Do You Use Nicknames? - Part 2

Tuesday, August 7th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about nicknames they use. 

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You calling your kids something other than what's on their birth certificate. 'cause there's a celebrity that's dealing with that because she doesn't currently like and me. Look it's it's Elizabeth and radar those names you can remember you also remember this radio dot com that's the app that you want for your Smartphone or you tablet. That way you can take 99 point one in the mix with you wherever you go yet aren't named here at the radius in 99 point one in the mix and to you wanna hand. It's radio dot com that's the app you wanna download will speaking of names it's Kim card ash in revealing that she's not a fan of the names Chicago for her daughter. Shocking Kanye expected to sit and roll all the time. So she calls her daughter should try and essentially not to hurt on the relative she wants to be called Chicago our shot him. But this is common I mean you have keeping their kids radar and nursing and it nicknames and our family. So 4147991099. Do you call your kids on the other than their name and why it's a barber is it you or is he your kid. Been typically. Easy to grow up. Around it could averaging Barbara that you are called Bart. Well it just kind of stuck and that's kind of what it called me how you're about. The entire budgets just drop another page as a to be Barbara is Barbara at exactly to add her right thanks for the all. They can't keep I have a good morning miles and Alex Alex. You need he'd be kids yet so my brother's name and I data. My I'm in the paper so is they've and now we are bigger well and that is because we don't get them confused I got. Sail right. Games are fun because it makes people pause and say wait what Elaine what what did you just call them ID phone that I mean producer Dave your brother Zach legal bye Ziggy you guys Z and then you have both of them as he got a what was that it could of course hey guys of course things are at all. Are are pretty okay did you by IR expands our our wheat should we call you Jake I'm confused what's your story while. My real name and her middle name is William lap on that might yet like all that her mom name it. And I would like we're all my dad got to calm need. And it's awkward in my on fire like everyone I'm my dad started bam make other relatives. I'll call me gay and whenever I bring a girlfriend Almonte whatever I am error the commie Dick they looked at me like. Who acted Jake I thought it came back there. I'll also. Now now now Spencer Jacob Irish are one talking to hear what do you introduce yourself ask bill. It all the daddy I mean I have a lot of friends that do call me Jay but I have another group of friends that don't get back there so willing to name. If it did I equitable evolved and Jake is not to do with any. I don't know I need to know what stunning let me ask you this do you have an Alter ego like lose out on what either put a lot of the girlfriends what the girlfriend's value which run. I don't Obey like hitting accurate MBA yeah. She's like Daniel expense. Aaron your parents like I think. I'm 48 when I was in school grateful underwritten all back there pulled back at night many well I would like the only walk at all and then you know. If you like it traveler sent someone to get to that wasn't me it was this guy Jake I cannot I cannot Ellis said it would have been. Things are created. I did I don't really want on the no I am I in my name date that these days go by. Thanks Melissa the sell high stakes beds or have a good Tuesday. You know by by.