Can Your Ex Be A Facebook Friend?

Wednesday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar got an email from a listener who needs help. Can she be friends with her ex on social media?


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It's Elizabeth and radar and yeah we're talk and if you or your friends so many people on FaceBook co workers your neighbors. Maybe somebody in your church guard sped. T you friend your backs on FaceBook now FaceBook friend there and mix listener. Did poster did this send us a message instead are you friends with your ex on FaceBook this is it possible to be friends with your ex cons FaceBook now she's never see kids. So there's no there's no kids involved here. There's no reason I have to connect until the media first children could LA in a lot of cases and even currently in in my world I'm friends with. My son's son's mom because she can connect to great you know you can right like that's your face of cherries and stuff like that. My husband never FaceBook page so there's no friends with the accesses isn't. The mighty mess yeah me no sorry I don't think so bill my ex husband. Aaron and I and he never had it. A FaceBook page and so we started going to our divorce and then you know he's in his mid thirties up on the prowl wants to find somebody here who signed up for FaceBook page. He does we start having mutual friends. I'm still numb I fall 1 morning about some people you may know and I see that's my soon to be ex husband guaranteed. And I cinema Texas won't your face. Can easily get out white guy and I see you thought that was my friend and I am stopped from all electronic will be based refresh your lineup and many said to me. Yet no offense and the block you so I think it's just weird old what are. That's not get a better. He's invited. Dave gets out. And I am I Chris. From cool all. Sounds good so she blocked me theories by. That I wouldn't even responded to them like okay well. Won't get a block me whenever it there's such a thing as a cordial divorce ours was. Kind of that it wasn't really any bad blood it was a really unclear anything inside of you just say these analysts see what your do I wanna see your day in the and I realize I'm probably didn't wanna see. Who he was dailies Danny and stuff so they're back now and say he was right I'm glad that he's blocked me in Melbourne our friends on FaceBook is there anybody that you know I mean sometimes lit with the X is there other family members or friends at lucky chance of maybe one ST friends with and ex. I don't know an idea does it still be friends of the facts because these friends of the X is like Lucchino wade in the past disease. I'll tell you how confident and happy you warrant your current life you don't mean to tell me when you look at FaceBook which we all look at FaceBook with those colored glasses. Everyone it was like looks so much better on FaceBook. Hopefully areas Diane you're gonna sit there are some days and maybe a bad day at least eighty today here feel. Apple is an easy there he is on the beach CA in the Baja. Whitbeck is still an hour on the Jeanie you're like oh. I'm going mice I'm not feel fat out of semi from the south Becky sue again against Phoenix affiliate there. And there's no reason no reason again with a except I have children involved there's no all we. Even to be friends the next. On FaceBook so that's Elizabeth says but there could be some listeners out there who say yeah why don't need a friend that the accident how they're announcing she sent us this. Message so 410 core I 7991099. Lettuce and.