Off The Dome Poems: Summer

Wednesday, June 20th

Radar and Producer Dave write their own poems off the dome, with suggestions from Mix listeners. 

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Elizabeth and radar on the next year and so earlier in the show right at the beginning. We posted on FaceBook dot com slash mix Milwaukee what is your. Favorite summer destination. Or thing to do. And nebulous commenting on and we listed those comments we took that list and I wrote them on these the paper and put them. Is that what you doing with this because a similar post in your liking you share this is do this so what do right now as good as some poetry you gonna do some off the dome. Poems. Tell you me off the top my head like yeah I was I would I don't know I mean column. So I can't yet explain things to me every line suggestions that they play for their summer activities and a half an hour and a there must wait wait and apple were happening there goes half the about a radar. Atop the OK that is district public what are you gonna get a topic here is says it says cops who drops much in the future Bulent. To get to champions. So. The caps I can't be in you know off the dome palms. Did you view like five seconds just right here's the radar threat is real but it's a do it right away iPods and you don't talk. How oh here and enjoying yourself and the jazz music radar. The on the Japanese and I am asking is it a thousand things that rare thing all of this is actually this is dead in current and all the time. You got your memory and management. Yeah man. You think you should he be slightly trying to concentrate earnings news poetry. Nine point one ready I got on the plane to conjure up that dorm. Well Bob the dumbo you rate I go off the dome palm. Some are never stopped. State case in lovers are tops. Spend the summer that cops. While leaving and I tolerate it threw like twenty seconds and the had to quit sucking down real quick. And I'm glad you thought of IQ can I could to did you okay good news is the easiest you know thinks that 575 aren't here we got we got it. This is campaign. Trees. And roots. Sleeping on ground. And getting way too many bites. To adapt my bug spray. You didn't rhyme or anything that don't Derian. Right there yet through it at me I had to hurry up and think about everything so there's our 212100 postings are now FaceBook dot com slash mix Milwaukee let's hope it's better public.