Canada Wants Bieber Back!

Wednesday, July 11th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave discuss how the Mayor of Justin Bieber's home town wants him to get married in Canada. 

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You don't want to celebrity weddings and it's gonna happen mostly what celebrity coming up to pop news to Elizabeth and radar and a thousand dollar cash call is coming back. Monday morning at seven cents a year first shot. And a thousand dollars and then every hour after that at ten after the hour at 710810. Night and all the way till 7 o'clock seven days seventy. You know chance and a thousand dollars of that thousand dollar cash call well the mayor of Stratford Canada. He wants beaver to have his wedding there because it's beavers hometown it's Stratford Kansas. Got tired at chase and a that times have changed Brazilian right wingers in Canada went out of Canada one point right now as they please. Please you're in here I am going into that he's not going to go to Stratford. Can't Carolina looks beautiful look and read dozens of beautiful right there Ontario Canada with Jonathan. Because it's dealer so and he's married to supermodels she's got ability. And some tropical location and bears doing the right here Keeney trying to influx all the money at people tourists come out I feel like the mayor is trying to get a little bit of publicity. For the city because of that's why it does to point out the beavers from there I'm saying he's trying to capitalize on the headlines that Bieber became relevant now all of a sudden because this engagement he evolved. I think the mayor's pretty Smart here. Trying to make some money for his talent and. How anyone. Let's say beaver except Stinson. And Mary in Stratford as my hometown and yet all of these Canadians he still stands at just a leader. Showing the way he did make writing in the mayor's big east changed now he. Everything in right now Lieber Fannie hasn't gotten in trouble while they when he did get in trouble he was also nineteen years old yeah. More money that guys discuss and Cheney urged those lines ready and nobody there to tellem no thanks so he did yeah I think it's gonna do he needed this mayor in his life more often when he was a kid. An American album on mayors trying to get back in his life I mean you know what Bieber goes up there he wants to hang out the Shakespearean guardians. Obviously struggling to look at Stratford at first at all that. That's where shakes it's exciting.