The Company With Mouse Ears...And Why We Love Them!

Friday, May 25th

Dave and Hannah are joined by local musician Lucy Chamberlain to talk about the that company we love with the mouse ears that seems to pop up everywhere in your life. And this episode is filled with GAMES!!! Do you know which character said what line? How well do you know the plots to your favorite Disney movies? Plus Hannah does some of her best impressions of your favorite characters.

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I. Wish we could. And welcome to another episode of dish with Dave. I hear O David accords and go about my own Disney princess. Michael of. And that. In and we have a special guest in the box studio today when and I Friendster. It was cold like that. The giant Hewlett. That's the thing here over the court got a video on YouTube. And it equipment and mine it lose its YouTube. You can. Upload ruler of hunt the rate she's moving to two. Two. Explore the Canadian yeah well pity a you hopefully OC on. It was the other podcast there with an because. The big fan. Of these rate is a huge fan and it's. The British embassy at one did it every time we play well now. Maybe it could. Well it didn't think I think gains. Based on have a conversation about eleven Disney's march. And I didn't exactly because Disney also did it by fox. Which really the marvel movies don't. Crazy it's scary how big does is getting that also like that's got to be any company and its tiny. Company. You're crazy. This is Chris how did they come up these songs. Right it has greatly. Somewhere. Like 70. I bet you. Everything licked at them and the admiral Allen is an 8% to eight separation that evidence that the operation so important or is it. And it. Can't. And it's time. You know. My eight. Never stopped growing and action not ending eighteen and it rekindling. Of the building is doing it hiking players. Like you know and a personal care I can do it together so. Mickey. Yes it's human things is keep their immigrant and skull policy did heights yet. Yeah files back considered it yes. Although I could have done any animal fat and because Disney does a duck dog all I am just not your hair is. Audience lions birds. Like tigers and science by chance pelicans and Latin of yeah not done well dealt does what does remain. With the later I what are now yankees to eat what's your favorite. Rule. I have OK a couple they don't want to go for a blonde. My favorite I think Disney Pixar movie is ratatouille. And I love cooking and let parents. And I just think all the food looks of it. I am not that that seeing an anti eagerly eat there entity lean nineties flashback to his childhood like that's absolutely true is that stout. Captured it so well is eat. African and then. I mean lying looking at my favorite outlet as is custom soundtrack it's the best. Skiing and amazing I mean I I look classics and I. Mean well yet heard over and Cinderella and the bead is being constantly. Under them sort. Pinocchio else that is scary now. Don't get swallowed by a whale F everything inaccurately. That Ayers and literary 'cause I want I want that I was like sixteen when I personally efforts and my. I have yeah. I'll got yes obviously Lou. All of Oakland put third 12 or three. What is the best that we want to get better and Toy Story 212. So this might and I. Honestly. I think obliged to restore the original over time. Like I was solid propellant. And then the second only if you time so I've seen yes the first and so many times. Yes that I. Let I have this like you know connection to it so I belonged to actress Oscar you know. They do look I think Toy Story did such a great job of making a 12 and three that we're all going to be in the they more like. Didn't link let you down time and it was some letdown after they do like a second third yeah. You don't expect or it's coming out on June 20 runners. And doesn't let you know my got to get amazing. If we didn't. Honestly I think is Blake. I'd say oh lad all low low acumen of the. Let them back Robin Williams went in Prague that all of I hated characters that they decided to make an agent around like he would Elaine. Shows like that it was is that yeah. And it literally went on the right. As they can't help the lady I directory. The parent to be if you add. It never had a friend like me and a blazer as you've got different angle jutting like proud and also got friends and media. Involved. Throw. At it okay I don't think another one of my favorite Pixar animated ones is about. Apply at all is. While I haven't seen it. Out. I use again I used to watch movies over and number and a I think I have a private and Clinton wants them so it's it's a good kids that apple are not currently. So. It didn't think. What that is. Orderly one this species. Or couldn't do that. Yes this darn it does seem like overall or moral story. It always that tint and right kind is now pushing anyway I'm not only. Did your conspiracy theories for it and like so many of them have won. Parents. Yet these are yeah the darkness that yeah like so many movies and there's always that one yes. Even routers. That is true. Yeah it's crazy and that they're now re. That Toy Story and lawyers raised rates in this yeah note where parents out there. Blanking of oxidized. Gross and both their parents. And even Indy does show up whereas where's that in other well. It's like. Disney Channel gifts like that show versions of the movies. But in the real voices. Yeah. I don't like those shows. That they. Don't have this. Movie obviously the but I would like both boys and yet just tried to voice. That's like an. Apple that it had their own bird and it didn't look so entered the exception web apps and Disney Channel shows like sweet and Cody so read him on tan and without the Cold War. Over the past one now actually showstopper go back to McGuire yeah. Out there that that is. And that's a whole other relatives. You know that's yet. All. Asia Arnold an early needs Lizzie McGuire movie all the aided by a number of good over. My umbrella is available now. Yeah he's bringing in Google the best match and I assume you go to mark outings defense. The. I was eating and I think under it something you recognize all of you know that ended the second at the original he didn't. On the earth do you think breaking his voice is to it was so well already. Here yeah. I keep saying in a second one. So summit and beginning breaking heat thing in high musical he's saying in hairspray that the for everybody actually is execute and saying yeah yeah and then in high equity and checking facts out I add these could be alternative to compete and and that's really giant. Back ticket you right now because that app I do one of the union. Like Audrey Hepburn I lock heparin didn't sing and I say ladies. It. Is good policy map so. Again this can really into what went. According to an article that that person ahead though you know I even read this then. Boy it was mixed with another artist drew. The brother too gutless am. Really matter who. Is like 93 degrees. Well the story music act in the I don't like you that at no shame he caught up at his place just like an outlet sometimes. And I must say here's one agree. I know I don't I don't know yup yup. Did you know. That a lot of movies about it figured that are. Out of it right now. And it's call. Food. Do you use dues me. Ace and game is just basically plan get in a movie and you have to guess at it it Disney had their fingers in the making this the. DA's Disney Disney put it that he did do is do not these. RA the first movie I guess it's a trio of the spy kids all until battery. It didn't. I'm gonna say did not I was. Well. Eight is. Oh and owns the pro. Action companies. Like. There's an outing like that Ike Wheeler. Because they would accompany it how. Was it's. Now. He's Hitler. Would you admit it. What does that there are those that are out there and I'll. Wind. And we don't mention that name. In the next one is. They beauties. Did Disney. Oh. Who. Is. Mean the rule. Is not now Ellis and his. Work. As well. It's you can't on an adventure an. Eighty's. Yeah it's dark. Dark. I. It's your act did that it is. With the right will be sister act two. You sent it yes. And yeah. Next. Well. It's a great yeah about it there. We talk about when is not is really. It. That. Even at. Another. It. I. I. Jingle all the way. It's. It. It did. Did. It and it's. We got crushed I hit it I. Mean. I. OK. And no it's. Well you're definitely right. The internet's. Water. I like to look I didn't think partly dog it's. I. Parched Newton and ta use. Well you that the court's going to about it and it. Is wrong. You Rhode Island opening on to. Ride definitely a difference. It. Her laces. And it for you on hold it. That. I think she did it at that big like. India for not being done. Singer. Taylor. Got an app mostly Internet. And I think I also really tired all the time aren't you tired and hot movies. I think because. The thing at the Disney movies really eat Indian accent yeah I like it is though these movies are two hours long like I don't know. I think this kid friendly. Dining free market. High wind take them buying it scared. Pending the beast and now everything yeah it's a lot so I think more I think about it I guess for. The older crowd out Elaine I acknowledges that idea. What's at school. I have and it is quite. Loved jungle book it's. Really awesome just soak that it was insane. I was I went I'd watch the fact that it isn't that ultimately it. I watched it again after. That. It's. Not bad. Just the perfect. In every. Element and it. I've never saw that our security unanimous that big. And then now now H but it does it but it isn't here I am saying is that now and how that. Handle. Oh. James Earl Jones is move fossil. Yeah in the agreement I mean. I think there are more so for us and I had. I don't know I think that younger generation dedicated Julie you have to be used. I think they can why it has been so you are more. Eggs until inside out. I have made them much. Calmer. And do those two. But. Hey kid he is kind of a whole scene of the region for us. But it's like it that different does it but they do them. It's not it's shiny green as the new. Plants it it's better use. Two girls 79 and again. I think it. That's what's so crazy that there aren't like these that separate and Disney's. It's been so much. To sell its own generation. Everybody's outlook is. Going to be talking about completely different. That's what's local epic battle between her outlook added I. Don't billion remade with. But I think it's I think it's more of continuation of normal. It is you know attitude at least we Will Smith is the name. I think it. Astrid. It. Speaking of these movies get like more so towards older audiences. Went with the and it is called. Me. Yeah it's army will move. Could be. What's your busiest day I. I know. At. Me. Equity beach party beat it first for you guys. In areas in her family give drugs to. Treat other hopes the return. Terrorists and terrorist acts. While. Being being. And her fans lately. And street flooding pedestal. Added that. Yeah pretty you know get a rugged advance that's true that is that really. Yeah. The Butler. And British. Government. River. And the eyes of NYNEX collected that. I did the job. I was attic onstage. But the talks about it and it. Stayed. There and get in the state. Next. Cross dressers saves country with help from talking reptiles. A. We've got to figure. Out across. Cross dressers save this country without help from talking reptiles. It. At an example. Also all it cross Dresser. Yeah. It's. Right across her answers to their country and as with name she's. You. Kind. I. Ran it a lot. Excellent. Or smuggle little boy to foreign country to fight evil villain birds. Become. Oak and Lou. All the because a lot of. And they didn't imagine if accurate the cat. The ankle twisted plot line. Play. Well with the president. I'd excellent. Blake gets kidnapped from school goes the dentist. Meet new friends returns home. Yeah I'll. Take that back to school because just like nothing. About it is that the rhetoric I'd love. For its. Read. It for the last one. Note Hillary cares look at the scores. As. Or been gets rock a town learns to get into her rekindled relationship. With out. Nine. Or Finn gets a run out of town. Learns to contain tiger. Rekindled. Relationship with Sydney. And the more than. I speak of is that she. Candy for who. It. Hey watch it a name. That we. Its run. It's great it's even dark. Now now. That girl sit in office it. And maybe it's hard and too. Where's the line. Frozen. Or they runner they've found out. She led to control her anger at your. Parents trying to get equal temper. That Brett lecture kind of black. Andrea. I mean it's not bad. Nobody is. Aged. Girl. Told that top. Oh. News or. It's horrible piece. Click it or not it and you need. And it takes great great game so I think. Back to Disney Channel for a second because. It Billick the forgotten child is absolutely. Let you know it doesn't earlier about it but. Remake the movies and TV shows and again. Not known voices and voice the character's name. I don't think so. The but they replay the old predominantly what are my favorite Disney Channel touted movie. Is like you that Andy's dive out. Cook up 2% to play. Apparently. Wrote yeah god. I hope. Those. A great deal from school musical highlight. Positives. Siblings. So. Tia to. And. Justices it was great visited did you read it. Ridiculous show. Please world. I loved one. Know the Brothers. Are. All. Over our team like the need is like every that you can you can't go life. Without CD is it. So saying you cats. When our actions are. Rather. Play. And would you play. For me I would. All I put pressure on main character just because it was singing one to. Supplement bucket list via being for. The month. Let. It the voice so. I think all three of those would be totally into that. I would definitely. Number one being kept there. Just on a singing purposes. Of musicals an enemy. Of did you feel you don't act. In Egypt in the. I. He cared. Kids getting off topic. How I would like to be the villain I think it receiver but that they would cast as the unease I play. Like our. Young. This is a good place. On site after it was sunny and. At age. Would you be I think it. It's also an affairs and making your. Line. A surge in there. And that the Bay Area. Not normalized. Ultimately of them. It's up it's like yeah. Yeah oh yeah. Elements whether it. It looked okay and good solid Smart and now. Okay are out. Honestly I'm a fair ball a lot of Italy France leading all that big of Ilie through a busy girl. It went when he and. You mean this ego where it really doesn't. Mean anything to ravens back channel with the ravens hold. Who did. His ability to do need to I mean scar is horrifying and he kills over there a lot of Miley and then now. They're different. Video. So that bill Isaac Annie. Anyway yeah but if you're their Villa and then moved their villains is. I am that there's a lot. But I think. Them. Well it is. And earth. Psychics. There's psychic. And it. And. And you are in that I. I. And I tried. It and I told her. I'm serious you are huge and it is. Punch him it's elements. It's. It meant a lot. Not. Well. Yeah. Guy you all of the. Bear. And. But loose. Tomorrow. The there. If you superheated. Oh there's a big surprise. That's an incredible. I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and died from that surprise what are we gonna do we got a big problem here a big. Read the voice. And from that. We can't just let me go out. Poke honey. Look Hercules. Hercules. That gated Villa. Well oh well yeah. Hey that might. Gilbert. And that. It be. Done that lying doesn't. It did a wedding junior urged. And got to play. And play in the public. It. I. Take criminal spectator. Watch your. Does not as deep an deep pass up. For it. It's for and it all aren't. You tired and surely it. And I thought that was beautiful. Little girl it's okay. I analysts are being caught in the investment. Last month. Oh I love it it's so cute it's like a little baby unicorn. It. Oh it's a cute little baby Hercules. That. Google is. Doing. I want it. It. Yeah. It's making. It up when he gets here. Well okay good effort good average I get. Into. Her head is that with everything. And not Gilbert. Apparently. It was good and I'm sorry yeah I wish. Yeah we didn't. Know but. Anyway a lot of heart and once it is apparent that. It didn't mean yeah I don't remember beads. First time. First time. First time and it was so that it never gone. Some girlfriends and I include magic kingdom where I want so bad that all three RD. Round. Which it again and awesome. It was very cool again. It was totally different and Disney were I don't know I. It was. Reference about this time. Yes Embraer is next in part it was Marguerite is on real goal in the entire. A lot of close up you told. Your visual. And that and looking. And I'll ask. You today. But gone out and walking one equipment. Is that. And it hit at is that the part you're at. It as a kid I can't imagine. I. Like. Six or seven. I get there. And again I was like fourteen. Kid ever remembered did you ever gonna do and when I school. At Disney because Clark. Is still. I looked easy it is princesses in the flat as how I met. I did. And thanks. And praise on. Her when he has. Bluntly issues. To show mostly issues. Like an intricately you're currently happy and equity was. Compound on the corner in full quality partly completely. The opposite. And it puzzles like oh well. It. Lives did you. It's about issues and why. But it late stage and you're out there I don't care. I. I. And yeah. I got to go to the cruisers and it is I mean. Ago the magic. On. The little. Engine giant. Traffic has a little fun. It. You plant they welcome back it's have a good time. Bill. I don't. You. So I hope you enjoyed it he did enjoy it. You could go subscribe to dish with David's really go to your podcast that search dish with gave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe in the mile a lot bill and I would really like the valuable in the currency next time.