Don't Forget The Words!

Monday, April 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave go through the "3 must hear clips" of the day. 


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Let's get to those three Muster clips from number three. Rachel flattened. Was performing in the National Anthem over the weekend at a soccer game and she forgot the leader ex. Now once but twice she had to restart dole saying it was and. CE. The. Heard only. The first mass and you can hear the the guy to going to be using an alliance. Here she started again. Our. Fans are casting her humbling I've got my. I have the words I mean there's a lot just. You shouldn't need a mob know all there is look at a lot of pressure when you're seeing Enid yes you should know it but you also have that act gold that's going not odometer in this data back to make any once it's dry and an artist has said it. This is the hardest sunk to single lie in the for anybody. This is what you do for your career go sing the song producer Dave has no heart. I'm numbered if you aren't any kind of performance as. Beyoncé so laid again act Coachella. She did amazing each budget easier on stage. She also had a little reunion of Destiny's Child take elicited some year old favorites. Always hang our second here look at I'm nursing a plaid messing up in her job and that's not an idea it's your job we haven't. President throughout Asia we all over that I used to islands and I'm OK are your Destiny's Child. Beyoncé also made history because she was the first female performer of color just had an Coachella nice yes wiggle beyoncé. Number one and after a hundred years of waiting Jon Bon Jovi I. Finally been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland over the weekend here's part of his acceptance speech. Can't support this thing. There's so many of you here there. Kiss. I'll stirred. To bring them up on stage which is pretty cool so congratulations job I'm jealous about time.