Do you know your 5 greatest strengths?

Thursday, May 31st

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - The HIGH5 Test

Do you know your 5 greatest strengths? Imagine how much more productive you'd be if you did know the answer to that question. This episode can help with the High 5 Test! It's free and it's helped over 300,000 people - including me!

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Do you know all like your side of the greatest strengths are its did dollar to this podcast is here to help. And I can almost guarantee it's gonna make you look at your life your calendar and your work a little bit differently stay tuned for more info home. Your listening to the fifty shades of paint podcast with host Elizabeth take a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are. Gang but not only saying this is fifty shades of K. All right before we get into today's podcast I wanna mention a couple people that have been nice enough to email me or leave a review on their podcast dapper iTunes. First don't wanna think Hannah from Lake Geneva she sent me a private message you are off some love listening to you with thank you and I really appreciate it. And there are some reviews that are up on the podcast app and on iTunes. Which if you have not subscribed yet though we're podcasting app on your apple product or your Google play app. Just looked up fifty shades of Cain. It's subscribe. And then Lieber reveal I'd love to know what you'd think I really want your feedback and that's why I wanna give a mention to a Junebug in 1979. She wrote great pick me up this is really fun when I need a good laugh or to escape for a few minutes this is my go to highly recommend. Also massive cheer from a Chicago mom of four. She wrote great fun love this it's like in night out with the girls. On informative all that's missing is the wind which I agree we turned a little bit aligned even older than the next contest but again things relieving their review. Thank you so much for subscribing the podcast is growing week bye weeks so tell your friends share and social media it really is a passion project for me. And I absolutely appreciate all the feedback. So let's get into today's episode. What are your five greatest strengths. I recently took a woman empowerment workshop hosted by my friend Robin Richard's not it might not familiar because rabbit has actually done a fifty shades of key before. Talking about her life coach Jean and her mission to provide inspiration and motivation. She's the founder of momma is momentum now that's. All about educating women on self care and wellness. Which we all they'll be could duel a little bit more of self care and my right wall during the FaceBook workshop she had us take the high 85 taxed. It's a free test its online it takes about twenty minutes but holy cowl was an eye opening. On the high five tester website which is. High five test dot com. And the five is the number five and only get up at 991 the next act Condo wearing. So on this website. Is to find out what your unique talent and character traits are higher to help you live a life full of happiness and fulfillment. There's a memo rollicking far in other words it'll help you focus in how what you're naturally going to act. At the end of the test you find out what your five strengths are so here's a minor our number one and a catalyst. Which I'll be honest at first I thought what the heck does that mean. I've number two story teller well probably not a surprise if you listen to the radio shall number three a deliver. And I'm gonna get into that one and just a moment. Number four an optimist. Number five time keeper. OK so what does all of that mean the easiest way to sum on a lot because each strength has. Quite a lengthy description but it it's really helpful. So the easiest way to summon up is that I am strong it taking action communicating. Getting the job done no matter what it takes. Injecting enthusiasm and everything I do. And setting time lines and deadlines. What I learned from this exercise is how some of these strengths. Can also be reasons why I get overwhelmed at times I know you know that feeling. Now sometimes have never felt that feeling that sometimes a blast scene can feel like a curse so let's talk about the deliver strength for example. According to the high five tasked someone that falls under the deliver category which is myself. This is what they have for part of the description. Delivers our people of their word. If they say they'll help you with some lean and you better believe he'll be there. Delivers feel they are judged more on their actions their work and the finished product. Does that sound like you. Because for someone like me I tend to fill my calendar with too many obligations because I don't want to disappoint anyone. Then if I need to cancel or reschedule one of these appointments I feel terrible about it I'm serious ask my husband. So moving forward I'm working at saying no. And not filling my calendar as much so for example I've come to realize that Wednesday's. That is the day of the week that I am already really busy so now. I'm trying to keep my Wednesday's furry with the exception of standing appointments that I can't change like pick up my stepson from school and things like that because like film my schedule with too much. I ultimately have to cancel appointment and then I feel really bad about it. And I want to avoid having that feeling of guilt we on the Al guilt is not productive and then when I sent this take a way to my friend Robin who was hosting the workshop. This was her response. She wrote excellent reflection Elizabeth one of my most challenging things to empower my energy was learning to say no I still have to work on it. And it helps me to remember that having clarity and seen milk is actually a yes to something even better in the future. I completely agree Robin I'm still learning this day by day. So again and I encourage you to take the high five test sure your family I know I did share with your friends your coworkers even your boss. This test can even help people in management to learn how best to motivate their team. And ultimately be more productive and get better results. I'll be certainly got the test and I mean I wanna mix dot com. Just click the media's own tab and then click fifty shades of K I really hope we take the time to take his test. I mean we're headed into a new month which means it's a great time to shift your energy into something positive I'm hopeful the hype I've test will be a good start for Yale. And on those days that you don't feel motivated look at your results. It's a great reminder that we all have strengths and we all have talent that we were meant to share with the world. And feel free to reach out and share your results with me. I can be reached at Elizabeth Qaeda radio at That's Elizabeth Katie white radio at Thank you for spending some of your day with mean. This is then the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elisabeth tank if you enjoyed this episode. Sharon with the and make sure to subscribe I stand and Lisa revealed thanks realist when.