Dave and Hannah Go International: The Canadacast!

Friday, August 17th

Dave and Hannah went and visited our neighbors to the north for Dave's cousin's wedding. What's it like buying alcohol in Canada? Is poutine a Wisconsonian or Canadian food? Who is Banksy?!?! All of that plus a recipe for chimmichurri and a great TV to start watching!

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Wish we did it. Hello and welcome to another episode of dish was Dave I am your host gave. Of course I'm joined time I travel companion to foreign countries. Hannah I. Which show the foreign country. Just go up north Encarnacion all Canada. Hey that was the blast this is the candidate cast we went to Canada or my cousin series wedding she married a guy named Matt. And there are so cute. You're not not I mean it was a beautiful wedding lovely in Toronto. Beautiful day. Outside on the golf course beautiful golf course it was really more of like a mountainous range where they relate let's put a golf course here in other country club. And dobbs lead and we'll get all in all that stuff later put it just a little bit of a teaser I'm Rehman and harmony is yours I'll. Elevating. Salivating in size so you we went to Canada we want this kind of lay doesn't know about our experience this foreign countries are different than America what. Foreign countries are different than America lots. I shouldn't say that because you say United States of America this kid is still our American brother that is ordinary caravan. But also foreign countries act of America you know European yet so. Before we even get into our Canada journey can cast we obviously need to get an animal fat. You. I. Did you know. Flamingos. Are whites. They're paint color comes from their diet at animal and plant supplying content. So. From don't flamingo feather right. Yes that's pink feathers yes soul I mean. And it's the same lake is like I live in the polar bear really black while and as late fare no there there is actually column. That's another fact for another time. How all third evacuated Atlanta for a hollow there hairs but yet I don't know it's like it they could. Yeah another episode magic school bus and Arnold needs to many of those cheesy C wheat cracker I turned orange lake that can happen if you eat a tyrant and they only eat this one it has. Beta carotene in it and the only that. And to turn campaign what it. That happened to us. Isn't there some dude who turned blue yeah added that residences related. I would probably be a lot of. Orange and yellow yellow helmets with but he did say there isn't any place that dinner Saturday as yellow. And then and then I feel guilty and then I'd be like green for awhile and I is like it into salads green with envy. Did you just want regularly talents. Green and yellow curtain for packer fans have that. That's that that Hannah them interest in stuff. So. Canada was fascinating. And we start off by doing one of our favorite activities eating. A lot or is it sobering. Food. Grains and our favorite an outlet that's really what we did first. But we lifted. We lifted yeah we we're a lift household so. We went to a food truck festival with a friend Peter and Lucy who was on the podcast with a sleazy and on the Disney episode of us. She moved to Toronto now can now. You don't pronounce the T she moved to Toronto now to go was pretty university she needed it to Toronto. And we went to a food truck festival and it was amazing. Yeah they are our. At least thirty all of the others like fifty those like music federal. Many many trucks of course the first truck we stop that was. We give great and I can carve out tab delicious corn on the cob. The protein was make it tasted better because it was in Canada but at the same time. Yeah I think Glick who dean is Fries cheese Kurds in gravy and where you get she's troops from. With us and so basically putting the Wisconsin food that Canadian winters and I have a gravy on top of yeah. Both still guarantee it you know in England India are they call them Disco rags. Because they don't want to acknowledge Canada's existence in new York and they probably don't get royalties carrots they probably it's par cubes cheese is probably just let she's off cheddar blocks the cut in the squares labeling it as cheese or possibly even Shura is yet you're not then like what I. You're gonna get on that current lines could drag their also what does tumbling truck and let me tell you if you ever see you don't leave food truck anywhere. Go to also if you ever see a food truck where the line is like eight times longer than any other mine get thrown out I. Yeah we can't even wait that long lake realistically they are talking things out we contemplated really delighted really long all the plays that not long lines and all went to other places I went and got out of some fried chicken and you know waffle cone to live like it is Lenin and really need it was so good it was really did. And then yet Philly cheese steak and a week acts. But just stuff and yet in Louisiana court dollar or one point eight Sony need to get mozzarella sticks Null I don't think so yeah now. No we did it but then we went back to the dump them on the line was still just as long. Size that we committed to do that we're doing Afghanistan line and it took like ten minutes and let me tell you again if you see a dumplings truck. Get in line pretty good you will now regretted the tent stuff like ten Bradley's. Who were kind dumplings resident who isn't a court. Maybe chicken. Sweep. Pineapple Korean chicken and I. After the the the pineapple on from the sweet and sour chicken and they did it for me for free. Nothing about tanner price tags and I yeah and I got to port one. Probably some of the best dumb things I've ever had so. Are you know the truck was called the Lilly has been assigned to Saddam. That's always I'm shouting loud whatever you're called truck in Canada from the food truck festival. Have been called in early August. I don't know who want to say in the and you know that it happened and then have a name. VS and Boudreau with a great. And he then we went back to Peter and Lindsay he's and we met. Possibly. The most adorable. Kitten. Matter besides dale obviously I mean everybody is different you know but this one really was a lake. His name is belittle and he's like this gray little flops he's at the ball leaks they get out your dry hair. I was so you he plays actually yeah I kid you not he plays fetch. Blake catch return. You'll believe he'll do it. He loves it. Very cool also got another reason why should go get kittens out of I mean not instead of these but. Kids are just as school of thought if that's Atlanta names they're so cute they're so channel. He was just hanging out with us well we were watching some girls incarcerated. Pre judging trio Hamlet to strengthen our Canadian Beers movie's gonna show later in our beer tasting. Stop grow fast my experience in the beer store so in Canada they haven't really strict liquor laws I guess so. When you buy beer you bite at the beer store which is not like a subset of a grocery store or pharmacy you can't go to CDS and I say some liked Miller's. You gotta go to the deer store and it's called. Yeah so every single and it it's not Joe's liquor it's. De beer store and then you can only buy liquor and Ryan and LC BO yeah the news lately there. Board at Hotmail. I don't know it mean a year and other that's what I did say religion after a beer there my short. So it's like really strict like you can only diet. Between. Now new in nine. Sorry but something like that. And then. Everything. Right try to say like Cannes when you buy them you may variety packs just bizarre by the can. Well yeah I you can do that anywhere but I am saying they can you returning and you get money back yeah there into the recycling we can't let Detroit does I don't know. That's called an English its called recycling cans and. But you get back yeah throwing ten cents or so yeah handed in. You can do in America in some places in the news again and it is when and and until you can do it at a Wal-Mart. So Canadians like to get their money back essentially. Slowly but surely. Tell the fund as the funds start and then the next they've only really solve our family. And my brother is that he and his girlfriend mentally stayed in the same room. With me and Hanna which Elizabeth science Elizabeth from the morning show we're gonna find some fascinating. That. But does that mean I don't know and here's a shot that we stay in the same room as adults. Two events yeah whatever we haven't seen each other so long. Just pretty every yeah Obama and that but here's the thing the bathroom doors relate laundry room doors like French. The miners are invalidated or are they let us know a lot frosted glass no lack. Like I GAAP individually to silence centimeter gap in between did not the door knobs play the little not little handle things. As very strange. Things. Very hard to. Gil pregnant. But that doesn't slumber parties are the better and we're all family. And family. Is exactly what we need over the weekend because we saw. The good things come my family beautiful segue lead that. Golf club that they know my family is like. First cousin second cousins third cousins were all the same like we are out there and I know let Linda McMahon family tree I will make you want to thank you all night as I. Canadian. Fascinating season get a word of the day fascinating sequence you're wearing my auntie she looked. She's my Canadian anti Sheila she has fiery red hair. Bright red hair net loser in reality he's the best just want to give any Sheila shout out there. She will dance you under the table. Sledges and eighties she loves the party she's the best. Well you ultimately enable up to party. My family got to keep our nine dollars and that. That was there to get back at Allen and yeah we definitely got weird and I let it drain daily TE. There right to party just like us so we all just got a lot of school who has over the. Great time of the wedding was. Amazing and so what we had for dinner at the wedding because that's through and start well it started out like a cocktail hour right which the cutest thing I've ever seen at a cocktail hour a little tiny grilled cheese it's not. Like a grilled cheese cut into quarters like the little red would let the little let the minivan driver but those are some anti and they really Larry and it was like good chatter on the anti items like. Used as Michael's united Carolina and it glasses like put like that on a glass of tomato soup. To blindness crab cakes. Brocade and I think she's a girl she's into musical or crab cakes. Especially at a wedding. And Arizona stuff but I didn't really see that as outside of our time yeah I did this and much higher now landscape of a one time well those crazy. One of the servers came around with what are those amazing looking grilled cheeses and tomato seemingly untouched and I call overly bad. To have and he looked at me any like smiled and in the now and ask someone someone 38 it. This thing goes untouched I guess sort of like taking a set and put it back down didn't even touch the girl she didn't. Please don't read it girl she alone I don't think you're doing it come on Mel still drink this new arms tired and. So now the doctor art and then salad habit goat cheese on it I think there's a decent there plastic he can spiced. Coming up pasta dish. Really good at court screwy kind of hostile. Tomato sauce. Extra creamy delicious. Main meal. Stake. Really I. The last three that I delicious each nominee Nelson came out potatoes well season. There all season the potatoes too it's hard for people to do mashed potatoes and especially it's just match with a lot of. Lot of people that's what it is very difficult to put out that my dad and great dude that much meat into everywhere there was an agreement. Does this food was delicious point. Great job Canada. Great job Canada they're heavily laid out street and he also it was hot dogs. But I guess that we were like ten drinks and then what we're doing I was very. We had a bartender Josh he knew us by the time like. An hour had passed. The court only doubles shots of crown. And yeah that was I can't believe that I couldn't believe. How I'm glad that night and how much on the amount bookmark. My uncle mark who's a senior he's suggesting is that a couple of brain surgery actually. So we here in well. I was thinking about marquis he got there and saying. And blew everyone away also is so cool great fans the vandals also mark killed yeah uncle mark killed it. And I know it was just both of them. Amazing nice area is beautiful map but beautiful gave led the horror the coral is also on. We've had in a row the Orion went all the way around the ballroom. I work really put the people over the cheers I'm not not. My friends are and certainly you know holding hands I never actually seen a chairlift before the last Jewish wedding you were on the Boller and as part of the corridor that your approach I would know I was the biggest core of all time real clear need all around our room all those crazy. Not inside the actual Ruble and ballrooms that. And when you get the blooms and people together. Cited family. Looms the mobile they get weird. We we. We get weird that I know I and 1000 over the weird and cool thing. The big season that we went to Canada. The morning of the wedding. Before the wedding we went to goes he had basically they may have laid some warehouse. In some back street and lakeside downtown Toronto I don't run I should've expected of course it would be like industrial area just literally just somewhere house. Not a soul clean. And the Soviet yes it was great skywalker on the food as you'll see his actual ark as opposed to just like watching documentaries like. Based if you don't know who thinks he has his exit through get shot exits through the gift shop. He's a graffiti artists or street art artist excuse me street artist and the united Gallic political. Needle say. The nominee did England so Milosevic's. Yeah he's just a fascinating human being nobody really knows what may look agent. It was the one relate purpose exhibit together and he played videos filmed for his explain in just story you check out my is a grant that makes producer Dave posted a bunch of pictures I bought a shirt. Yelling we did go crazy on her exit and I normally yeah I normally. Exit through the gift shop. I normally don't. By stopping gift shop yes but hang you you saw the picture of the monkey and immediately relate I. So monkey that says. You left now 01 day will be it charge or something to go on there will be in charge and he can take credit away it is. I think it adds. Personally to myself like everyone's laughing not a one day I'm gonna be the man in charge. Hopefully and I take it the apples that way I interpreted the opposite way. Of every everybody laughs now but when Uday it's just can't beat her idiots in charge one day soon. Into the future meeting. The union future. Hope and a. Because scary hopefully actually Monkees a take over that isn't saying oh yeah I really every Israel among those times and probably not and no. Love the arrangement on that happening loudly just days in the movies but nice monkeys. Overall fantastic trip to Canada. But they're just a few highlights. If we talk about everything in this contest and gone for hours while we were also issued just talk about the won the funny thing about Canadian holiday is. Oh yeah they just made up whenever you watch this summer they have civic holiday so the weekend of the wedding or the first week of August and because they know they thought I guess in the summer that is is that and that the first Monday and. Was well though is the rallying the weekend as a civic holiday survey of putting off work. Things were running like holiday hours crazy just because. Everyone needs Han ever what's awhile obvious truth as I mean. I'm not upset if we want to get civic holiday and yes we have holidays. Heads. Yeah it's only answer until we get a bunch about it I guess anything about it Memorial Day to day. Okay presidents' day and Martin the king junior day I have reasons I really wanna date that's just like holiday and. How would de de. De de de. De de de de de. Science elegantly. Around I don't know how I'm so anyways. It's time for. The beer tasting. One other beer. Canadian beer then eight. Malls. And hit some cute does play lending Molson I'd never heard of the Molson until I don't know metadata. That just like the equivalent of like our Miller Miller Lite all things holiday classic candidate yet it's just you know. It's not and Molson Canadian loud and the Canadian is alternating colors between Atlanta and just kind of remind you look like aren't. And learn. Let Ricky arcane or something in me is get a red white and blue and meticulous American bananas there's a maple leaf on it. So well well reverend those are the kinds of a lot of countries that issue is patriotic colors but what should I expect. From this beer here. Tasted a little of the season so this is gonna be like I said that's why there's it's just going to be like a week the year I had in Canada. It's. I did not take this I think you know it's just your typical appearing you don't generally light just typical Beers. Zone you tend to need them like Obama flavorful the president. But this is just going to be performing into it and that's. Cheers and it. Champagne might effervescent. I mean if you don't hit the malls and I would tell you it's the Miller yeah yeah is currently signed here. Great tell game where if great to make sure they killed it at all. He gave them they're like yeah. Antiques old Maple Leafs in the Panama the leafs or Montreal. Believes people Canadians we have the Montreal Canadians. And the Ottawa Ottawa senator I islands. Allison words that countered Iceland's senators. Didn't. Senators. Out of alone. Unsolicited I don't know I don't know managed OK and obviously. Senators like the politicians yeah we aired it. Good stuff delicious. If you're ever in Canada beat yourself up and all that and so last week we tried doing something a little bit different. With our food recipe we talked about all like TV show or movie called the dinner and a movie would change that. No article dinner and movie is called. Home. Saying only you can. We're so created. Yeah so the film we're gonna talk about is not a film actually is TV show but some sort of form of entertainment. It's trial and there and it's on NBC. I'm worried. Parts on the out so everybody's got to watch it because it's amazing yen British the last episode aired like 2 in the morning and I didn't even Aaron as actual front upfront season to Ozal Irving has a whole season they can watch son I don't know Hulu or NASA somewhere probably a good sign John let's go as the today. Main lake. Carriker it's a farce of lake murders so light it's only our. And I love like the staircase they like. Make it's like the first miracle on the binders and all the GX they talk a Lola. Yet they reloaded offensive matters is the Robert durst RS the jinx. But yes let. Think of well like parks and rec the off this kind of valley toxin that can I mean. A courtroom. Slash lawyer's office of the really small town. It's just so old. Lake. Hilarious all the time like. Every line is hilarious like everything's a joke you can't Sherri shepherd and finish Sherri shepherd got face blindness she's got a lot ailments like hilarious she is she laughs incentive cry is. After haze flying on this season is Crist in China where it is murder suspect. And trips and Genworth is just. A fascinating caramelized onion green and this week that she's actually need one especially want to reality TV show because you nine dollar from a Broadway and Jews and wicked because in China where it was good. Which Genoa. Somebody that China worth China where they Chenoweth and they should also rendered image other round anyways she's she's the bad guy. So to speak. But does this show that like it's quick it's a half hour out of take it doesn't take itself seriously at all now. It makes you laugh every episode. It's very easy to follow what's going on and it's so worth the watch. So you guys should definitely watch yeah it's fun for the whole family. And while we're watching trial there sometimes we like to eat food most of the sometimes. All the time and fresh food. Is the best food. And fresh Jimmy sharing. You throughout the island Arianna I Lola you let him hear that there's an in line years that when they're out of control every sense and not you don't have to listen to yourself with a stick around everybody says that bristling at the but whenever things. Well okay that's okay Jerry we're growing at a lunch Rome soul. With a colossal weintraub. And that's basically what Accenture teenager is what is the Jimmy Cherry Hill it's like Mexican past it's like a bunch of fresh herbs and car lake. And boy and displace all chopped up real fine and you're just meant to put it Blake and steaks you know you can you Rob Blake speaks your cheek Gator. Finish probably. Let and a shrimp could be really dead. Some show wraps on the Barbie with much Jimmie cherry. But you can you do that and at the place and anytime you needed goods spoonful hurts. Go really low like flake state late for Todd goes yeah oh yes Thursday and bomb. Just on a regular like to lay also really goes to let anything ladies and it is just like the pesto out. Would you say timing morally freshness. It's you know and they say this is lakes at Sydney because there isn't a salads. Dressings. And so what it is is it's like that it's like get a couple of cilantro. And a couple of parsley like calf parsley hassle weintraub the slide just for the flavor. And parsley is foreign you know. Looks at the right is under migrants seat but also like the freshness the fresh slate. And so here's the thing a lot of people don't excellent trial you know that. You heard that yeah I genetically pre disposed like each candidate Jeanne you have yeah I have I have that I can't you have dialects Elantra and team. I don't mutated look like an accident yet. Lucky but if you don't like so I'm Sheryl hey it's throwing some other Ers put in since hiatus park who listened mint would be good probably especially with like stake many Miami Heat and honestly think any good with spinach in there. Judiciary arugula lettuce lettuce Kelly basal Ali act that is. Also it's not like Julie Lori you know you have fighters on sort. Spanish I guess doesn't really have much later but but it has substance and that gets a good way to get a bunch of nutrition. Say add a cup and a cup and then look at clove of garlic you know. Lets that happen there. Went. Much problem. Fourth Paul 04 cup. Maybe that's how good are really light it light. He makes I don't know whether or not so it doesn't just look like a lawnmower cracks well it should look Blake is easily pull this off together and substance yeah. And then you know salt pepper sometimes I dance like red chili pepper flakes if I Ronald can't come out there a basic pantry items you should have to salt pepper red chili and re like Garth and that's why I like this over a paso because it hasn't any kind nets need parmesan cheese sometimes you don't have those things. So that is you know. It would be together anyways and caught. Cottage and teacher you don't cost you less than a dollar to put together a bonus points if you have like some fresh lemon or why and they can put enamel citrus all. Yeah very acidic that's always good but yet Jimmy Cherie what a great. What a great invention in the early notre I know about the judiciary that is not an error when needed. When shield windshield trial and you'll say hang there where wanna go back. We're creative we are creative thinking I know let's let guys appreciate it. And I'll see you next time I go sang. You. So I hope you enjoyed it he did enjoy it. You could go subscribe to dish with David's really go to your podcast that search dish with gave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe leave me a lot bill and I would really like the valuable input that the government as it next time.