Canadian Candy & Nicknames

Tuesday, August 7th

Elizabeth, Radar & Producer Dave eat some canadian candy, talk about why Dave needed to be an impromptu doctor, and discuss using nicknames. 

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What's not happy Tuesday via its new president and radars after chance to welcome everybody yeah our producer Dave is back from awful ten. And. Boy now are holed a native land he was gone for family money in I'm gonna fix the light here in the room because we've got keeps the operas they hit that like I do know help melted enlightening and that line. Yeah and now we could see a pretty say he had us. And we are on high net but we recording right now sleeplessness podcast after the show on the web site or use the radio dot com app. You can searchers pretty soon on iTunes into play. But this got to where we talk about what a little bit more adapt what we discussed on the shelf. And we do some off air stuff like ET any bar area. Yeah. No idiot and he's he's what's coming up tomorrow but first we want to mention that we have all these people Dennis from Sullinger. Kelsey from a wanna go out and up from Milwaukee who have won one dollars and out of that thousand dollar cash call can grant everybody just different losing the mental and has some new friends now their knees and just Fernandez and Kelsey down my friends Grenada. Hello everyone I'm FaceBook like watches right now let's first try these little Canadian snacks that. Producer Dave gave our problem coffee Chris I've run on the committee can then you'd be happy and then it was made that peanut free zones. And I we let's bring up I don't know I have a peanut free zone are safe for everyone I'm like you I love coffee juice up your coffee lovers. This might be for you get coffee coffee flavored kit Kat that's my best way to describe instead it's made from vastly after that we can get these here. Yeah you know what it is like a coffee flavored to get below. Is a few more layers of interstate there. So I like it does has Israel and the album go to work out eradicated to bring from Canada. So parties not the same Smart Islam that we get in America Canada. Americans Murray's are those that can't be unilaterally kind of like that has almost kind of decreased. You know the thing is already tablets. It's a second eminence and rightly started like Eminem but they taste different and Eminem I promise you can bet chocolate taste. A little chocolate and thanks Marty had chocolate that's what I'm saying if this Marty that we know and love neither Marty the Canadians on my did you have fun in Canada. Had a great time in Canada McCullough Dwyane. I was outside on a golf course is beautiful. Well it had gone away. Lots like country music surprised by the country music and the way in but yet we talked about this morning against them that way why does so in a country music I mean Canada spot and everything like apple like you said it's not they have not. Sign that like the southern feeling right in Canada in my cousins and other like you guys have like country like lifestyle in the early you don't really go we got country singers. But I will say that Matt who has the grooms he's the country fan but let it slide because he's also packer fan OK we like him in Canada. And obsolete internationalist but my got a Canadian packer fan gulping and stop talking Ali don't like the pack unbelievable they're clearing Chauncey. That just as a packer Barton Toronto's packer bars all of our and I got together on just bury our. Always there to know that they are might bring captain was in Paris and eighth ballot a pack of our. To starring in Paris yelled where's the bears are Canadian residents of friends in Canada that the doctors there you go they go out so also this morning we talked about. How Kim Kardashian and doesn't really like her daughter's name Chicago. Shaq in right such calls are shy away and then we got to talking about nicknames that you call your kids. Dinner a different name other than what's on their births are to advocate I know about your son know on behalf or. You just short amount no up my son the oldest is called bones in our house because he's a skinny he's taller than me but he's so skinny can't put on weight really stumble that's also like bad ass and all these loans and he's not you can. Well it's and then my middle daughter Alexi whose Alexa on her birth certificate although elects our legs are right the Internet if Aldrin up your Watson is an Alexa. Seek not your country is an obvious gotten. We got we got relaxed aura we used to dollar which is little Alexi roost so basically it's been rue ROO. That's the nickname we have four route to your brother is after it became real yesterday your Brothers act does not really go by Zach none the less than Michael Zach. My brother Zach careers that I think I was like ten years old his name is ZE. Or is he not even they feel that teachers even as students columnist Ziggy and all of his coworkers called Ziggy. Where did he come from. We came I think when he was a sophomore in high school on the soccer team he's very late in tall and you look like an iguana when he ran against that couldn TE. And and and that you can make sense I guess the story Ziggy I'm saying Iran Zion I really don't. Don't think that made sense but what are all right it's pretty Reynard actually my mom gave its meat and a birth certificate upbringing and show you think you remind you it. Producer Dave is also doctor Dave doctor Daley at all farmers surgery in Canada. On his drunk girlfriend it would like it episodic ER right and in my heart. My heart was beating so fast honestly Alice. I was freaking out that I call I saw that too drunk people yelling in my brother his go real enemy McGovern handles on the ground glass just inner like he'll look for the base of repeal. I took tweezers. I'd say hi as it was some soap and water I grip on and pulled it happened shard of glass. If he's saved her life my days emergency room could instantly and Palestine and we just kept going on the night of the 2:30 in the morning in the negatives that Alex. Or yeah breeze today saves the day in Canada he's certainly you know I sort. Coming up tomorrow. We're talking about did you accidentally walked in on something or someone walked in and you look cool I was at the way back. You're just not gonna believe what I saw in the in the Sauna. A woman does on the jam. Believe it that you hear the stories and I imagine you. Sorry tomorrow morning also don't forget again a thousand dollars you can win out on the show as well and tonight if you're headed to state fair. Look for me in the mixed team we're gonna be out at the why don't we concert right out fraud or anywhere prizes say how they've got much T shirts up like that. So coming out of his at a pretty giving out your green but yet definitely Graham creep up and Lucy Elizabeth and why don't we why don't we go let's golf let's don't. All right I allowed to Wear an awesome video here thank you for watching the after cats are listing after listening to an online we'll be back tomorrow morning five until nine McCain I've got it. I stopped really carries for today were injured. The injured to be turning off. Well the engine lot.