Could You Work With Your Spouse?

Tuesday, March 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the new Jay-Z and Beyonce tour.


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Time for your pop news report here's Conan O'Brien with a big announcements. Fiance announced that she is going on tour this summer with cheesy. Beyond. Okay. Yeah. DP. It's the I'm keeping an eye on him tour. It is actually the honest and Iran to tour and the closest it's going to come to us looks like. Chicago. August 10. Soldier Field. Otherwise Minneapolis condom Odyssey that's like second closest. Yeah which I'm surprised that they aren't gonna come here because it in the stadium tour and Lambeau is a really great stadium so as Miller Park. Do park is awesome and so don't forget too that box arena the new boxer and a net everybody's packing mother you wanna stadium two doesn't matter put him in there is brand new Jennifer and I think the arena stadium doesn't. I can make more money. Warm your idea seats of the stadium do two shows. Stay low on human life home is a great city in this great city the great if they came here you know company announced trying to get him to come here let's go here they're doing European run also know if they come here that means I have to buy tickets and we are not alone. Concert tickets it seems like whenever you come and it's now magazine self controlled and just a matter restaurant Ghana and now could you go onto it with your spouse. Girlfriend heard yesterday. You percent you are such a liar re talking about what the dream honestly like how awesome to be able to go on tour and do what you love with. The person you love but if I can go and the Israeli you know. There and then you know. And they make up yeah see we at my husband and I we both are in the media and we do work together beyond our time to work together myself full time thing. I'm hard times. Deal fix it's pretty pretty I mean I respect him a lot and that in in this world in the end. The workplace sell it kind of makes sense for us to work together did you do suggest. While because she's listening yeah I love honey pot all the guys guys you haven't you are you so much about Rihanna duet. Yeah I think we'd be able to do it sir it sure we would welcome in the difference with being at home and being in the workplace is at home. Mean you could just be casual you can just what we'll see certain things and it's true we are professional city there's people around there's bosses and I don't know like even when he when my husband and I would go on a video shoots together. I'll be honest I would forget it was my husband's you're just in network of well over a year two years you're not rule anabolic unless you make it last night I saw that Kendall is a minute you know not just like yeah well hold leaned you know Eric your husband's pay. Currently twelfth in college. Meehan my girlfriend and we're told I don't be that couple that are on the call it a couple they do everything together but we never did anything that we never did any performances together in college and we never Wear the a couple of holding hands I think it be great to do that especially in Hollywood and stuff like that yeah so things wrap this up producer Dave I don't even. You know last time I've seen you hold him a hand he says I had told you cougars got an I don't know. And that couple. I didn't even kiss never I never kissed my go from before it has ever beds. We actually I sit on the floor seat and she sleeps on the big greens that's a great senior waiting until marriage for all that illegal not too worried that will be of the time it's different.