Calling all caregivers - this month is for YOU!

Thursday, November 1st

One of THE toughest jobs is to be a caregiver and November is National Caregiver Month!

Tammy Flynn, host of The On-Air Advocate Podcast, is back on 50 Shades of Kay to talk about her fun giveaway to celebrate caregivers all over the world!

Know a caregiver who's willing to share their story? Then email the following information:
Upload a 1 minute audio or video clip to share your caregiver wisdom
First name (no last names, please)
How long you've been a caregiver or working in the field/industry with caregivers
Who you care for (no full names, please)
The greatest challenge you feel is facing caregivers today
One positive tip you would pass on to fellow caregivers

Email your submission to no later than Friday November 30, 2018.

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