Do YOU DO This On An Airplane?

Tuesday, August 1st

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave discuss their biggest pet peeves on an airplane.


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Knighted everyone makes it's wet sand Elizabeth what annoys you the most on a flight. Is the people who sit next to be crying baby because we're all headed to morning to boot camp in Atlanta we get talking about the plane. This is yesterday. I was seen I am not one of those people that I don't like putting my seat back at all because it just worry that it's good and be in the way of the person behind me went into the after all what they're trying to eat in the trees out. And let's you receive the opposite on the lake were Klein's the whole way back yeah I used a can actually looks for ways to get Budweiser shocking it's like on. If I'm sick and require my house. It's only wants a want by I can't have an out that means that fit it's meant to recline that distance I saw everybody get passed it's all all like topic tick back just one little check. That's it I think that you be enough because I don't wanna be that person that's in knowing everyone else on the flight. But I mean what we've been annoyed them that you're you know. Leaving your journal would you sit forward today didn't you know that it had eighty annoyance whatsoever I don't believe many people pleaser well pitchers mentally how mine so therefore I will replied that if it if it's if it's designed to be able to do that. I should be able I get a ticket just like gated white I have to inconvenience myself too convenient to them I don't tell rule an airlines. Some my fault that they click claim that way implies not like oh does that I why do I care that the planes designed that way the chairs designed to do that. Knowles and I have to inconvenience myself just for the spurs and I don't know an oral Iverson again I don't really care so what does annoy you unemployment. More or less the the people they just walk of the aisle just. Granted you appeared aisles it is rated you know like alarms are or are the person that spins like you you're where you're carrying a backpack I understand. Like backpacks are probably the easiest way when you're traveling for your carry on. But then you turn and just relax you hit somebody and it's like no considerate care for eighty was the year to Ramey and you watch that person that one person watch every tigers and Oakland watched due tomorrow. The B one person with a backpack it's been around it's at least eight people yet constantly does it care doesn't say harmless error or switches that carries in front of them so they can put them but you know doesn't hit people they don't care. What about the speaking of people in caring hands of the people that you land. You know the doors opened yet you can't get out and they are mafia artists directly jump over people understand and I'll put their carry and it's like hey you weren't three rows back. There have been times again if you have a connecting flight to the media say that say hey sorry. I have to make connecting flight and I'm telling you 9% of people now. This might up the planet it's like we all wanna get off the price I hate that we everybody has an order you know we can't and we understand so just come now Robin get off one by one. Just this single file Rosie what drives me crazy are win there is. Babies on flights and they ought to hair in knowledge and the is the problem the baby out play is the problem with a parent not controlling their baby on the plate like I am however from Israel. I don't let it come from a guy that has no kids because there are people that have anxiety about playing with their babies can and can't predict what's gonna happen you can walk a morale. On Sandy Alomar went to Israel though the five hour flight early in the morning though the baby sitting next to me in a baby in the seat behind me both her crying and at one point. There was an arm reaching underneath my leg because the baby's pacifier somehow ended up. And my feet in my the there's just like putting a Rolf. Yeah I've put them out and I give them a new one. And I want to be too into the baby by it it just. I feel like the had a baby yet and yet that come with the expectation that avenue take extra extra care and focus on my baby is that. With the baby before it's really are going to be got a flight. And no one likes it it's an appearance or out. It's so stressful late and I went LA wants my baby was six console my youngest or six console. It's horrible there ears were popping like we can make your ears not top Palestinian problem they're crying. There like trying to have a kid that wants to move around in now you didn't have to sit still for three nap or try to explain that to a 678. Month old that's why I'm hazard decorated bags should keep it's all I've got right back in it's it is brutal to have a small child and on a flight out just three days old. Debris at I think complain. A six months ago when you're gonna play the OK so we've now put together this list rob Valentina ranting raving what drives us crazy on a flight were had a flight tomorrow to Atlanta. Add to that list what else annoys you on a flight that you wish did you stop today.