A Conversation With Jo Koy!

Friday, May 11th

Comedian Jo Koy called into "Dish with Dave" to talk with Dave and Hannah about everything from life on tour to who the greatest athlete ever is. And of course, there are a few Dumb Debates.

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Warning there may be some swear words in this podcast. Enjoy. Each week and hello and welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I am your host Dave and of course I'm joined by Michael host my best friend. And roommate cannot. Argue let's update home. And today. On the phone right now we have one of our favorite comedians and there is in the middle of his break the mold tour. Jo Koy Joseph how are you. I'm good I'm today he hear me clearly you're sort of move. Not can hear you can you hear us. Yeah and I do know some words can you hear Hannah hello mr. Joseph way. Hello we turn that's our report on our air. Why must we don't see corruption there she well. Well I'm sorry I would airport movement in the air there. Drop knoller. And alarmist arm. Yeah Smart. I'm a Smart Smart Smart. March 18 hole real or. Just how are you man. On your prayer get right quite clearly. Bagel and copy seen. Nine policy that's just the Jewish neo. You know thanks so much for taking the time Doug talk with him and I and as this today's podcast we really appreciate it. Reassure the affairs you know you're like oh god don't simply called out there. Yeah I absolutely trust you get merit Downey your your busy guy or not you've got that break the mold tour that you're doing. You have your own podcast the Koi pond that you're the host of air. You're you're a regular guest on the Adam Carolla show we are you were just on the late late Shelly james' court in which was hilarious last week. Mara has come on here and yeah ineptly special live from Seattle right now on Netflix and real needs to go watch a site at my go to town and it's not gonna go watch. Your arrears so there are broke the real question for you Joseph is what do you do for fun. Are narrower than usual recruit. Are well within our life. So. It's a wake up and independence. And just get ready to like today I got to show that there are. In Ontario this is like while it's nice to get up in Tokyo in another city and that's why I like to treat yes. I'm not an owner of the voluntary California. All night now I turn. As. Silly rabbit it's just play it should it's great we're a little red green there and allow other. So I have been on tour like. What is the best part about being on tour. Our own that you know this here got the pot and I loved it there it's it's slight change in. Do you like to declare where people are you know I had to get. Valuable playing in between cities you know go to PS hey or. You know jumping in my car and driver it's important to go our inner doubts the tour bus stand in and I love that. Is your bus all decked out as about cloning give like a pool table and there. Almighty god polling now laying low and. It can't be opted period that the queen size bed in the back yeah just follow got a living world that decked out with Xbox Xbox. Sponsored you know they get you know the guy they're either either a great guy that barely in he'd loaded up. We're our our but. Boston but he lowered so far and away from home got the game and all the time after there's. Are we love it very so that it directly to popular applause. That we do go to the hotels like we brought it there on the two. Exactly. An apparent cue it up but if they though. I yesterday. We got word from true TV green lighting. Yes dad you're actually do I saw you dancing and now. The outback has what it doesn't really have many information about what the show's about but what is it you get carried out. This accident it's based on. Basically everything I run on stage you know it. I titled it this also barely spoke PH IS. Well word because we're extremely dysfunctional. Yes that's what makes a box or that they get or relate your main course there's not there's no one fairway out there that. Yes picture perfect when he Bieber doll like everyone. Better screwed up like book for some reason it all worked in the end it and that's what I love about my apparently there's but the outside. It looked very dysfunctional book from the inside were. We're the better apparently than anybody. Clearly aren't anybody's barely barely. Yeah and that's a real audio jokes are inspired by your mom buyers signed. Jerry generally like run jokes by them military had just gotta give you some worn in now it's nice to know maybe a little harsh. Okay yeah well actually to be out there are a couple currently overlap but sought you know the lack of Seattle there's there's one choke. I was so nervous to do led a gated affirmative all of my sister. And at the end of this show my sister we're you know they are right. It security and pressure but you can be up as this Selig really YouTube. It's all right conglomerate part of our record sisters and my sister get kicked out out. 1617 you know I mean at all real light you know. And it was kind of carried it feel it. Good you know I guarded secret it was ready for that type they appropriation to get out there like that let all the code itself. And maybe that they have an old joke that I ever felt like maybe I am a until it's much. I can heal 'til sometimes it's better to bring these things out. Through comedy error to get away CR have a family. Are. You honored fairly cal bowed deeply aggregate RB but like you know like area that Saddam. Eric your economic back units site. You know what I. But he Ramallah sister bide a smaller by you went back and you know it's like. So that would bring an update to make light of it. Don't go up around at Ellis a little bit Rick it's funny you know particularly if I do it too seriously that. It's just repeat what she's so you know I gotta I gotta to put up the brother joked then you don't take out my sister my mom love that so many happy. Yeah I'm in Madrid with your son as well like he you know. Pretty darn jokes about Ambien a little toddler essentially a little kid and now he's what fifteen years old gray he just turned fifteen. Yeah I just turned it seemed oh my god two weeks ago put itself but he could every restaurant we go to duke. I think chances birthdays so it'd be that for the whole year Shea. Yes I was always your birthday your free dessert. App got meant to compare the (%expletive) out into the bears this (%expletive) out of. Unless that is he embarrassed by your jokes on stage. Pollard you know there's one joke I'm doing this year and Iraqi institute showed already. And he's like that are you really unity there's some like Peyton looked at you like that too cheap what are hearing. That daddy's gotta say these just a. Gotta remember that pays the bills little Joseph. Failures go you wanna go to collar. Started in daddy's got a Katie yeah. So your ear around you know you're doing all these things your super busy guy. But you are dead so how do you balance like the dad's life with that you know a comedian on tour relates. On the air right. But grip the cool thing about lying my job is. What I'd like okay they're advocate that they all. They were eight hour days or I may stay they were I didn't wait it out the day. Double cut all it takes a lot of art are collided with a guy like you got an. I can happy at this Thursday Friday Saturday you know it is yeah I'm gone what arrival. To date but they knew they weren't very. Get the report or might sound like Ari. On the road all. Let me just get going here Thursday yet. You're out of your bro like K can you get out of our little I don't wanna play people like you get back according to Robert up like yeah it's sad because I knew this thing. You know lead but it's also fun because I could better. For all qualities are what we've done right right now sitting at a copy I'm sitting at a coffee shop because like drug bosses about the pulpit about. Thirty minute he's going to be a little. Hard for me accurately. Do you see your son following in your footsteps of comedy. You know he's learning never quite covered such an individual rarely that's. He's got his own thing and eat eat. The other way the limelight he doesn't like you know equities with me you go like a walk out. At the end of the shows because you know yet figured out the pictures. He didn't. Like it like kept at a bus like our political ticker rub you right now so we'll pick me up. Yeah. I thought we are difficult at all it's spread or error the right. If you're already and there are. So I guess and what do you what do you do then to prepare yourself for a shell you now you're you're with your kid for those those days in the week an eagle on the road. How do you get yourself Lincoln OK it's showtime isn't this show mindset. We have aired on Oprah needed. To do this show. Particularly and now this routine probably you know I get excited to get our state. Why are hoping is dropping a routine like I don't like to have my routine. I like they go up and improvise and and and right so. Pat that's what keeps it new and fresh for me yeah I did that last night at a show announces it was like an hour yes. Crowd interaction and in providing I'll try to write their salary you know. Well it. I send. So. I hit the question. Correctly or connect with what appeared via. Know that moment that I mean I. Everyone gets into their zone in whatever way they got there and I I there's no wrong answer the question really right. Yeah I gap for sure exactly what it's into the world so that they they fight. What makes it work for them out of there that's what it is for me. Yet clearly it's emerging finance if she'd do I dale and. Really you're really got Peter kid when you're in my high school or like is how did you get into comedy then I guess realistically. I was before any kid I was always classical around like every year that's what that was what I. You know only is so of course the class currently. Oh dear mom lake. Talk about your mom growing up. No you know it took me about thirteen fourteen years to talk about my mom now. While he had no idea what it is good and in the beta read I try to to have like this. Pat this journey that I was there and McCain in that which is why an idea order out. Are they use our state is on target were eating. Our would you would you did you know they like. I got a copy here are gonna copy of Mary Carrillo similar trouble in yeah. I like ours and I. No but I always I I don't carve out this tyranny and when I when I did end up like I I always wanted to be like I your party app Asia. Died in me but I want to go after the other crowd birds and you know if you look at the beginning of my career. You know as part of the black comedy college tour. Was quite edit I was with. Def jam tour I please see economic be sure Timothy although I you know I did all but Latinos shows like I went after all those markets were built that they're eight. Could I always do I don't have that Asian. Market later and I waited along barbecue that bad. And finally what they got the bulk of our talk about all but all of it is finding out a way to where airport to you lady. To it in Iraq is it like. Preparing it like that. I got he wanted to be like a compares and joke like Filipino world do this you're also valued what you have ordered to go away where I could tell a story of at the end of the show or two ago. I'm out of the case being you know enemies right. So that was the whole process trying to figure out how to go my story. Without it just beat another compared to you know what I wanted to be a story. And I think like you say being relayed a ball as blatant to very really know what year to media at least what your routine really I'll I never placed a watch on Chelsea Lately just some round tables. And even just in the are all those quick minutes you're relate able and you say they go oh my gosh it's so true that is. Are you. Heard yeah and I mean I during your last shell you know he's I mean you talk might mount a lot and it seems like. Your mom who's a Filipino Mon my mom the Jewish mama seems like. They're both relatable and that's I just comparing them but I haven't yet and Jewish amounts Filipino. Really hate it then encrypt all of Behar of the apple what are true there are likely to speak it's all day you know that's polling Michael. If you tell a true story updates people are gonna get a unity of regular walk out record yet exactly apple aren't all of it. I had but lack wanted to regulate AM I would quit we eat it or how we eat. Like anyone that you that. Any. Yet you are yet your restaurant and Vegas is how you got that isn't that it's an LA yeah. Go to our thoughts and nine and based on yo are yelled you DA. You're very yoga art or art yet. It's are important Japanese yet Japanese hot hot. Take restaurant why oh why again why Japanese like pat pat Leyland about it. Well when it's almost like 45678. Round he get heated we like to go out to. Build the one's dignity is what you eat what chablis chapel. This thing and it could just say that all the like EZ OK every tablet is it why it's easy. Ottawa anyways. Opportunity presented so I don't want to have a restaurant. And then all of them out of the blue. And it spread that was in that incident this restaurant and you'd like your art your daughter. You know the guy out to be 30% of the cup he would be quiet so I figure out what our money and then. Now next you know I just bought all the you know I've bought all the ordered out like now I don't order the set in Baghdad yet. I just it has that feel like this week though. Congratulate all of the. Gradually nation's restaurant owner. And so. Yeah at all mine now then what are your. I guess I saw your Bobby Flay to stick enough food snarl. Or so core I have no doubt about it ordered report prepared write downs are. As you look at you they're your taste not a student. Are these challenges don't really stand up to bodies or can they really don't do them. Not on the island Borough it you know what's great about this show is what you want to think that it viewed. Like you really think that of the others so we needed to know what. What what yeah I was gonna challenge aware that all that broke Bobby really didn't know anything. She's walked in there he doesn't know what they're gonna you know to where they literally have only 45 minutes the cricket. And it was pretty amazing to watch rant. He's just show went off now he's just making up these shows they can show off to people that's always doing. But it's cool you can birdie that could sleep in. My. Can barely get like I can't believe that meant that I came they've built a restaurant it was a tie arrest aren't. And and he went in there with the that this city got eighty he picked up his restaurant and each Shalit while we are our view I can't tell you outcome but that's just say Bobby struggled. It comes down to the best telling im proud of for cooking right national army or you can relate to that realistically right Bobby Flay is making our ballerina. Well he had they're totally 100% bad it was it was still looks on the lot (%expletive) and I loved. The fact that I was in their department because one I just love to go to her love it eat. Well being and that our environment which is so much fun and then of course be with. The Bobby Flay parity he was double it Michael Jordan looked. You loved it could duty to ask you questions relate relate sharing recipes on this podcast of dish the day of school where we're big food is over here to. Jimmy likes him already yeah well yes I'll man we love Eagles look Arab our FaceBook and it's against saw as the through the gap on the take jarring the owner Jess is just that it's cheaper that way also. What you guys would get him to go to Vegas. Hopefully soon soon I never banned yet there have been to Vegas candidate Danny Sapp. Hope Vietcong cannot take care you Google street the audit my restaurant. Elian will constantly coming out per share today. Oh yeah you're yet I simple recipe you think you just are all there I don't know activities do any secrets but I think he had a simple recipes. I mean I mean it would likely be at a local people cuisine. Ticket at double about the easiest thing and it's not easy noticeable Alicia. In simplest ingredient to elect a phenomenal just eat for dinner there and it just chicken with garlic or stop and Medicare and opponent you know. It's a crowd pleaser broke new ground here in the it will lit any ticket this competition is pretty starts. Do beaten body sleigh with that dish is there real question now. You'd Apatow would Sheldon. Which is the top chef guy this go yeah it is Bobby Jarrett Bobby Flay to chicken adult world. Bobby Flay want. He's never beta be like I can't believe that it sold it well you know I was just like how do you rate they're. Nation that's true wizard over there obviously is not a big portrait over our report could double some sort of an elbow. He's crazy yet some sort of robot but a matter. Don't think things are stressed being prominent college I'm not realistically back back from oracle reported at all sweet the sound of that Milwaukee. You got to go to Silva walked in yeah. Yeah you do the right here we are at the yellow line than. Anything different is probably in Milwaukee. I look a lot Google local people. He called me for that snowstorm he and raid the flag. Well I know you got stuck in Minneapolis that snowstorm. We had to leave it was so bad knowing that I attic or what was so it over our. I'm now on. I don't know there's like a hard topic to bring up the we're listening to your click on podcast we're talking about that you're talking on the show you know you have cancer you wanna cancer Yale yet you weren't married. And yeah and he wasn't. But at the door that made her. We were literally moments about opening up we're literally about to open up Internet eerie I was just right. Well I got a couple staff people that are dug in on the Wii ware right now you know to me like it is now. Or do that like could have rolled out all my back may have you know 2000 people's granted like that's quite all. You know earlier who get into an art that aren't falling and I would feel so horrible. It was bad it was and Leno and they're Cooper that you lashed out at me it's my yeah. First are you ready to you know we're. Older and I saw the video of the butt of the eater like it was somewhere. Like it lash out at I would like ought to be in Hawaii already asked about the luckier. I need. But still lack army like you to meet eight hours to get their air like really that's how you. And the harsh word that they you know like nonsense in voting age yeah I think people don't deserve to live because I'm not Becker are greater. Our economic. Arianna. And that's I mean that's bad girl heads Weber and a letter like she has no right. And yeah 0% on your side gel and I want to let you know they actually really isn't that we're getting angry and our car listening to. Yeah our I don't wanna Gilbert gave up because I know ever ever ever give credit nobody else that it ain't. It neat so that's so at anybody. That or a lot of they win you know the media bring wind because they got your energy. You know but it is located say how you feel about so what actually. Yeah I mean let other people know that that's not right yeah all learning from government stake. But he never ever reward somebody enemy. Ever ever let nobody talk down about you I think you go out publicly state their game because what you just hit right there due to publicized so that you. That we advertisement. Right okay the winners there they got exactly what hey Warren. Warren. Doubt upper level where it never ever ever ever that I am Joliet that is already need to be I don't know I'm. I brought that up and you know I understand you allowed has feeling each year real person. Ferrari or where we're so I want to light it up a little bit now. I like to do on the radio show and I'm on the morning here in the La LA to do a dumb debates you know it's kind of take the stupidest thing in debate about it because you know it's not hard to think about any good Jim I'm going. And this one well I wonder if you've heard this question today is gonna really get you thinking. Is water wet. Are so we are upbeat or. Take its owner on the ice earlier are now wait did we know exactly yet it. I heard an eighteen year old just talking issues yeah the real question is waterway not linked yes water's not not a question out water where. Some judge telling me that it. They're probably not answerable Soledad you know it's not. Yeah the person who told me no said that because. Wet in this. Isn't adjective so water makes some clean wet but the water itself is not wet you can't make water more wet so it can't be wet. But do they bring it just like your kind of like it is. Don't water and there aren't there he wet and he lives vis a little more water and water gets what of course is does that. You have more wet you have Marat and I let her and say you know you're saying you were dirt ever go up or what before. She is so refreshing than. It ever have a lot that don't work that it or. Get. The avid delicious. Best lesson when you're ahead. All that's not to let I task you know I want the real court it is the glass are well. Or could. Depend on oh. It's. That don't is that well I'll ask what are our path not land has your. We're seeing today is there anything I bring this nonsense that people think about it as well for you know you visit Atlanta duty one. Is hot dog a sandwich. Yeah. No doubt. I got what is us. Repeated rhetoric we know little flare up on the one TDs is split in half. Givers yeah around it or leave it the other when you let's annex part if you steam every airport now. Movie theater lunch though he had wrapped in tin blowing steam that's like wrapped up the one thing. Where it true your idea just how it is a tackle a sandwich that sometime I'll talk shall bring up the medicine knowledge. Children who operate out here and it's a rendition upper part are. You. And a gash. Imitated that back at a better or get back upper body you're. Car. Right great English how little bag tired yeah yeah it's hard. How about the sandwich I still I still stands I got into hot and it's a holy thing not to be tied our hands isn't it when I just feel like you know hamburgers like old cold or hot dog apparently. People call hamburgers images that anyone gone hot dog sandwich. Are out of Korea right now I guess your view of the first and claimed the train I used metal and then you don't fluke is it. Susan you look at your cake is cheesecake but I hate. I'll Mike got that figured blunt she's yet to extricate you know like decoded the corps our little triangle. Exactly and let anything get to a triangle litter it's. It's a ceiling port until oppressed so for me it's a high. Cheesecake is now into corporate secretary. It's interesting acceptance that it looks into Disney or credit event has taken the name and must be it's SOK one of those voters. Dave Dave got dozens of these questions he's dead dozens old time spirit and I it has ordered. He's he's Dario take. Kkk saint slayer that over literate achieve their. And wonder hey look at that I actually hope and lead everybody leave banana cream I cheesecake cool. Company blue. Art it is it's delicious. We're art. Seeing aren't building occupied the time that main bank and I cheesecake so got a bit tighter so what's a tort. Sure this never I'd say you're darn brilliant short. You know a court order like a tour with it's the layer of tie together like I had already ordered I ordered. Order airport spared the hot shot apparently. Yeah they're they're still hate it here where we are yeah between the two cakes and the feeling in the middle gas sandwich cart experience I agree with Alan. I don't agree with hot dogs I'll I'll I'll. Tell you jello do you need a lot of junior could hear onset of well you're done filming this new movie right anesthesia live action version of the science. Did I yeah now I struck that wrought Iron Man that was so much fun. Ordered. You know what we're what are performed it I don't what you eat dear I don't you know. All on the same way out of lately I don't want anything to give me a stomach gate before I have to do is our. Aren't so I like to go out there and you I'd rather have a stomach growling. Physical we had you know little thank you man it's so funny man my ritual could. Oh well we got into Cincinnati went coverage to attract a bunch of water back then it went onstage right we're gonna state or that the key to our house. I am argue I it's literally. There was a point where routine route for acting a different appearance this case I could old saying goes down. Now aren't so like. That was it. There are buried here are. Stick pitted against Seattle at it it's too traumatized from the car alone in her hand and I it will eat fifty territory on stage. Yeah and drink a lot of dollars and had to go the corporate yet again grip ordered her out a Gypsy. Just I guess that one dribble out it's just a mental thing and tell me what her what would get Ali back in recent weeks. Yet that's what is this your first movie that you've been. Now I have a couple of in the you know so that dark but I gather some but want. You know I had you know a couple big stars attached to it you know record profit there it. Yeah server B then yeah. He had that was odd bad you look good if you're good or bad you don't hear his story to tally on it was keep the more basic combat be a great pot by the way by. It was just debating how he got that that part air it out to eight ounce of allowed. Two people but how a bare necessity is oh like just see how it all started with a compliment. At a bar that he is marketing at some guy what is it you look like. A young crisper with an attic for of that low rent it manifests it is polite to where it. He'd literally became. Too prepared for the basic story. No he wouldn't know what to compliment what I say is that console which stipulated so that it. Well I fires and the guys around him has she ever tell me he never thought before our right to be Superman. Don't ever covered ability is the university that he would get a piece of our users try to via you know an actor and Hollywood there. And it has got to accomplish their picks you know he went toward Saturday it Bannister is polite well those. To shop near two or three years. You've doubled to guys stepped up where we're equipped with the other guy. He's an idiot and then they're also a director got fired a bit that the this. That they stopped her particular book the movie and then also we got picked back up via a studio executive Pete where we. Are basically get forward the typical bacteria artistic sport it was such a crazy story. It's so crazy but he was amazing ability to do that you know contribute that you realize that. They have everyone struggles land speed so don't ever look it's so a successor is. Like are you just got it because he you look. You could look dealer secretary Cabrera apparently birdied are a lot. Out there are a lot of hard work brother of a lot of let down standard a lot of struggle so. Ever look at that it would successors. As something that would give it so bad like here this story where you know it gets fired by a broker gets fired by. Yeah I have yet actually had to draw inspiration from everywhere you can because each and you look at anything in the world and you can find the positive and something I'll direct. Yea exactly band even at that they could have what. The regret. That happened that was bad that happens eager to look at the the pot or perhaps the thought it ought to stop that got a skill prepare your immediate action were caller are you go what not to do not not gotten to perhaps let start its unity right. Actually part of being in the you know we we can't but the well of their other negative and if there reporter spoke with a positive you know. Yeah I mean what you got to look at the of one life to live. Yell limit in the best of your own ability. Yeah exactly. Exactly clear and broad we look whenever Netflix special like I get only Koppel there on the that was never exposed after a bad. Like that conflict Kirby air solely current democratic kept begging them like just curled. Come see this routine please please please I would opry goes wide the hole. Get over all the well all these exit please come play golf took a full plate ticket I'll give you the best rules you gotta be like right it would ever could to get that their beach. Say go go go. To look where markets like arch screw it all issued it would sell heavily. I I I trade my old brick and Carol they're at at shop that can't say you know it. And that. They've they've watched they've watched the final product you're like okay that we secret to say yes. You're talking about I don't know actually means yes and Netflix language somewhere. Barrett school where you don't that's that's what they're targeted to heat up the good batter is irrelevant or that's what. What we're paid to do let you know typical appreciate though as we can't show they'll likely need to say yes. Like racquet I could accept their heart all we hear of Peggy it. But it's taken a lot of therapy they had been looking at that looks specially kept popping up the court. Will there aren't I deserve to Wear the black guy I dessert or that currently eat it at a record it's a I gathered. And he could. Put me about war or like Google or more. I could be talking right now but I'm happy if special lady lake yet they can go to B and I don't get it like literally there's that you do that more. Oracle went shot at now what kept talking yet about how beautiful that's special as you know worried. You're announced. Mr. if Robbie did you not at the end of the Milwaukee shall we may get all your show but do you have another special comment. Yet they have what they always do it better assess for huddles at the and you know we aren't negotiations they're European or at your output you're out there yet it is get ready appreciate your parents so. Get ready and I hope you like it is the I territory it. Data it honestly Joseph when you're Milwaukee I don't think like my cheeks sealed for a couple days and I didn't have to ask trail outing and just you of the human being the ideas need like honestly appreciate you you mean you take the time to meet. All your fans after the show and you actually meet the you don't just like. Take a picture and your sign I. And I think each you know you sat on you talk to me and never got like 510 minutes and look where we are now he got this podcast would you that you are lying to me you're a great lover dog. Now that they've met what you're doing PowerPoint but I. The take the current actually wait are they covered it right at me a better future so even though we already I think we got before that you right over the phone now. I hadn't I met you earlier and that night actually where I adventures and tweets you yeah yeah. Treated me a couple time we are you know relaxed social media meeting. In the hallway and show you came up and yours lock him passing. You look look to me how they dealt unbelievable he can't be used David. Puck in the world you'll love. Yeah yeah yeah you'd think salon broke doesn't take a lot to say that to somebody really. Like to say you know it's just a reward somebody like that like I took hostage to their you don't Hebert that was so what you're so good like you say that takes a lot you know like I don't take that. I'll keep that lightly where an architect of how hard that is to say that to somebody don't go like. Like I surrender allowed our reporter saw Eddie Murphy the first of which would be thirty particular softball coach who over it's secretary of state community being. Sorted quite like that to be recognized that it takes a lot virtual gestational that sort the other person you know it. That's why aren't you there to their notes jedi order coastal real old real place you know. Yeah I mean thank you for means a genuine and I mean not a performer has reformer were when the theater world. And it's it doesn't mean a lot when someone gives you that about damage nothing you you don't need Bradley early validation for me yeah your you know your great new mean you don't. You don't need for me but it's nice to hear it it's just nice to hit a couple of our. He here merit compliment their market may have political. Well look urged the. Never never think that some an all they must hear it all the time I shouldn't say it all say it girls so there are easily Hillsborough make their day mate are on day. Exactly you know look this pot already bears. Arrest them and also I mean it won't well we're speaking of being good people because you who. Iron really. Into this hole I had a pretty big catastrophe a little while ago here and I. It's not stopping. Like speak it not stopping this thing is it's still erupting into Google wallet it's his wallet. Taking over these journals very late. Like they don't know any gate that would listen to a stop and think these people in other polls there bill placed the live where is the sites. Like come on apparently. Got a central gulf for no. I saw you got they go funny page going knowledge is awesome. Yeah it's such critical mind or somebody else develop a vote so you are are donated to dump up to donate to your. Parent you know really liked it doesn't matter how much utilities urge you give a dollar. Mr. Gupta about Albert aren't so bad at the other people you want dollar we're good being. What keeps you go to people look up here you know there would give a dollar there we are his they're. Ray or even fifty census and it's amazing that Sony people on the how. It's at one of the ten seconds of your time yet so you didn't help angle on me though it. It's so easy marriage bought out brackets here today a couple of don't buy it yeah right little. Certain. Her I don't know I don't know the money for them sorry about gaga gets a double to express and otherwise America where we can't work I can't work in the sand. They're actually very do you deal ought to get you look I'm dealing just quoting lines deal. Always all day every day or it gets deployed and I got to learn how to. You know are you saw what I walked up a lot of people are yelling out just sat there. As well direct pet trade his bare their each it's so why would a first starter you know like they're I was pledged. I hope I have a catch phrase like you know particular balance and it out so absolutely nervous there are public sector Eddie murky standard of sites. You know you always remember their text rates do it early they always have that one lie that everyone repeated you know. Eloquent well I ever until whatever that is right these children apparently so crash. And then you know let's put specialty amount they're. There are like it to this day you still want to leave it like I still walk out as it back just as Hubert yesterday. You're content. So I. It does such a great beat the truck screeching to a mother crater in aren't your outfit. What I hear it in those jokes there that are not a deliberate that you started a couple of structure anymore. I love it because these people love that show you hadn't pitched its its third alternates there's there's so on the play a little early I love it. I mean that Ashley your first end up close don't make him angry right. Here now and honestly I showed him that only first started dating him and those are about kind of the sign like yet she got my comedy style is like he's guy did taste I'll stick with this day. Are you think you delicate this struggle receipt that they are they still the first of computer we take to do that but I didn't York. And but first the first KP I was wearing a silver jacket virtual. We're seeking over graves or anything like there should restart the wedding you know. And I and I would salute director would have told me that and then. And then to a letter where that's where were all black brown and always so and our uncle Richard think there's frequently. Got a buddy up props on the sweatpants Joseph because honestly can't Wear and I can tell us take our players and also come to your. All about collect her social system for the but in order to open degree we would on the first taking the air conditioner broke. Oh shall we could use any of the jokes in the first. On the purse increase because all you hear these picture actually. Underneath my armpits so I joked it would yeah I know so it just would be able to displaced hurt the he had Urquhart. One here where I got wet regularly overseer or this over Jack you up. All it all came here to their second catering so that that whole don't regulators this one take broke. Well you kill our men and persevering through because it's. And entering the stupid and. They're in France and outside inside the 100 million. Up you know what's great about a victory here is I'd be sort of Michael bell spectacle that. Is that all there any. All of us. You've got apart like soccer ball and the black guy jumped it ranks as operate. Our. So our new Yorker article or being. And and there's a black or sitting at the front row makes and I just kept growing immigrant he said he was I delete utilities that I swear. I had to do this whole big sure you know it was where you went to the first black guy to ever Wear a do all this. Tacky. Packed and people stereotypical dumb joke very. You know just because. Should be looking in couldn't don't you go. Build her debate ordered BP gore and only see. I wouldn't put her career ever done this like to local first whoever ever talked about. That there are called corporate like aren't built Brokeback that there are part of this or goes. Know you're special. On the black guy that you know there probably will. Fly. Kids. You and you have a copy are forward and hope you all that to be with our current web Hewitt Michael Phelps beat their. And it was the better I lead the crowd where makeshift barrier that there are a lot of what date this is a graduate program Cotto have all started. Well a transparent. It is so cool there. So did you challenge the race of portability and just be too. If. Yeah I beggar doll. How cool that's so I'll go yeah yeah. I mean that's it's like a small world in a big world and it's a big world are really small world. She would be for her her shell. Exactly. But you're maybe feeling good or bad is it he bought it said Michael Belk bought it like our. Still slow out there I'm sure you love. I'll go to try to eat out every review of current joke figure out their shirt. Course faced up like that I felt like oh be still be the Michael everywhere like I was just trying to be funny European all of our first special dark try to cool. Ultra basic that I had you know. Yeah yeah I guess yes. I do. A good person aren't good and I thought I heard Michael Michael Phelps is feeling definitely Michael Phelps candidacy and get her legal medals of the I don't that's what Herbert with the identity and his golf so I'm sort of talked about gold medals for his second there my friends like you gonna get a young players. Yeah I eagle Kerry you're I. Imagine you're another fellow Joseph Q. Be happy because he's he's been out of the PGA and well Allison and. Yeah. Tablet broad you know what you're you're right here. Great adapting the book are. Under rubble behind the browns led to. Ultimately our. Well you know what I would try to do it compares. And are I don't know where this this bad what you did bush is. I think it's never going to be touched ever again no greater athlete and it'll be do or it. You know the broader all these guys to get to play every year we're talking about a guy that had to be at the top of his game every four years unity. Since I certainly don't need. Shepard who is it your career but experts say do you know if there's oil over who the democratic dream then there's the state in the middle worries start. Load are they're at you know he's taken it all the baby what they get to Olympic try to slow down editor at the last source. We're like. I gotta I gotta take care my legacy of our idol a hole but I like still do it and many did you see it's pretty cool to watch that you know. Yeah a 100% I mean and just as Americans watch and it yeah. I'm happy it was a nightmare and you know to do that ruling a light thing art and the older card error. Our other but I doubt we're so happy this suit in my life chart that that was so I say I don't like about. And there are kid and know what is favorable. But now the basic watched shows that would liked I think that would be best Olympics ever. And a back at his name is bolt Powell how crazy and didn't always amazed me what's your name boulder or going to be like I don't know class is in session but. Well there are pretty cool where Mike Nugent she spelled with a PH due to keep that you know let her real last name on Spanish. Are you a good athlete Joseph are you were you ever athlete. I you know beep and I can play every sport you see I'm I'm I'm I'm debating here at least or. Die yeah. I would covered so got to play every sickle sport you're at our David or Michael like I love golf electorate vote. Basketball IR everything and however I would like cited it's it's cool air and it's you know he viewed in this orchard it got those out of player basically what I literally. That was my goal. Was to be able to learn. Every sport. Where execute quick on out of play. Don't be a basketball we're gonna show ever. You have every day aren't posting you up is doing some little Shimmy fatalism. No you re branding will be out primarily to the Borough. See I'm not driving yarder over and I can tell them that outright broke up I drove argue. It's OEB. It'll be 110 every day. I always say outside arm around. So what you don't knowledge on what are out there. And you gotta talk crap. Gender aren't sure what are at. By the way our great about it I it every sport are just mediocre or to brag. And I believe me I usually I kind of resentment I think actually saw video of you to the left. Do some crazy dunks. Look for your trichet. As you you you are your mentality obviously hasn't been a full time job here your whole life like you contains hope I guess you got to work from what you want. What like what does your your worst job you guessed that you worked leading up your comedy career. Well radar data although bearish are the worse slow people order book open like I was Shelby book you've verbal orders booked people are. It the asked why he thinks implement. Yeah exactly are you shelved books from seventh to elaborate. Every morning and and I was doing that all the way up until the Tonight Show exactly a couple weeks after the two ratio was built earlier but it. I'm terribly rare it was the most. Bullets so ever had a skated etc. got a polarized incredible putting everywhere she. You say you're not an expert Dewey decimal list then let it I love her or go find the the book instead JU Denard ago. You know our billiard allele that my Bible. Everything. And the I think what's a ripple like an autobiography or like. I'll just figured out by it like Michael Jordan autobiography or some that are happier but it like the Bible that party care of where to shovel it is or get out here. It has some other people that might be a Bible you never know how excited our nation. Spiritual help. Under repair you know exactly. In heaven now home Manny Joseph. You are funny I think you so much or dislike you now chat with us in. And not a time we appreciate it so much. Man this looks far. Let people. Yeah I love you too man the theory here and only beginning your agenda Armas huddle we're giving you or give you a hug through the microphone ready now. Here does the highlighted by a larger everybody yanks thanks a lot jell OCU and Vegas man will comes up other proper share. Let go I love your love you Tim and I think tanks and by night by bank are. You we can't episode I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it you could go subscribe to additionally Davis really easy just go to your podcast that. Search dish with gains. Click MI a beautiful face push subscribe believe me let me know Dylan I would really like the valuable input they are currently sit next time.