Dave and Hannah Go To The Country

Friday, April 27th

Dave and Hannah took a trip to a Bed and Breakfast out in New Glarus, Wisconsin, but they went "in character" as Southerners. In order to get in character, we listened to a bunch of Country music, so we decidecd to make our own country songs! Plus we taste a local beer and make some cheese souffle!


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Sure we could still blow and welcome to another episode of did quit Dade. I'm in those days and of course and going about Michael close knit. Companions. Yeah. Oh. And I went on quite the adventure last weekend we went to bed and breakfast. Out the new Blair's Wisconsin area. For the first time ever been out of bed and breakfast. And we are waiting character. I I mean. The court quite a fun time. But on our way there we also stopped in Madison Hannah had never into the capitol. Or the campus so we wouldn't explored there. Through just a little bit about. We also got some beer. From new glance there and it tastes Alex and it. It's a fruity flavored Beers I'm pretty sure I'm like it I love my fruity flavors. And we tried out. A cheese souffle for the first time ever. We ain't easy we can't do like that and it was very very successful businesses so we're giving that recipe if you wanna be. But before we get into any of that. We gotta start the episode with. Some animal facts. Yeah. It's you know it. At a female peak track all the. Fascinating. A peacock called the peace seems obvious now it sort even though. Or can only females. I had no idea. And so are peacock the one with the colorful tales and she handled without oh yeah. A man or international it's Alley and it's always been a male ducks and the pretty ones. Of course of course. So thanks effect and let alone a Logan educated about animals there fast and so lot honor away to his bed and breakfast before we went there we stop. In Madison because. They're at it from the very thorough it is but how does the appeal of going yeah. Two hours away from Milwaukee in Italy. Far enough away yeah and let out but in lake Villa kind of booty area public announcement on now is crazy so it Madison though campus. I go to Madison and it masks and have been matches campus before had a banner ads. You know. Yet and there are few times and I feel great that highlight a massive canvas loot the capital. The first on the capitol to the what you think the capital and beautiful. Like it like I love going to different capitals so it means you know I thought I was crazy guy capitals recount if they walk right end. To block in Camden and computer models like you know senator lot up Louis. Elliot lake walking out of this is like a lot of walking and self free access over the course of course when you're in Madison. Can't have a trip to Madison in eons pizza and a public the first thing we can yes we want we want it. It up and down past the bunt your restaurants in the last restaurant that he sock was Ian let's right by the capital. It out the first restaurant that we ate at while we there yet we just grab displays and locked around boom really funny only there was actually. So we are walking by. A I shot analog bank campuses. We locked in there and the guy that. 'cause we went on port it just so happened I wasn't thinking about it obviously another college town of fort when he. So that it dialogue that's at hand is illegal in all fifty states as long as the T and TAG is not in it. So this gadgets this dvd. Wages this note TH seed. A back seat like man. It is it is smokers quit just let it. OT HE it is a 100% legal. A lot in the story that there is. It's a lot of relax you without getting high pattern did things just trying to honey we passed around. Everything a 100% legal we illegal. You know you would get samples of like alcohol yeah you know line. Grocery store now. That's a wealthy enough sample offering about our our journey man did the captain Younes. So there. This place when I went to go visit Madison before how is evening out brother had really really like that Khamenei place immediately little. Kind of Russian polish. Elway apparently that little lead you know lead role he tightening. And the play closed. So upset and I go to Madison and an older person and a bit ago it was closed. So we're walking around me and I are looking for this place in upper prominently. Apparently that ends up being closed on this day and a well that's another doubling place in the lake hand this as replacement pretty good that's the building the immediately as you. Look at it many wail on it and it turned the corner and light up my Alley. All well. It's so a lot in there and got them Panamanian apple like Harry's not all of my daughter and Elijah. Cream and who sell eagle at half need. At. Huge time alone. Well happily Apple's interests you name Madison campus sent down. We walked and of the State Street State Street is that you know extreme medicine we walk down at State Street to all of the cards. Edible gold eat beef burrito. Ogilvy read and sent it. So. It is the first night's game. A week that he's an arm and so at forty degrees and everyone else at short skateboard around the best in the world. Fun and I also got a milk tea which are now a little each with the little balls that it. I. Look like. And Jessica are expected to slushy yes it was like a match I ate he almost yes but it was like peaks at all at TP each team next. Well. That's. Quite as we we around for awhile and walk around and then we got back in car. Added to back. What we're going character at all it means that your gullet and country care actors because that in order to use in southern accent because. Here's an eye care of ever BF is acting. And we like doing dialect word using different voices. Before you know it we. We went to other bills one reference. Alex Dickson are the different. Now at least in the it's gotten down the wilderness. And for three days and we decided that we'd be Australian. And money exchange students from lost in hand is meaningless we'll talk to. Jiang and Brittany and seeing. Andy Bean. For three days. Ian would just talk about the long slides there's nothing like this down in Australia seen anything like this. Himself. Everybody loved it people like you see people like that. You know you know and the with Scott and these waters are clearly happy of the world. Within well this'll make sure down. Had urged it so much fun to do is. We've bid to the delta force those funny doing that. It will. You know. So on her away to the bed and breakfast. In bed and breakfast to settle you know that we're experienced. Character. Actor's life. For national question so why. So. We is that we had to listen to a lot of country music. On the way up. Because we figured I would get as character. Gator practice our southern dialects. And what fired. Country music. It is ready countries and time again literally just sentences about your day and a Internet literate part act now and scheme money. Lilly that that's that's. It thank you Grammy Grammy nominated already Bateman are you heard it to 100. Would you right now. And it's improper countries. You're gonna serenade need to. So. Let's get them let's get some country music and it's the what kind of you know. Songs we can. Again let him do CNN we'll hear anything about criminal look at mom. That is about black. I speak well. Will now walking down the street you know not I had three. Gold. Next. Don could you sit down and now all they're under roe V. I am boring you like I'm going back to do is birdies and he mocked I'm him I'm not. Gotta go yeah. Right going every dumb yeah after the brutal through the thing. Now having them on trial on and I. And again a different songs a year difference. Again. And happy cap is good and you are now. Thank you realists. Jerusalem. The same time. Country's long known as they are putting anything. In the mountains and a lake country. Jeanne one did he do on Sunday. News. Get there everyone ran out shoes I'll. It's hampered. That is in. Have a day after oh. How did marriage and a good group and Johns now. Some of them followed art and no way knee problem that Dell. Yeah. And I'll. Okay. On. Live. The end of the town. That we've seen that led us to. In the outlines as dire. I've been through a list you agree aid package going on yesterday. Elin and I don't operate beaten. Ten seasons. Well. Knowledge and we ended. Suddenly nude. With and a lot of country music clearly. Two Grammy nominated I. There now so yeah effort me that's the thing and also she lived in the south where we had a little bit like you know knowledge so. Who we were we were we're Travis Cassie. From male Alabama. That would adapt to the bed and breakfast which by the way we like seclusion molecule in rumba men. I don't think it ever live in the country we can't losing signal on my Google apps and there's not it there's all it is just big county highways. I'm going to speak Atlantic I don't know I'm going to everyone else around his hanging he. Like passing mean. I don't miss. The harms of. Crazy like it took just twenty minutes to get to the grocery store from the bed and Britain are. And it took about ten minutes and drag it around for and against signaled that find them I'm Matt. Wild stuff. Cecil got the bed and breakfast. And we check in the action is in with a mass elderly gentleman six foot seven. Beat. You really resemble boys but not. And he gave us their are key to the rule. It reflects meet. We had yet we have the master bedroom of the house it was OK we can expect an urban combat actions before and how little like a big house. I only. Like a living downstairs. To get. In there is like or their bedroom and he lives there the guy who got his wife lived there they mean. I knew was from even Stevens episode at a bed and breakfast being made a budget bake in the next morning. It based in that. It's so we got to our room and we are expecting to have a bathtub. It's time to relax and I'll be read but alas there was no. Like that tiniest now but it bear of their big keen and I think Allah or king we can't go down. It was like the pottery. Pottery yeah a lot like teapot of interest as well I was. Staying in Italy is George Washington's birth place like it. Enough spot right. Like Eden. Right. John and thank them. And did they get the feeling that no TV anywhere at why I think that because we needed to get directions to the restaurant that we went to. Which was. Delicious cup Christie's I think I'm not an it was in downtown glared. At the next day but that's why it was so good we are southern thereto. And I'm pretty sure that we got a couple of additives to hurt me because there's other because they bring you fresh baked rolls with the new deal to bring you one reach person. At her economic and the role urges sold delicious they really were the best roles at. And when our wages can't access. I don't know is that Hui who we are not a need to back. Askew for another role. She election shirt due do you want one role only they want to L got take to you bring a she's located at their hole made fresh so my take a little while and I don't even care. That she asked is where we are from. We told there were like Alabama and she told me she said their acts as a little bit stronger than Paris what I might speculate a little to mark cartoon yet they can't blame are properly. And it talks. And I feel like a rat elect elect you listen to me like I am like really really fun and fog horn lake color some. That's possible we've enacted some or pulls a fresh cool. But you're a rare fun there at the table next happens what are we don't care advocate and line gators some analysts felt it literally. Dot called Hewitt the baton union you're there. At that they like Alex and laughing had to go to the light laughter is like you do and don't call better than I can do. Duck calls I would jacket a human in the conversation out of their real slogan is we're kind of on again under pants yeah it was kind of an earlier comment you pretty close so that a pretty close yeah. I believe it was delicious also besides the rule everything was so it was delicious and the next morning for breakfast. Those two other couples that are yet that you eat at the band practice rally ounce they're warning that the guy presented at their meal and you start us off with a free market. And he you know pitcher like you know a six foot six man with a little yellow apron on staying at and it it will reference clients would be then. The local yoga who has though. It was delicious that they had some sticky rules the table cast your roles. And we're talking we're talking amongst in the middle of the conversation actually before we served our Brit as one of the guys asked me since we told we are from Alabama. He said. So I feel like I got ask you this question raises. The question the era. Alabama Auburn. Elegant that you know Alabama all literal pat. Because I don't know where Auburn is it's in Alabama the league is Auburn deceit or leg but I know Alabama and Tuscaloosa. Like to ask a question about it I gag order Tuscaloosa. So much fun gonna gain he would ask like was elect on an Auburn game and I crowd you go to the stadium in black. Allen and don't like one enemy eyelid and out on I don't mean I don't follow that also that you knew about Pratt they'll. Was that any time they ask us anything you'd like I just read ass up and Emory. I mean leaders across the capital. Small city now. Is it pretty much is like. Breakfast. Talked about not being used to like it's been an act. Shrapnel yeah. Now where. It was. An interesting time the breakfast was. I finally got our maple glazed sneaking out the best they ever and I sort of like. Quiche with like he's sure some thing some cream cheese stuffed sweet peppers. And that's baking endlessly. Can easily the president and I is that. It was I was not expecting those are good enough. It. So originally incorrectly that many people bustle it wasn't like we had accents go around I'm Alina we interact thank you and don't look like there aren't lightly. Because it's this big. Open desolate. Town and I'm sure they get those more summary time you know been nicer to look at things. But so it was a Clarence wouldn't rate you know cover miles away. And we wit to the new Blair's brewery though he lot of college first. Female. Owned and operated her in the country yeah they only sell in Wisconsin. Let. They're the story I think that like silent it's ugly and and somewhere. At an all out and got trouble and the whole thing with well they don't have to sell out at Wisconsin and some 200 billion yeah that's crazy and so in. The two work is a self guided tour which is cool jays get a locker that we didn't know what to do is it who walked in I guess you're supposed to go to the tasting room for that. Go to dictators. And angle like tour lawyer drinking a beer but we can't do that we went to reverse it is like a Wonka factory. All my gash. The fermentation sellers in huge like. Copper kettles like. It literally looks like a lager gotta look different balloon was like come on just are singing a song with I think you should giant in the cops leaves on all over the place. But those really equally just got to be able to walk around in explore a brewery without like. Loud machines going behind you in good guy. Leading you on the day and having nearly half and somebody. Way that the front the net is that they got different area ever liked. Bottles cans keg. It was cool to us yet those close there weren't paced the budget Beers. All the on the Seattle and a tap but then again the tasters when you get a little cup to get to keep our cup. Think it was a chip to go get a drink it one of the bars and afterward sweet yeah they want you drank. So we taste the budget beard is him in that. I mean a couple of years because an act and in not buying beer here at a rally off conference. They had like so. You leave Denver and you like locker under the equity combine you know huge. Hassle to battle it as bluntly astle on the hill and later and shout out to Asia and. How's all involved and who and it crying and how many different varieties. 150. Then on. Hundred crates and barrels full of different yeah Ailes Beers fighters. All the different barbecue sauce is no it's hard to choose billionaire accountable for their property we offered Beers via. Because me thirty so that brings us to know. Our beer tasting and the site and when we got today. He strawberry. Strawberry rhubarb is you know all. I directed. Children's children version of frog and toad the California mortgage Oden. On now I does that is at rhubarb in the sun believes it rooted Dana I'll ridiculous for rooted their career saying yeah not the same. Sorry I got my root it out later programmer. That let us say it's got to be like am I. The Butte is better. Who like it looks like creams or else. She adds. Looks latrines on the south. Who does great it is they got out where it's me. You know kind of the kind of like who go flavors yeah it's like creamy and yet it's it's very busy time. These are the types of Beers that I like yeah. Not happy either more site everyday. It's so much like me it's that fresh real struck you guys like they honestly just took some strawberries stuck inside the bottle should get up to this driver is disintegrated and I'm drinking strawberry season. Strawberry seeds. I didn't expect to be quite get it through our iris pretty. Good. Refreshing honest and drink and that's in panic might question that night. My question is that it is new glitters like collect arguably as the little Switzerland. America. Johnson. I don't know I call to let the little Switzerland is something else Barney like a budget like. Lincoln log looking at letter looks like downtown LA as violently if we shall violent and bill. Out of Lincoln log and a but like in Switzerland and Italy Canada roots to it that just like his cause injury. Evidently greatly strawberries yeah or real well traveled lady. And it just that's it's called Bryant. Great butter. Chocolate and flatly absent. Lot of bearded cheese aisle in Switzerland when you lose to him I mean that's. Because. So all moral of the story this but I don't think they brew like I don't know year. Travelers and Germany abuse radler to panic column like fruit lake like fruit juice and beer Mexican wrap. This is that there. They get elegant delicious good choice but it's limited edition out of it can't promise to ever make it again. That's why we had yet again. And it. New lyrics. That game Wisconsin down a man and a man. You know I'll and a. Cheese souffle alienate the day and you know actually work also cheeses like fruit to be agree. Year who will achieve some. Cash and. Perry in Busan Cheney's. Eating food is why dinghies and you have beer and cheese souffle that she's flanked. It sounds scary but again early and I know all the cooking shows why you thought that this if he. Make sure this euthanasia ought to flag eight. It well plus I mean as it happens it stands waited for. But it's still inflated till late fluff and in high if even if it's not enough for so what this tasted like think about like god. You know like those giant Dutch eighty pancakes you make that I kicked a forty minute when you go to pick Nicklaus and they get reliever but she's. Yes. Elect custard could media Yorkshire putting he type thing. With that cheese Dick goldfish flavor it is yeah it is dissolved in your ma. It was like brown G top and it was really that via. And is three elements really started off with the rest of you know it's their suburb of action knowledge is it creams Costner debates for almost like she's passes for Austin's stuff. So it's butter and flour that you just host over the stone never let it brown. Browns play. And white. Rapid Armitage is good but noticeably yet in this case you want the cheese to really shine and we used a parmesan. And me remind Ohio she is and it shattered and a little bit of chatter out because north act. Half. So we heated up arms and cream about a cup of cream with a Bailey in the microwave so I never made like a warm. Like I was by united cold milk to nationals but we added a warm milk are flowers honestly there they give me just let back into battle there yeah. So that's caller brilliant on the flower and that the butter and then you slowly adding your milk for your cream I mean. Make your cheese costs taken up the heat cool it down. Sorry adding your chatter you know Annika she's asked take up the heat cool down. And then take. Two egg yolks yes 84 egg whites sell all all of his badge mound making go. Take for bag weighs in with them upbeat about little they have lemon juice because limit is not able had to fly from lieutenant. Like medium medium peaks yeah you should be like take out what every year which we did it and they kind of like cold like like a mountain. And then those two egg yolks are gonna added two year now cooled down bash now. As well as your egg whites you're gonna flow today and right not beat him and that just released a little tickle out how. But you're not aired a statement because that's what makes a rise as a makes it app get real eerie CNET ask your folding in headlights are also helpful thing you know about a couple of years shouted. Permit on seniors. Or my hands. And you're gonna pour them into your prepared ram McCain's return coated in butter and also the same cheese using in this way. Roll around in there. And. Go to the oven at 375. Her 20/20 five minutes I'd say. Alex you quickly go out of the play but they look beautiful we got arrest be posted. In this. You know info for this podcasts. The dish would Dave Dave Dave Dave dot com. Try not try it it looks weak dollar weakened big one but it's really not that hard. And you can't complain immediate geez pancakes like she wanna ordered she's pinky and a restaurant is never had a menu. I got elected wrecked out of that geez. So overall we are really good time in our magic to the bed and breakfast and we we journey to the country. Became our country folks a little bit. Thanks hang our Austin listen to our stories. We'll see you next time. You. We got an episode I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it. You could go subscribe. To dish with Dave it's really go to your podcast app search dish with gay. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe at least a mile long Dylan I would really like the valuable in the government to the extent.