Don't Be A Double Dipper!

Friday, June 22nd

Radar and Producer Dave talk about the health concerns with double dipping.

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Well like that classic sign bell episode is double dip then lie but in your mouth on the dip. Pending nine point one the mix is Elizabeth and radar I'm producer Dave are you would double the parade if not a double dipper. I do not double dipping ought to do is I'll I'll just out trying to make. Too much dip on a chip with an AMOCO I had double that so dearly. My own house though there's new research out there's new research out your house even people over also doubled the pocket he Laurie cant do that can't be double that and see my stuff. You put your stuff and everybody else is not a huge double that and you stuff. From a double dip and is a bacteria dips just as much as the double diapers like you do. They get there's new research out there that says double dipping. Will cause even more bacteria. To grow in like things like like sour cream those creamy dips. Think they grow less for some reason in salsa they think it's because of the acid in their because of the tomatoes and suddenly there still is the bacteria in their from your mouth in that dip. And then on the dollar dipped. And it's pretty much I miners are just different on your mouth you know Ayman in my eyes up pretend that I'm Obama but your mama bird nominee Burnett's you're you're you're amount of debt. Carlos I'm not saying that you're lying to me but I will say that I have lived 45 years in my life. Double dip all the time but I'll double that occasionally and I need to norm ultra flipping over what I did in those woods not like my saliva. And don't but I can't they don't templates. Somehow got a pleasant little place available in depth and I understand that I understand people locked by in his Greenwich had been in and get in their but I usually take too much dip that way. If I had too much debt. Then I can just grab another hit rather than saying all I've got chip left what do I do said he does dry tip does but my mouth beckon a dip we'll since your talking about dipping chips and dip and you know this that. Of Israel and coming over can't commit does that every ship. Like its old little bull. Made into lake. I think it is as if they're on the image of the she says she looks for the bull in the chip for the perfect gift so you dictate the dip sits in the bowl of the chip. To make the perfect. Combined meal I think she got some bacteria from your car guy shows that in too much.