The Classroom Proposal

Friday, February 17th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave discuss this amazing moment that took place in a teachers classroom.


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Must your audio that's going to be all over the Internet if you haven't seen it are hurting yet. It's really Q it's a bit. Grade class. Freaks out. When their teacher. Proposes to a fellow teacher in the school in front of the class. So let's elementary teacher Jason. Is standing in front of the class with his coworker Alley and he tells the class. You've been nastiness and yes we are dating scene and a kids' college. Age. They're freaking out as the craziest thing and kids learn that adults can day yeah and it worked in the same place sometimes and then the teacher Jason. Tells the class I'm in love with. Alley barker and the kids go. And then. He gets down on one knee and this happens no way of not crowd goes completely wild loosening his fifth graders it's really cute. Yeah this hired her. Would like to be on the side. If you would think that every single one of those kids just won a million dollars. Think they're get a reply yeah you're resolve any. It's really really Kia is so you could see the video of an at FaceBook dot com slash a mix Milwaukee they just love love these little bit scared blah blah.