Can you REALLY make money at network marketing?

Thursday, August 16th

Whether it's makeup, clothes or health and wellness products - odds are you've been approached by a network marketer. But do these businesses really work? Can you make money selling these products? Is the "pyramid scheme" still a thing? 

If you've ever thought about joining one of these companies, listen to this podcast before you sign up. My best friend, Andrea Weiss, is here to shed some light on this growing industry and she's setting the record straight of how you CAN be successful at network marketing.

If you're interested in network marketing and want to build your business in a classy way, you can connect with Andrea on her website

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You're listening to the fifty shades of pink podcast the post Elizabeth take a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are. Gang but not only saying this is fifty shades of K. You wanna make some more money of course you do we all confused a little bit more cash. But what is the best way to do it. Sometime in your like you've probably been approached by someone who wants to sell you something with network marketing my guest today happens to be my best friend since grade school. Andrea is here hey Gary how. Yeah who's been very successful in the world of network marketing. I even worked with her for a little while actually machines for starting her business so in today's podcast order talked about the side hustle network marketing. Brown should you do it. What you should look for when you wanna get involved with a company and what does it take to really be successful and how do you approach family and friends I mean yourself to family and friends right. Absolutely and you're looking to have them part with eel yes so we're also gonna talk about the one time that we got in the most trouble when we were kids. Because injuring no whistle to cover for me and she didn't bring it to that in a second but first it is really exciting for me to have you here because we have. Grown up together we've known each other since first grade wherever is that act crazy it's crazy we bend the maid of honors in each other's wedding in need. See in ourselves go through so much good and bad marriage to bars the kids you have how many I have four kids but I'm telling you this girl makes it look easy she home schools her kids. And she's a stay at home mom and she's running a business I admire you so much for an avid hockey for awhile but like to get into the podcasts and really deep into. What secrets are like how did you get so successful in but first let's talk about your background. How you got started you've got to have your third kidding you thought Ali Alex join a network marketing company. Rate and I always say to people known plans averaging that's you never. Think European network marketer knowing the little girl says that growing up you don't go to college and on an Indian or marketer. Literally you are right about that yeah like circumstances. That bring you to come. To that position in your life in your right I was partly third BB I was like 36 weeks pregnant I was not to have the speed it and I had any free time. By you know I was a stay at home we had one incoming husband's a firefighter. And he needed a way to bring in some money it's not that we relate. And sat and had a like I know way to make ends meet but. You know we want it to grow in our life we wanted to do things travel and I knew that OK I need to be open minded a little bit here. You're observing someone on social media which I feel like happens a lot nowadays with network marketing you have friend. But it joined this health and wellness company and you were kind of watching from a distance totally write you a little skeptical I was completely skeptical in fact I was probably like most people when they hear that our marketing like no. Number because quite honestly if you feel that way it's because you've been exposed through its through the wrong person. Or through the wrong way of how they work so well and you also hear a lot of about pyramid schemes and from people talk about that and I don't know if it's too syndicates have that question and it but yes I know people are talking in the about it. And Terry just giant pyramid scheme company absolutely and I have so much to say about that so we can see it tougher now emerges we'll get into that and just imagine but so you're watching your friend. Who lives out of states and then you decided just do you need to know things about. The company or the products before you join a network marketing company do you think so it's funny because like as I was pregnant and I ended up joining a health and wellness company. And I never try to product number. But I guess the amnesty Smart side but there was a hurting me that's sad. This company has been around for this many years twelve years at the time then it's successful and makes you know it's a million dollar company. Multimillion actually and I'm seeing people actually bring money lake even though I Amy think it's not working it obviously is working so it's. Worth taking a look at so no I never try to product I never really researched how to do it I just knew. It's now or never you know and you do have a business degree from Madison you are very Smart you are and you're someone. As I've known you for all these years when you put your mind to it. You'll achieve because you you go all in it was something I never have into a project so as your friend. I supported you knowing well Andrea is only gonna do something if she really believes it. And that's why when you sent out the email that was your first thing you did right you'd joining emailed everybody you Neil yes and said hey here is this new endeavor would you support me on us right. And one thing I will speak to that is your right like I did go to man a sand. Com I do have a business degree bike as you know I was eight horrible employee I. Hi do you. The business worlds you're not corporate world and you felt trapped in you felt stock I can remember you sending me messages. Sane it's 86 degrees outside and I'm here in an office with no windows in each of you not it's your opening at any you know and I felt actually felt like something was wrong with me and I felt like. Flies in Eagles analyst and just horrible person misses home life should be. But as I've you know grown and on mine sat in and read books. There are people just like me who. We're wired that way we suck in some capacity when we work for others. But if you give us the creativity in LA to do it for ourselves we're gonna really do and it doesn't even come from. Education it just comes from really within extremely can't go back to a job I really wanted to something yeah and why do you feel like so many people are doing this now when it comes to network market because there are a lot of companies out there and I Felix see a lot of these posts on social media. Yeah while and I think it is because social media is just it it's it's out there that we are connected is you know what just so easily now with social media network marketing has been around. For cover anything about the days. Of Georgia daughter Mary Kay. Eva and you know that's network marketing I remember our motto my job's a used to deliver Avon make Indians for our crossing guards mom rates a growing rates of school that was her grandma and she I think cats. And I was like you're on Saint Francis delivering Avon books Turkish Hewitt's youth elderly and couldn't do totally and that's what we did but now we have social media and the thing is though we're seeing it more because people are the right person. Is going to see the opportunity with that now. Yes to people there are canceled some media all my cash yes. And it is my mission to clean that up then you are passionate about cleaning that up because there are some people can come across a no heat totally because you're all cell. How do you will you emailed all of your closest family and friends and boom and do you advise people to do that when you first start to. I do and one thing I've learned is that we all come for only to drastically different families so there's not like a one size fits all type of approach. But don't force it by. We call it like your chicken soup list a year actor synapse like dirt dirt lets you enter list so like if I decided that my arm nestled her I know that you Elizabeth in my past frank you don't care what I'm selling you're gonna say. You bomb it big and it exactly what I said of people I was talking to them about buying from Andrea and I do I really the products are great products I I said. I've known you for a long time but more importantly. I know and last you are harming yourself. Our other people are doing is coming illegally right I'll support whatever you're gonna jail except for the three and downing of those people can just say hey. I started this in hub and why you're starting because you know I I wanna. Chaos feed off our mortgage all right we know we're kinda kinda and not to wipe that out supplier to you mean that I'm there for his casino and take a look at it if I'm a thirty dollar product shark you know can you really make money from these opportunities. Yes did you did very well very fast I did it and one thing and we'll see Ted ad is actually kind of SP to that because. There's two mindset than people think of network marketing anything either huge going into nothing and two and a millionaire. Which you know land down no one becomes a millionaire by doing nonetheless spinal lottery ticket you still have to buy a lot of break. Or they think it just doesn't work you can do everything and you just cannot make money off of this which is frustrating to me because. Dooming our marketing is like pretty much to mean anything in life anything that's hard and words have mean. Is going to be. It difficult you have to change your mind sat and people officer on the statistics are old like I don't even know the statistic is honesty I just ignore it by. Let's just say it's like ED percent or something eighty for some people dislike feeling can't do you know they lose money these are just horrible schemes. Well they're not doing anything so I actually decided and look up to see how many people joined a gym at the knee hurt. And then stick with interest and the percentage is like 90%. Of people doing jammed January 1. By the third week in January like ninety erred on the even going to be blamed a jam do we. Blame the trainers equipment no we just say the person comes audio didn't skate and show up they get into Wales. And it's this evening what does so yes he can absolutely make money any mine every. Fifteenth of the month I'm proof that you can get page from nasty to you you wore your business and you hustled. Yes and you'll have to approach like you said family and friends you also approached family and friends to essentially. Work we few deaths and I was one of those people of my story was I was in the process of having a wedding and I said okay we'll little bit cashing in and what do you know you put a little bit after a little bit of work and it's 600 dollars cash in and tell us what you start I drink and at a party you like I got home with battery and a 350 dollars cash. Yeah just just from mad and I mean and have not been a long term goal for me but in that moment it's like I needed a little bit of money you were building your business so it worked out but Howell. What would you say to someone at saint I don't want to approach my family members to work with me though Beckham be comfortable totally business with pleasure I mean what do you think about that. And I agree an action that's kind of ram main business actually my four year anniversary was this weekend I've been doing this for four years as you can have really asked. While so as you can imagine. Everyone that I know we caught our warm market you know what came to mean I don't need to follow up with them I don't need to say well you know they know at this point. And they know how to get ahold denied get a hold me over but I have a business mindset of their the world is massive there're so many people out there who need these products in need an opportunity like this I'm gonna get out there. And duets cell summit is just starting to an I don't think anyone's gonna support me York. I had one friend whose son now that does not determine your success you can grow and learn and figure stuff out. Along the way and did you feel any kind of business. The job you have especially if their sales involved. You can't take no personally love my husband is in sales and he'd. Q he was tell me years ago about how one day he just randomly was just cold calling places. And I looked and I say oh my gosh are you nervous like who said yes who said no he looked at me he said. Its sales 101 you know learn how to accept no and you just move not. Totally and I lost and probably we are sensitive to your husband Blake I and introverted female and I still feel that way I feel like if you're going into AD. Seals transaction and I guess that's Donald rightward to save but if you go into authentically and with the desire to help somebody and they senile. Spine that might be if it for them totally an army beat down the rotor. And it takes you know you just got a great learning experience figure out bright and your friendship but it will still exist beyond that totally can't start copy in front because of the Antioch Tennessee alike every interaction you have with the friend or family member of me about your business. That's just ridiculous and spam me an annoying. Your multifaceted you worry a human being with other interests don't make everything about your business so what does it really take to be successful at this. So who is poor would you say. Is there a certain type of person I mean exactly I typically think. Idols as a stereotype but I think of women and moms yup I feel like not a lot of man do it the main it's because I'm not I'd really exposed to them. Our marketing businesses that many now man I need act like manner the powerhouses. Like there are a mean a lot of the traders actually go to our man I mean interesting they got just like elves read. Competitive personalities. But it's funny that you ask who it's for her because I hate to states for everybody because actually. My approach with you know the way at Richmond businesses you should desire to work with one type of person. This business truly is. For anybody who once sent on Weinstein people who. Are have entrepreneurial minds like real estate agents are people have like brick and mortar businesses and VC network marketing as a nomination of income. So they're gonna given it all they know they can make a super small and I steal my teachers that are successful at that rates. Because there's organized a great teachers are great at it but there's also people like me who would slate. I just needed some money and because it was low investment I didn't have to risk. Anything from my family time aim at it need education. Like is that anybody from any background can meet this cap and if they want it and when you asked well what does it take to be successful. In this sounds so cliche but it's you have to tie. Why you're like what you're doing to Hawaii and it's. Everyone needs to do that would I think every one has to get up and make a Libyan. I mean you need to do a why affirm all everything comes to making a living it comes to that grind. That comes to the hours and it comes to timely from your family which I north network marketing you give more time with family but there's still time you have to work. You always you know remember that totally why why are you doing in gas and it's it's cliche you can hear it everywhere there is books out there are start with YY in Alan and I again and sometimes you can get numb to it. But I I saw how it totally. It was affecting my business because and I join my cousin and I had a financial goal in mind to it had to happen it just can't happen so IQ had like a number amount yeah maybe we wanna make this much money. What happened was as you know we really mean in our first house they become married and we have answered BBN we wanted to build and he knew exactly the dollar we needed to pay off Orlando. I knew it onto the tiny gap and I was like so when I started that's I was wanted to speaking off the loan. So as I was work teen and sharing with others and you know poston social media and I annually and you mean that's because I want. This loan paid off and I want us to build our house there kept here I am oppressed and and I did and you build a beautiful we've built our home. However on the flip side after that I'll happens. I did have a reason anymore. So look like as I wish carrying about my products are sharing opportunity with others in my mind that didn't translate to anything long term and I just. Cash and kinda sizzle art you know it fizzled bad Alice dislike. Miami doing this so. To be success liking it no matter where you are you always needs a reason why you're doing because it is it's going to be hard you've been here knows your. And I think I'm a people thing coming joke while now if you keep your eye enterprise exact. Whenever the whenever the prize is now what about people that don't wanna seem like they're been too pushy they're energetic. They're getting a lot of feedback there's a lot of mole man some. There's always that balance so and that's where sometimes I I feel like publicist contest may disable this all seems great but it's. The keep having to push products so to speak like what about people again comparable amount that it Gillick I don't wanna sound like that Al yep. My answer is don't be annoying you don't have to be at that was never my approach and it and you know and I always wondered what can work it did it work for me and it worked for many others and I actually had people come to me insane actually. And I come to you because you're not knowing. And you know I talk about this a lot over in my training episodes around my web site. I think has network marketers it's are we should be and a mission especially those of us who won and tortured professionally. To give value to others and that a sane he knew me Seaver and Humi regionally sales goal this month there you know. Yes I always anything if we wanna may have and have a good business we need to impact others. Consulate for insist urine and health and wellness. Scheerer about how people improve their hulls I have nothing to do with your products but people are gonna see US someone who cares about health so that when you do share buy your products are gonna go. She knows she's talking about and she cares about XYZ arm and rappers so. To speed very aware of how you're I guess who's the different news ticker relationship yeah as a business owner we should always always always be to get. Ears yeah and you're always looking for opportunities though too because there are a lot of people that were whispering to me. As your best friend about what you are doing right is returning here for me is that really working this issue really doing this well is she successful. What do you think about it for and that's what are people starting off I think we need to remember that you're being watched people are watching they wanna ceased to try to stay positive. Keep the momentum going because that money see that there is a little success did you find that's when more people are reaching out TU the intrigues. David you're actually they were I I had people who didn't say a word two for two years. Okay after two years old I Stevenson hit the obviously working for you tell me marked it make you uncomfortable the post about your bonuses make you uncomfortable or making because you know in our society it is very much don't talk about what you make and it can come across as your brain yup. But you're trying to mention what you were doing in. Because you want people to say hey. There's all these pieces of the pie eating you could have yet but that's a fine line in the super fine minding you know what I I mean mistakes to and I want like why he's now I and I think a lot of network marketers can fall into the strap is like we really wanna shall I hope reits. It is. And it's funny is actually went I've invested so much money in my education and I just came back from pre mastermind and in me about how to. Have a great presence online. Demanding that I learned as at as a good marketer it's you and your audience were the hour now where you are. Lately because wherever you are she could have been huge its success in network marketing. People cannot release till those bonuses they can relate to those peach axle when you appeared slash eighteen. All of this. You last year your audience is they don't see any connection to Ewing and there are only seen that part of the process. They are seen in the late nights and maybe the tears and the stress and hard work and hustle their deceased and that and that feels on achievable up so what you need to do that next holes he Andrea you need to like speak you can talk about your success that you talk about. Where you started is where you started from his career audiences from and then you need to bridge that gap to where you are so it's okay to talk about the bonuses and the income. Any very classy professional weight. But you have to you have to bring accurate audience cannot deal about you that there's a disconnect tunnel and then you're gonna seem unbelievable on the or not they're not gonna connect to deal. Totally my cash I just had a small stuff like. That that makes. A world of sent out that you said that yes. Now how can someone know which company they should work for. I appeal of network marketing and I'm kind of speaking as someone that didn't for a little while the appeal is. Hey maybe even again I wasn't striving to get to your level what I was like I put maybe. An hour two hours a day incidents. Biden make an extra 60700. Boxes month rates rates but. They where he will help accompanied you do that way yes and we went that that's thing where all different we all have different things that motivate us he doesn't keep logging out there and party is I'm not I am lenient whenever. Their companies out there than allied you do parties they want you do parties but if I guess had a speech on a business level like if you really want to. I wanna see insurer financial success because again all comes on tube and I would see number one. At least have an interest in product lying I think you'd have to write like how they're never gonna Wear make up why are you gonna be some Salamanca and here's the thing come I'm not with the make a company. You know me I African loved me up but I your daily look great today I could never sell meat because quite honestly there are some brands I just love that I can get at. Target solid they're that cash it wouldn't be in need to do you need to turn this foundation because. In my heart I know that I love this one is just he just have to have that connection with the decline the other one know that I will say is. Personally I would go with the product that's consumables. Mean Nina. That you know I'm in health and wellness so I have clients and customers who have ordered for me every month for four years because they lobbed. Would they are taking inning he had to censure is repeat customers yes again there are other products out there but I don't need. Fifty pairs of a leaner certainly and that's ask for personal opinion of mine that's not view him now if someone has worked at the network marketing company. And they weren't successful. Can they be successful with another one that I feel like is like 90% of success stories. I Wear out one before absolutely a lot it is in fact I think that is the comments I think my story is seen on heard out. I guess because you're never did and I never did anything like this com you hear about people in fact a lot of the mentors I follow a lot of the trainers. Like their third or fourth company. Things change they align with another company or another accompany console the product that the partly it is they're like. Sole product of their like a lot of product or in other just looking for her to align with the leader do people have to. Quit their jobs to really be successful at this because of you to see a lot of Alec I got to retire my husband now hired because I'm doing network marketing. That's not always what needs to happen and I will tell you this maturing now I used to have that mentality but again as they've been learning and growing. Smart financial people they never replace an income they add an income so I know you do do not need to if you what your job and you he sure did it. But you know EEU is if you simply just one add to your portfolio even if it is an extra 500000 dollars a month. Smart choice go ahead and do it what do you feel about people that say this is informing him. I can do this anymore I mean do you like how you handle those kinds of encounters I thinking to honor. Because I think you need alternates of people to make this world or around and I really dislike in people. Sheen people for having jobs especially through China lake recruit and their teens you'll see light. A couple of well and that's where network marketing gay panic at the app exact because you look at someone a case like here's a stay at home mom she's not work marketer in she's out there an machine. These other moms for work keen even if it is and explain to wait. But then you take your daughter or your son to the pediatrician. That that mom that was a pediatrician just served. You know on and yes you need to keep your eyes open that. It's there for everybody not everybody. Okay just a different little bit to get 300 dollars a month exactly and that's what I did or naturally they just sell to their neighborhood or their family and friends and and I also feel like poor way to knock anyone's hustle whatever it is exam can have it's not illegal it was not a pretty number someone else. Have and it exactly how bad it loses well I really appreciate you talking about this and I know you're gonna more questions about it 'cause. There's so many people interested network marketing at but they don't know would return to a new our experience you've been successful you've made mistakes are honest about it he you also are very public about your successes and what it's worked for you let me break. You follow the sort of what Andrea did. You put the time you're going to be successful so where can. We'll reaches for more information they wanna connect with Diaw absolutely they can go to my web site that class seem on CE you know it's a term I went out training episodes over there com video was I also had a free giveaway which. Pretty much I get asked all the time when they do what I do be successful and I put it all out in this guide is called the mead data network marketer blueprint. Because a lot of us want to go up there and we wanna draw people to us on a deep pushy. So I lay out pretty much everything that I did when I first started and what a gift you're giving people because don't you wished that what you've created with a classy moms CEO. Was around when you start absolutely gimme she's gone through it she's she. Learned so learn learn from our mistakes and learn from her successes that the classy moms CLA dot com. Which will link up that 99 won the mixed dot com Ross and I have Andrea on another podcast talking more in depth about her. Second business now the classy moms CEO and trouble getting to that an upcoming podcast. But before we wrap this up let's explain the onetime Andrea got me in the most trouble when we were kids. Because I was good girl in the French appear that kind of lied to my parents. My mom always said I love when you hand Hendrick entry is not a liar I I even scary day I say it doesn't lie. And I'm sinners senile OK she doesn't lie lie to and we words you weren't saints within the same but you yeah you're definitely you were good influence you weren't good kid does that there was a time when I wanted to spend the night at my boyfriend's house and so I told my parents. Stand united injury I know my ideal Weaver a little bit older so it's not like mom had to check in order drive me where I had my own car at this point. And then while I was C government boyfriend's house. What did you do under. It was funny because it was like a Friday or Saturday night and for some reason I was home. Which seems so we can you worked on the weekends yet and I think like I don't remember what happened but I don't think it Collins at the import. This before cellphones people that are laid eyes yeah landmines yes so she called my primary multi time and your mom picked up and went and is it was but their name on assignment. Entering. She was a few. My card actually you know you are supposedly I was all we don't like or how everything was coming and I come agony get out of this because. Elizabeth's mom is like so unto us and I went. To finish he fell asleep. I think she's outside. OK you able their parents now do you think really when I think they're kids try to lie right at them and say. Re trying hard to get it out there me knocking on the door for like three hours well keep my my mom to know that where analyzed. So she couldn't chlorine yell at me she rail idea whose house I was accidentally I came home the next day I knew I could like up the phone gas wells and hit I. I cannot you know it yet so I came home and of course I was in trouble and I teller where it was and I am lost my car privileges for a two weeks. And I sit com or call consumer prices are dying all right I get right to I don't know like I want people to Billick wheat we really NATO is excellent let's yeah. But other things that we are like you're back here at a percent that was a total just mine slip out of well yeah yeah have you could tell what happened but that's the thing about. About it trailer Weaver growing up in grade school and we'll be driving to basketball games and your mom would have me in the car and I'd be in the backseat Andrea be in the front seat and Shockey I love to talk and tell stories where your mom and even Neil Young is like that gets in the car talked about the Carol have been up to you at. I would start on not an about the why Danson is our role Lara all in the blaze and then Algeria. Which is give me he diesel looks from the front passengers Heatley yeah lots. Are you talking about Nextel Cup hockey. And then I have to kind of act paddled and your mom do. Her you know who also that yeah precious who didn't rant crashes and say number toll mumbling crashes on I was asleep too and Bayern eventually ask me because under his mom was was such. She was a cool ominous sense that she treated us with were spat right which she was still a very strongly up yes real mr. mom I opened up your mom great hottest if I was talking and talking and talking and she's taking these mental notes and a and quit your amount. Talked about our friendship but we were younger and she said she see you Andrea march room friends she's Sid you too. Or not bash each other gossip about each other. Lighting each other and I have for as long as we've been friends I mean Mike -- guardian or upper thirties now. Danny has stage through all these years absolutely all these yes and I value that so much because you've met a lot of people in your life and as Dubai and you've Ryan you have those core group of people. Matter how much time goes by or even how many light changes happen. They're there for you could you know them to their core totally and that's and you've been in yet easier yes and no. You know. Together well that's my best friend Andrea find her at the classy man CEO dot com we'll have you back on awesome and if you're thinking about network market mean it's possible to be successful season living proof that your team is living improve a bit. So congratulation the Tokyo thanks Sabena. This is then the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elizabeth hey if you enjoyed this episode share with us and make sure to subscribe IT and Handley the revealed. Thanks for listening.