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Thursday, July 13th

Look and feel your best this summer! This podcast is all about summer fashion, what you should be wearing to those summer weddings and how to save yourself a ton of money the next time you go shopping with style expert and lifestyle blogger Jordan Dechambre.

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All right everybody it's Elizabeth. Style expert. Lifestyle writer fashion stylist and just a really awesome person. All your two suite can tell I'm that was totally racking my favorite leather jacket last night at the Tom Petty counts aren't all my -- we UC do you have to Wear leather I don't care how hot it is outside. When you see paddy UMass for a mother and we aren't talking all things fashion summer fashion which really what I saw your post on mr. Graham and I saw that leather jacket I love that jacket with done embroidery on their embroidery yes absolutely it what I love about leather in the summer as you can really have fun McCain right -- comparing it with like fun little frilly dress is impaired short contain tops. There's some neat for ways to where I think if you're going to do that there don't be boring. Link find something that's a breeder finds something with Gromit are or with you know something cool frames and diverted. Something you just give it a little something extra you know out right to not just the black leather regulate its main leathers always sexy that's the way to make a little more feminine TO absolutely and anytime you. Add flowers is something obviously femininity is the first thing that you think of yap. I have always had this thing I love the makes a hard in the leather and lace or lack there with laurels. These kind of ideas or death and none with a very relieved top. Where you're really looking at just two juxtaposition and balancing items together it's kind of like your decorating your house it's about adding him a little bit attacks are a little bit and Karen elect he said opposites attract that Vijay and and that way in the fashion world they really do and it's so interesting because fashion is so similar to interior design. Where were really looking that mixing and matching patterns how to make that work we never wanna go high detail in one particular fabric or texture. Just like you don't want your living room all to be the same texture. He always makes it up with a few different kinds of pieces would be doing a fabric couch and then a leather chair whatever it may be. We did the same thing in fashion you know it's boring we Wear denim had to tell Rangel and even being a Canadian taxied down Shaq. But I want that out but you know you just have to make it funny how you kept the unafraid to take risks and that's the thanks so many people ask me like what are the rules of fashion the rules of fashion are there are no rules. You'd get real because speaking of being at a concert and and summer bastards I would just recently there and looking Alan Alderman people are wearing sunscreen for people watching and there are so many different styles that are out there and there's a lot of trendy stuff right now. Do you feel like when it comes to age there needs to be. A set standard of OK appear at. For example I'm going to the Tom Petty concert. Tonight and I'm thinking about where I have this cute little like body suit thing that I know it's cheesy but it says dope on the front and I might add these white high waisted shorts and I thought. That's a kind of where that I am all sold 35 years old can't Wear that you absolutely can because fashion is absolutely interment at each. Fashion is all about wearing what looks good on you and what makes you feel confident smooth so you know so often like will be a place like summer festival here at like how does her friend latter out the door like that are how did his. Friend let him out the door that you might not yes. Here are definitely those situations where people are not accentuating the past parts of their figure. And that's what we really wanted to do so for you even you have great long lay eggs so you can Wear short shorts as long as he wants right well high waisted stuff it's not because I have the hips exactly and the same may lead to similar body type. And you know what's so great about that is you can play up the features are great you've small waist clean that up you long lakes play that up. So why not I mean I advocate you know plans to Chinese what I almost missed the British which isn't saying that and now. You can see it looks score a RB it's held Jennifer Aniston don't we retain top anymore because hearing late forties. Click we we aren't we don't think of celebrities that we so why do we think of ourselves that way the point you know if we're going to the gym and working in hard. And be you know love the way that we look it's all about continents well and there's so much to talk about with you and fashion an and I promised are gonna do its youth summer fashion just out and serve the must have. What I want to space on something that you mentioned the last time your honest podcast you were talking about winter winter clothes and kind of start talking about wearing what. You're comfortable and and you all said something in that leaves in my head every time I'm dressed cynical wallet if you don't feel comfortable in it. In your house before you left so you're not gonna be comfortable when you're out even messing with an all night and when you aren't comfortable again act and they'll portray your best self. And that has allowed means the ability and the confidence. To get rid of things in my closet I mean outclassed so many things and I was sort of thinking about dollars of what I was getting rid of and I can sign some of it. But Depp plays. Into what eyewear now because you're right if you're not comfortable the second he put it on forget it absolutely I I agree with that 100%. And you set and a lazy in my head comfortably you have to be yeah and the other thing that I I would add to that. He is mining new rule when when I can't when it comes to shopping. When I come home in I have made a good HMM I six banks. I have bought one of those singer over the door organizers for you can just paying like six things over reared or a bank is soon as it I something crashing behind my door. If within the first two weeks I don't Wear that item it goes back. Home highlight and yeah. Especially cajun navy bites there are sermons but if I have bought a pair of shorts or a cute little two brass for going out. Or even held her handbag if it is pain there and I haven't wanted to Wear. In the first two weeks it's back. And I I think that's an amazing rule of thumb because I have seen so much money. Because those items getting back to your original point of items at satin are closet and we we hear and meet Bibi don't feel comfortable on them and relate. Already hot or were already each year were already on Contra yeah. Those are the items that we would not have scrapped off that hangar in the first two weeks they would have sat in our closet for two months in the eventually would have worn because we felt an obligation to do it. Because we bought it. But if you just take that two weeks and you don't like it. I this is what's great about my guitar and because York your practical there's a lot of that fashion stylist that are out there. That are I mean that there's at least eighteen to the 1%. Of our society that we buy it the entire star if they want to act but your practical and that makes you relate able that's why I like you know sort of watching you on social media and Jackson bison meat just 1918 and you have on right now I just from H and I which eager calling it the draft and it sent out. Exactly and I you know for me it's all about finding things that make you happy. I walked in agent eminence of the subtle black dress which everybody can see if they got Nightline during this December sciele dot com it's out there is mine must have each and dressed. I walked in and I thought. Now that's addresses I'm gonna wanna pull up my hangar every single day. Because it's just a simple little black dress that's vary flow we've very light for summer camp here with a variety of issues. Idea that you now I I go in and look for these items. Because I'll buy things and I think Theres spectacular. And I love the way they look at me. Why when I go to actually weird them because they're maybe a little bit complicated. Or only goes with one issue in my closet something like that. Only end up wearing a couple times again echoes back to that it goes back after a few weeks. But the items I want to pull out like this black tracts. Don't you know those things I do you I'd like to relieve makes hi in my. You know this stress was under fifty dollars which I lie yet but then I have other things I have a a 500 dollar handbag and I love more than anything in the world. But I mean that purchase knowing. The that was gonna last me five years and now with investment Pete's dressed and wearing right now it's gonna last me one maybe two Summers in go on consignment. And they don't feel so bad about it it's only fifty dollars exactly with all of the kind of mixing it up. Yeah right people are afraid. Now what are some of the items let's jump at. This summer fashion that you're seen out there that items keepers and having their closet what are some of those absolutely so I think there's a few of items for the season. If we're looking at shoes it's all about sly aides this season before relief he met return to the ninety's that in our sophisticated. Way I'm gonna sound really ignorant here when you meet slides like I'd seen okay. How are qualified candles. In receipt in a variety of ways we're seeing them in a flat sandal. That are of the Erie adorns me be theirs morals you know across the strap. Or maybe there's embroidered flowers there's a lot of different ways to Wear them. Or just your. Basic lack slide that we all had in the ninety's the Steve Madden yes it has is it's the grownup version of that for today so I would say that is the big issue that is replaced. The basic flat sandal it's replaced on C handle. And I think that is kind of the fashion east issue have them if we look at something like he bags. What we're seeing a lot of is that it can it straw will then bags to people call them our bags because there. Semi circle the flat top sure they're kind of batten with Kerr. Fabrication to them a likable columns strossen people sit Nickerson people's favorite hand. But there's a fabulous a baggy can take with you to summer fast places like that. Great from writings well and we cannot talked earlier about textured back will add such different textured to your office tell absolutely great thing about a bag like that. Is you can weird that to a beach wagging. Or you can clear to something as simple is going to branch with your for how about that though personal so personal so that's something I highly recommend this season. Along those lines I'm also really big this year. I'm tiny cross body acts. Don't you be in the summer I can't stand caring and happy or Huckabee strap on racial there. I have been buying just these teeny little cross body bags that that my cell phone it my key credit card credit card that steak done liking it just the basic essentials he isn't that church especially when you're going out. I mean a lot of it's about going to festivals or you're on patio with your hold on a cocktail and you're shaking hands and there's nothing worse sometimes when you're adding the element a key and sweaty and we are holding a clutch you're messing with a clutch on your wrist. In his case he could just haven't over your shoulders over your shoulder or you can aircraft by the either way and the lows are also not expensive you can stop at a marshals and find some really great brand name purses may be 2030 dollars so that your it and if you want to actually gated designer go to places like Saks fifth or Nordstrom rack because you can't really find you know Rebecca Ming coffer Marc Jacobs. The a lot of those little cross body bags now for under a hundred dollars. And in May I recommend getting patter it's looking on and have fun with it because it's summer it's not can it be your winter carry our flag. The go for a break color or floral or poke at otter on print. In fact that's really gonna pop I love you brought that up too because I feel like a lot of times and I get stuck in this. I wanna get neutral when it comes to purses well I mean when it when it's an investment person it's different because were dropped a couple hundred dollars. But a person like that. Why bother with getting a black or brown won her Tamil owner cream one. When you're only gonna Wear for maybe this season may be in a fall it's something fun exactly it's not gonna break the bank it's not in the so many designers now that are designing that will be called guitar straps. So it's basically interchangeable straps to hook up so small backs. So you can finally. Finally a body bag and then I four different straps for it. And you've meeting made a 150 dollar investment be essentially now have Fuller back. And completely a couple of the over the shoulder bags are great because you don't worry about having a look at a bar to hang it outside or. Put your purse up on the Bartok and then your drink is sliding and it's ready nine your powers act we've all dealt with that in the summertime to pat love it so what else I think it's our eyes. Jacket for the summer because I don't know about you but I obviously have to carry a little something with me because you know at the lake front it drops to twenty degrees in five minutes he had it does happen the wind shifted. Phil I really big right now on. Bro be jackets and c'mon Jack I think they look so fabulous over the summer dresses any can really kind of go with this whole kind of bone heat like. Greeted bohemian I'd eat out it's like the modern take on the ball hardly been seen in the past couples even in his as trillion makes of the seventies and nineties coming together. So when you Wear something like c'mon Al robe on printed kimono route with. Jean cutoffs and attain tap in on printed bag. And since flight sandals you really incorporating many different trends that all works together and one count which I think is so important. It's really important when you open your closet that the items classic work to GAAP. Because you don't wanna feel like I have the shirt back there with this one pair of pants or I have this this greet your jeans but it only looks great with this one topped. That's not on you need to be able to mix and catcher wardrobes of think about you know what it's my advise what is my personal style and how the current trends that at. It's okay if you're not buying every track and maybe you don't lakeside maybe you want to Wear. He'll that's OK you know there's some fabulous heals up. But think about the trends that might work for you and then try to incorporate some of those change your wardrobe. More as small inexpensive purchases the senate doesn't appease now let's talk weddings because that is wedding season and there's always that time for the white writhing in pain running an aware and he did not get something new. What advice do you have of where to start when it comes to be against a wedding in granite. It's a broad question is it a beach wedding is at a garden wedding day went either people say you can't Wear black dresses to wedding and to me what what's your advice on what to wears two wedding I whistler black dress and my best friends letting you see. I've done it to what I sometimes it feel like you can you know. She doubled with flashy shoes or your sensory. Would you would you say her throughout the summer when I was going to I think the important thing with weddings is again and we're looking at kind of rules. White dresses. That's the only place I would maybe draw a line yes they use some what it to my personal audience right I mean unless the white dress is it is very obviously green or off white and looks absolutely nothing like a wedding dress in any shape or form. Which is possible. Wedding dress has come in somebody different shapes and sizes now that it's really difficult as aghast to choose a white dress. And hope that it doesn't reflect the prize it's just a one time you don't do it once there's somebody collars on the color wielding a one time you don't and I see people who love to Wear white instead to champagne. Champagne is a really great option and it's you know people whose skin tones generally the good and white also looked fantastic in champagne or silver. Those are you know colors that really work there. I'm just you know kind of weird to start when he when your dressing for a wedding. I'd like to think of okay what's the case in the wedding I recently went to was that the faster it was Al against it was a big wedding by a black tie affair affair I knew that I wanted something that was going to be kind of fun and sexy but at the same time very elegant. So I went with Canada a good Russian inspired dress that had a little cutout in the sides. Absolutely loved it you know couldn't have loved it mark. But then I look at my past and who wore a beautiful floor length sequined drafts no we had completely opposite looks going on both for completely appropriate for the Asian. You have to think about the occasion are going to the beach running. I would avoid the sequence and heavier fabrics for going would be and the deals because and they he always wanna make sure you're aware but the floor situation is going to be you have to you'd want you lock in your tip toes the whole time because on grass in high heels in their cell many weddings right now that our grass that our beach that are kind of farm house inspired. All of these things that are very difficult for heels. That's why slides being a trend right now are such a great option if you look for sending bury it to earn lots of can tooled accents on issues that immediately dresses it up. But also watches. Wedges arm is a great option Yunel for weddings lenders can be deep doubts ground situation happy gives you stability ladies that it's. And is so again it's all about thinking about what is the wedding and going to what is the box what is the theme where is this what are the weather conditions. And then figuring out how you were going to be most comfortable within those parameters then going out saying I'm going to beach wedding. I wanna find fund thirty. Flora link Maxi dress that's gonna look of gorgeous blowing in the breeze not okay well you know maybe start out by canoe Google link. Maxi dresses Ciba pops up. I don't know what you I have like my fever at stores like I have the ones that I start with like I always started Nordstrom. I would go and look at top shop. I will look at each of them I will look it's our especially right now during this our sale. I'm ruling out big time right out but you know you can start with the stores and I know work for me and have free shipping and returns because that. That's another exhibit at learn from jail cell about the three returns free shipping is great she with a three return return to secure shopping online because I've argued aren't really gonna nope it's guaranteed to an hour. Because you aren't able to tried on a free night it's absolutely not and you have to be able to order a few different dresses no only you're going to be sending some back in need don't want and pain. Not jordin is the style expert here on this patasse not mean that money adds a little tidbit here also that I have been observing and social media. And a mistake I made one time we were at a concert at wedding all dressed up. You're drinking beverages and a lot of these things it's hacked your sweaty drinks are gonna her speier and sweat. Be aware of what materials your wary because there's not the worst in taking a great picture with your friends and someone has a complete water spot on the part of their last. Or what we had it stains showing an I understand it's igniting your dancing can't avoid and really. Who should post pictures after midnight at a hot sweaty your wedding you know a couple of cocktails. To widget ad that it is for second at be aware of wearing something that if it should get wet from water or ice because everything is slightly if you wanna look terrible in pictures. When you have those bulls' one marks on your offense exactly and that's what you cease so few people today in silky trusses. Yep because not mean on its theory too difficult to look good this'll keep I don't care who we. Yeah I mean you have a hit. You're gonna see if we can't yet say it out there it's one of those things that yes something those materials that app just suck up water. The worst bowler to do in the summer. If you do that in the winter and kind of have like a cute little first dollar something that you can put over yourself when you're at a special bank rate been in the summer meaning your -- forget and what are your thoughts on hats I like to say competent woman wears hats I think again consider where your and I go to the beach I have no problem hearing huge sign and I had asking cancer I am being eerie theory you do write to you yeah I do well. I have non online yeah moved in its battered but you wearing sunscreen and everything that it taking care that's absolutely you you have to use so when I'm at the beach. When I was in Mexico even. I wore Jai enormous on all the time because I just you know I don't wanna take any chances anymore I I had an announced that the scare. But what I suggest wearing a large sun hat when your going out for dinner now. Arduous comes our viewers in and you think about it's inconvenience. Yeah I'm Amy. So TJ you know we're hot when Jiri you know going to contact us a little bit smaller you know which is not hard there's plenty of cute little straw hats. Right now that are a little bit smaller and I can get in people's way out. I think cats are fabulous I read them. All the time could not of them bar and I I think that this is a really big season for hat I think it's time for. People to put away the Bret Michaels. Cowboy hat. I think that we be gone past that this is I tell. It now I think you know really think about it shouldn't just be and he'll have. Try and see how it looks on your face see how it feels like you're an expense to be there again that's an each an am. You can just see so many hats there than 85 dollars exactly that grant to where once twice exit and more of yes now let's talk about men a little bit because there are there armed man in Ellis has podcast that care about fashion in my husband likes. Fashion and what do you say about guys because we do need to tell all men cargo shorts need to go right absolutely any that makes you look bigger. There's really no reason for wearing things like he navigates. Absolutely. You know the old her and her style jeans these types of things are not flattering on your body. Enos I just think that men just like in you have to think about your proportions you have to think about what's gonna look pass on your body. And even if you don't wanna do you trendy things like you know Hawaiian tropic girls are really really turned out that's not for every guy writing. And how did you try anything he just to do things look good on you're body and also after realize that you can always just I have to wrap. You might actually have to bring a pair of pants and and happened tailored you might actually you probably Charlotte Charles had your suit jacket. Taking in its Hillard specifically to your shoulders in your sleep. These are things that are gearing. Just like women you know suits and men's clothing are not a one size fits all right now is vastly when it comes to jackets for men and because that's where a lot of seats for work. He pressured to mean it's all very articulate and and any try cleaning place any good reputable dry cleaning location will do these alteration on first and break the bank now they down they don't I mean I am probably there. Three times this summer bringing in things. You know 2030 dollars pop it back to when you look and feel that you do and you aren't good I know it's not proper grammar but still you appoint stays the same kind of acts were saying earlier that it. You're not comparable and it your best self isn't going to be put forward exactly an and mean in what we think about our appearance as much as we like to think. That we don't live an appearance based society be apps. We'll look at social media right I mean the cell cell fees alone and sell these alone tell you that we live in an image ego centric society. But there's now. Doubt that when people see you for the first time they're citing they're looking at you they're looking at your hair they're looking at me popular there looking at what you're wearing. So why not always put your best but for. True you'd never know your enemy never know your enemy. We're on idol you know run in the gym and go to the grocery store in LA and and all those things Mary my gym clothes and not looked fantastic in that happens. But you know if you can if you have that same. Just take extra minutes to. Be some lipstick or to straighten your hair would ever meet arguing for a hat day Wear cute hat where I mean there are solid baseball caps are a solid colors doesn't B sports team that just salad colored hats tickle where they can go just about anything anything and in this in this is why your blog is so great which is Jordan to shop every style dot com. We have a linked up at nineteen and won the mixed dot com. Because you also talk about in a lifestyle and yes of course fashion on you talk about you know make up and all kinds of things on the act it's a lifestyle blocks of definitely. Check that out and who style are you loving right now I left some nasty you said beyoncé yeah I and I don't watch it will now be too busy with me right by that I don't watch him beyoncé because she's a trend setter boat forty we loving right now at the moment she was like everything. You know I'm I'm still I I look to Rachel's though for some much I think that she is just always gets it right in now that she's designing. I am I holiday her design yeah I think she's fantastic. But when it comes sits a salute to celebrities that there's so many people who. Have been leaked and taken style and it is different in new directions on us define their celebrity within it as well people are so. Known by what they Wear and it kind of plays into their holes celebrity status. So I think ready now overseeing a lot of these younger actresses can at eight giro and who they are you look at someone like it's leaning governments for example. One thing easier and she's like girl next door in the next stage she's like video vixen she still trying to figure out right she's like. Not quite there yet then you look at some like Gwen Stefani that you mentioned before. You can see an outfit from a mile away in health declines to find out. So I think that's really interesting can watching this movement right now is her seem obvious can be young popping commerce. And kind of figure out who they are in the kind of at the changing of the guard them Lady Gaga statements of Bonnie is the Madonna's who are still well known by these personas now they're almost having to reinvent themselves a little bit because of these people coming up. With these new unique styles I think that the it's a really interesting time in fashion and looking at celebrity in general. Is so I I don't know I mean right now is there anybody who I think really has thirty game on. I don't know I mean I think so much of it has to do a stylus that's I would like to send it up to Rachel's on people like pat. I think that and for the past five years Nicole Richie is relieved and rocking it she has really amazing style I mean just absolutely. Depth. From so many different perspectives I think that Jennifer Lawrence absolutely upped her style in the past five years. And whenever you see her step foot on red carpet she is her action yes she looks great she really wasn't that people like Pete and checked who have. Always bend perfection and continued to be back. So I think there's just eat a lot of people and figured for the hour and that others Chinese figured if they want to stay. Where they are or have another man Marcus and for people that aren't looking define their style right now Jordan do you sort of do. Work freelance work with people I mean you'll help eat even helped organize their closets have worked with people I mean is that some that you one million joy doing with people and as a cost a lot of money and mean no every case is different but. Russia people hear this and think oh my gosh I don't have 2000 dollars to completely right now my closet and what do you do you pull the pieces that they have. You know it's it's interesting everything is kind of on an individual basis that was at the start class. The before I'll work with anybody I have to get in their closet in seat like what have they bought. Understand the motivation behind why they've bought what they did so generally I come in. I go through do you judge the closet to closets are quite legally on our planet and could get I get it seem like we're busy we throw things in our closets you know it it gets to be crazy bet. I goalie and I pull out anything that doesn't seem like. It feels old feels worn. Steamed things like that that we does not respect for you know those things are right away and suggest is getting. They go through and say no these pieces that are interesting but they don't see hobbies are working on you and you're shape. Orbit and you or lights. And it kind of talk through those pieces why they bought them and generally those and calling it. On kids the ages really haven't thought about it. And then once can it get through rehab the pieces left in the closet that are still working for dynamic on Trenton and or timeless pieces. Then I'll go out into shops for people online. Tell me you know we make a list of where we need to filling in human missing we need a great pence what are we need to fantastic blazers mean a nominal thirty drafts. I go outing and it sends. People ideas of what they would like and they like it they can make app purchase and if they don't. Mr. right over again in the into that point on actually go back. And take pictures of items with their shoes and their jewelry and everything that's Korean that they completely out put it together I love that electorate that's regularly in contact with a detriment website my my email address is on the web sites that checking that out. You mean email and honestly late services this is not an expensive service. I've worked with some clients for a couple years where. They haven't run over 500. Fell you know it's yeah. I mean classic console usually range right around 200 dollars after that it's it's done by the hour and once again a really good idea of who you are. I can shop feel very quickly and it when you start getting compliments. I. I know the people that sale at some doesn't matter to me and but yeah. Closest you're saying you look great you're gonna feel great you just you just are and that's where it does go deeper than skin deep when you feel good you're exiting that. Excitement that pass it to be that reflects. And so we people let you cross paths with all the time it's so true in and even beyond that the idea just being able to walk in your closet in the morning and now the you can pull out and a pair pants and shirt and they're gonna work together. And then if you're that's priceless by the way I could time and money. And how many times all in our closet and lock outs and nothing nowhere false. You do it they're just not put in the right place. How you're not seeing the way that you need to see it. And then if you get confused you had pictures to an inspiration to fall back so I think that's import and speaking of inspiration that's also I need to check out Jordan on and to Graham which your. Mr. Graham name two in December style yup follow Jordan tie ins to grab you can also final of that at Georgia sombre dot com Jordan a summary style dot com. And that's link to OpenId and I want the mix stack cobble we have you back and fall of every season when he daddy Jardine and would love it thanks so much for being happy to say decay and being Kia. If you enjoy this part cats and wanna hear more mixture to subscribes to can be updated when there's an episode so to subscribe to the podcast under Smartphone. Open your podcast app. Or use your Google play app in the search box type in fifty shades of Kate that's spelled out that's 50. Shades of K. Once the podcast comes up. Click on it and then hit the subscribe button and a bit of any comments or suggestions this podcast or did you podcast pretty email me at Elizabeth Kay radio at That's Elizabeth K eight YE radio at Thanks for listening.