Can You Guess The Flavor?

Thursday, October 12th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave tast the new mystery Oreo flavor.


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Right now we all have. The new mystery Oreo producer Dave radar myself now wait who twisted it off I twist I twist and it just Reagan started on one by he's now it. This but do not gonna get the flavor and hopefully equivalent. It was a contest right to guess right the mystery flavor is to win costly 50000 dollars and smell and and it smells sweet yeah smells like fruitful pretty well. It does not only for him it's only a stick of and a. When you buy it I'm looking Leon the cream. Like Larry Ellison unlike in the cream. I and mom and it is it's almost like. It is almost like cereal milk like when you're done as a kid when your mollen down and then you do another ball meaning like a couple of bulls the serial cat food taste after pretty paddles. Yeah stuff like that public. There would be too easy politically flowery flavor in there to lick. Like. What was the lavender. You know unique flowers no legal under the little flavor of the road lottery isn't labor climate. I'm pretty apple pretty pebbles. Figure out ways to enact its much crap stocking your TV these things that like to eat more but there's going to be so much stuff nineties I brake loss like that a comedian it's a beautiful box Orioles before he went to the Dennis. They are not lost my teeth you know these aren't that. Not bad but I think a lot of them. How to get sick of the flavor you can't have just one now of course but not a fan and we in the cream like Oreo as an analyst claimants Obama I am eating like more because it might happen. It's that toothpaste to. Oh that's April fool's joke polemic it's. You put Judaism I took the cream out and when you based in the middle and informal pact Makinen packets toward that brought you made a mystery flavor I did great I just that I part.