Daddy/Son Bonding!

Tuesday, November 14th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the new way Radar and his son, Noah, are going to bond.


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You know there are some firsts that them boys share their dads or dads are at their son's first ballgame for sketched. First to you they get together here this. Who's in attack what my son known once again attentive. I don't know where this came from all the sudden you must get it to two you're able to college away wanted to a lot of things yet you turn eighteen turning eighteen Indians that you could do that to Paris at what's the oddest sign and some things. I was big and getting it dead two as well now re happy enough for me this is kind of works out pretty well because. This month to be twenty years is my dad passed in the end tag clouds form and I always thought I should get the dead to adjust. Ill cannot remember hammer you know honor and that that way you know I always tell my wife just some like I should get wanted to get it again. As you put it often enough Waltz that as we twenty years this year and I didn't really not share that with my son Noah and all the sudden we go to dinner last week out Whitewater. Emirate sit there evening he's like yeah Emma get get to I got to wait a little bit up hasn't still given plasma and you can't give plasma. Datsyuk I got a big money for the cat to affairs president's own party yesterday. So that's the Clinton and that's actually pass Motley crew is her first excerpts of what her office has a lot of tattoos and some on its elegant thing that they do together now so it's ever forget that for you on your dad let's have a Singleton but I think it's gonna. Who argument the mom and auditing for Molly it it could be a father somethings I mean is that civilian April 1 to for a daddy the sun you know big backed peace in the you know. What do you rate and a son I don't know a lot I don't know what humvee into the and I'm gonna get I think he must get it you know he's a mama's boys and probably get a heart that says I'm a mom now hot hot hot hot and I don't like our. Like the idea of going through not my mommy gets with the arrow go ahead. It has that tattoo and just say hey it's also Levine but the operator you can get his daddy. They made them. Do. I'm Danny to put that out there who's your daddy.