Did you cry on Mother's Day? I sure did.

Wednesday, May 16th

What were you feeling on Mother's Day? I don't know about you, but I was feeling gratitude, love, joy and sadness all at the same time. Then I read an Instagram post from my friend Leslie and it gave me some clarity. Sometimes, these "happy" holidays can be hard. If you felt that way, I hear ya. My hope is that this podcast will give you some comfort and remind you that you are not alone.

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You're listening to the fifty shades of paint podcast with host Elizabeth K a contest designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are. Gang but not always saying this is fifty shades of okay. Hi everyone and thanks so much for Liz I mean I quickly want to mention Amanda Ramsey who reached out to me by a night email which is Elizabeth cape radio at gmail.com. She says that she recently found this podcast she loves it and then choose asking me about where she could find a book list from a podcast that we did a few months ago. And then I told her if you go right to my page on the media's own and 99 won the mixed dot com. The air you could see. All of the past podcasts or delisting on Google play are on your podcast app EB click the actual podcast page. You could see all of the listed right there and that he can get caught up so thanks again amana for listening I really appreciated. She said that she binge listened to my podcast like a Netflix series. Very cool but today's podcast it's just going to be me and I'm going to be talking about Mother's Day I was thinking about what I wanted to do this week from my podcast. And then the thought occurred to me what I saw a post that my friend Leslie put up on in to Graham. Mother's Day for me can sometimes be an emotional holiday. Does he do that know me for awhile may be known that I've struggled to get pregnant and I was pregnant back in 2012 but unfortunately. Lost the baby in my first trimester and that's a really hard for me and that's what I started looking at Mother's Day a lot differently because I realized. You don't know what other people are going through on holiday that's. All about celebrating moms that now that I'm in a role of a step mom. I have learned that be you know mom. Really doesn't have a lot to do with biological. It has more to do with your relationships with other people. And my friend Leslie put up a post on ins to Graham for Mother's Day that I wanna read T really quickly because it really resonated with mean. Here's what Leslie wrote happy mother's states cannot only moms but anyone who raised a child. Who sacrificed their own lives for one in need. It could be grandmas aunts neighbors teachers are complete strangers. And then she went on to say reach out to someone who might be overlooked a simple phone call to say I love you may need more than you know peace and love. Leslie thank you so much for posting that because they think about how there's a lot of people that. Nurture children like she set from teachers to a neighbor's. I also think about people that may be lost their moms and don't have their mom to actually. Give a phone call two or send flowers to on Mother's Day and that's why I feel like some people for Mother's Day can be really hard holiday. So even though it's past now and it was last weekend. Just think about that the next time holiday rolls around I may be today when your holiday and UC is stranger at the grocery store. Give someone a smile because you just never really know what they're going through. But I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for listening to this podcast. And I fine and days ramp feeling and it maybe just a little doll and are not myself extend and a smile to someone else you immediately brighten my mood. And I talked about that in the past podcast with doctor Jan Friday. Who as a podcast. The vibrant happy woman putting that energy out there that positivity into the be contagious and how quickly that can change your own. And you liability T doesn't radio school. You can hear that's my L can't you tell yeah I'm smiling and hopefully this'll bring a smile to your face. So that's my little nuggets for the day thank you so much for listening as spanning just a moment of your day with me I really appreciate it. This is then the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elizabeth take if you enjoyed this episode share with us and make sure to subscribe I stand and leave the revealed thanks for airless room.