Do You Use Nicknames? - Part 1

Tuesday, August 7th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the regret Kim K has in naming Chicago. 

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So you name your child and then after a while you feel like analytical all the bad anymore do you give them a different name that's what one celebrities doing it looked like that in a moment it's Elizabeth and radar on the knicks' 829 Kennedy's sunny today and well we might see showers or thunderstorms suddenly that's if you run around state fair machine grab an umbrella. We'll kindergarten ash and a isn't a fan of the name Chicago for her daughter shocker the could talk about one. Bar that was outside of the box granite north of saint the other kids Canadians might actually set on her web site. She revealed that she doesn't feel like Chicago rolls off the tong. Kanye picked an in Chicago for his home city so she calls her daughter's shy CH I. We'll start for Chicago and then she went on explain what when. Shiny our Chicago every wanna collar when she gets older she could decide to sue under the collar Chicago. Where shot it's it's totally a dinner to Cinderella doesn't roll off her tongue. Can some but yet when Kanye answer he's finally that the sky so he probably just say that any. We have baby baby listen to me I'm a father. Do you scoop he proved right yeah exactly that's British rule that's pretty pretty much when he does our time who DD school who ended she goes daddy. But he says they change the diapers that's all stick and I really wanna think that's what he says. And everybody's gotten through this it is now. What do you. Later you name your three kids is they have do you call them by there when you took them either Mer certificate name when I'm Todd don't want you signal Yamuna talking to people so they know when talking about the comment home. It's always bones because that's. Know us like nick in his bones that they caught it no bones. And so does but he's gone no bones that Verizon phones come up here for a second brilliantly did he break a lot of them and there's a Madonna always just these skinny that's his whole thing I need help are now at yet call him ball yes and then my middle daughter Alexa which we call lab did your let's just. Start it's wet Alexa what is the time not funny and we have time is it affecting Atlanta. Where's color grew. Because Alexi route and we just kind of like hey elixir group. And so rude just got. Put in there are some color roof and a collared blacks or Alexa or anything like that a lot of parents do what about Haley. Videos is Haley. Scales and and we know she's she's she's the odd one eagle but it birth certificate and sooner cast my mom Marie are just tell theater costs I think a lot of people like to shorten their kids' names up on the day. Don't regret them. See it was those same lie and with a long name like Elizabeth my family nickname and now my stepson he calls me this they call me death. They don't because my younger sisters couldn't say Elizabeth they called me wizard. So bid was more and certain of this so I call the alphabet that forbid feed loses their ways or it so yeah. I'm an author and producer didn't go by DR dean I go that deep yeah. Dave I mean that really is dated. Surprise well does it well it is but in this case of Kim Kardashian and she's calling her daughter's shy because she doesn't like Anthony Wright is my Chicago then on now I'm remembering this guy like growth with name's Cindy her foaming with Cynthia on her dad denying on my nickname Cindy's and he always called her Cynthia and everyone else and Cindy. So everybody says indium as the chosen name yet the damage to do she likes so do you calling your kids something other than their name on their birth certificate. Then what is the reason why is it because you don't like the name is it because like you said radar your kids really skinny C column ball on bonds is human nickname. I give people nicknames on Smart and simple thoughts of harming today bones no bounds.