George I'd at the time they were cool. Yeah I'll allow this Roger sailor in well they don't say there's no word. There are no words just I don't where George do now where the George.