Dad! You're So Embarassing

Wednesday, September 13th

Elizabeth, Radar & Producer Dave talk about embarrassing parents!


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If you have parents that are still around in your life there's probably tied even adult. With animals still in Bayer's Yoon in public and my dad still to come on. And for anyone that that knows my dad what you feel as Tony from debut and now he's Tony from toes. You know my idea for you and Tony you'd be out yet gay British that you know my dad it's. So my dad. Has a wave of jets now happy that link the brain to mouth filter he just thinks Sudanese president and we were at my step sons. Football game who has a ton of families are all these games going on at arrowhead so families that we don't even know just all these random kids are all over the place in my view of my dad raised four daughters so you don't light with girls play with little girls and he loves. Because girls and raising the daughters and had such funny stories for Brandi daughters that gone and so we cleanup. What are we growing up. My idea would oftentimes to get have to go to the bathroom would say. Bigger girls. PE the attitude is if I now it. We are all used to this as kids with a goofy silly father like I have that it's it's funny joke it. Now and now days with the grandkids will jolt like all the girls lots of PP so the quality. He knows that my dad. Has daughters. No one knows he raised little girls no one knows he says all the girls lots of PP two. Of mine. Who I don't know doesn't know us. Has a little girl who says about three. Or make paddy. Ninety turns around all right you're flat to appease me so what do you think is random com thought it was a creek park and eight this random not to to deny it producer Dave and I didn't matter that the suck up. You're so right surrogate senator excuse me C producers and she gave him a law. Immediately I jumped in and I you have to forgive my father. I'm his daughter she had four girls this is a little signs it does and she's still keen mind and each day here's my dad. The woman who walked with her daughter took her daughter to to the bathroom in good look at. It. You. Two random people and see that's not what could continue with the people talk about. And he's I'll never stop EB does does this is why do you skull. It Purdue and that's yeah it's a dagger look from the lady Mary's feels OK fine nation and done that. You need a pot and I'm I'm protective of him and this woman doesn't know he raised four daughters and saying this little on producer this woman shot daggers at him but what did she go on duped she will let the little girl to make that deal.