Can Your Ex Be A Facebook Friend? - Part 2

Wednesday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about being friends with an ex on social media.


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Not nine point one in the next election that's 5 this morning so cellular. Nasty out. And I'd like helping our our FaceBook friends religious message does case. Who said it. Yeah she's wondering and she needs help on this. She's divorced and that she friend her ex on FaceBook she wants to know from our listeners what do you think now Elizabeth you have said especially now that cheered addressed around. Yeah and indeed G rated version as saying absolutely not but there's an austere version I like to say I was done my ears are still bleeding Hackett now. Hold no reason port. CNN my my ex husband and I we are now friends on FaceBook she didn't join FaceBook until we are going door separation. And he's only ease and yet you keep popping up with someone I know home unblocking yo. Because it's weird to remove it now paralyzed and I agree with him there's no reason pilot in the past don't do it don't do it so we put it out TU NE what do you think do you do it enough. No actually ask him blossom we have a child she others. And so is this a lot. I think something's not cordial would you till now there want an iron bar however what I do in my I'm not where we had none of his business. Yeah out. So that's the only event I loved it new life has hit a bad person but what I do when you are I'm not let me acknowledge that this. Did you know what OK makes total sense that I am I I am always deal and that and that makes a lot of sense thanks for calling and hopefully he's listening in to get some advice. I have one late April and you'd soon but this is again. Yes hi Jen so what do you think do you black DX on FaceBook you friend them on FaceBook. Why. Another block and why. While you're not together for a leave and that and next if your team is going out and I'm FaceBook indeed there hey you know engage you want me I'd. Or play a live event as it did it's kids either in March after a. You know I just got a little bit curious just to see what's going on there. Now curious maybe should I mean I'm you know hey Gerri yeah may be in your little curious but is that good for your life and a move forward it's no it's not. That's why get rid of the Exxon FaceBook. I agree I'm with you majority Eric's. Our same man so I think pretty amazing what we what we send your only message her back thank you for calling it won't see again. All right line final call on you friend your acts on FaceBook are not Nicole do you. No I. Hey man you join me bright and let me get a interest is involved maybe. I did they create a lot of problems and even children. Enjoy your ads and comfortable I did most people understand that played well like radio I kind of look at and you have children I don't think. You should be fun. It was an amicable split in your kind still friends. Now. Now CN my thing is I would you know my my ex husband we're not friends on FaceBook like I said he blocked me was fine. Whenever I. What does evil when it comes to set people that I bad with before him I have a rule if you've seen me naked and you had the right to an axis of I thought I was so we are not friends on FaceBook. And demand and a couple others that have seen they see me let my calls are sidelined and if you're listening that's for sure. It's all has your has your ex tried to train new word. He not on its front snaps Chad's. And I didn't feel comfortable and all of that's. Even better he's more. Under the I might feel it's just a bad idea. You know it's like some people say yeah. You know to get involved with Jackson anyways like taking a shower and the others are pretty your dirty underwear back. Don't delay don't. Don't do it why not easy just come on inside out they're cleaned it's messy. It is completely identical for calling in they are unguided.