"Buying Tickets To Your Own Movie?"

Thursday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar with Producer Dave discuss how Jennifer Garner was spotted buying a movie ticket to her own movie. 

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Movie star buying a ticket to see her own movie you put cats Alitalia coming up in your pap news tonight nine point one the next live from the Kessler's diamond center studios with Elizabeth and radar. This year. Actress or something like that in years rich. The day is well and wouldn't you be able to get in the movies you know he get all these comp tickets yes different things Jennifer Garner what's bought tickets to over all of movie her new film. Peppermint and she posted video an inch to Graham. Document her trip to the movie. Yeah you're gonna hear it in a second here the audio which she's really uncomfortable she's almost like embarrassed that she's doing it not because. She invited to get to her movie but because what the movie's bad and people don't see any suspicious but I don't theater with them. And I have to. To me you're listening to. Green. Pity on me ceemea thinking. Myself nonetheless. She has tickets and Jennifer are locked in normally does remind you. When I was at the Packers pro shop after more of the NFL kickoff events it was a year after they won the Super Bowl they have this huge party before it runs five was there. Lady Antebellum performing in the next day I walked into the pro shop and Els and a polo shirts from my dad. And I look semi laughed and there was Bart Starr. Shopping for a polo shirt sign it upon a Packers pro shop and I looked over my right shoulder. And I noticed that nobody else realize that there is barred stock tank he was all right at the insurance because I thought. You're part start can't just like call the Packers and they have want polish on you don't even have to call the Packers if you Bart Starr or Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers you've won a Super Bowl with the Packers don't you just snap your fingers and they get my stuff she's shopping list I can't believe that I went out to him and I was at my my ex husband at the time and we set out mr. Starr. Could we get a picture. It is that we pressure and that his life. Cherie came up holding two polo shirts and our hands almost to say like he Bart we 21 yards for the shirts ash is that lack of sea and taken a picture right now. And I only got do you -- I hit this is sorely re marketing and admitted bars are billion market himself as much of the kind of prohibit Jennifer Garner is a great market for the movie anyone who sees it there's under the Obama got had a picture with you in there to take a picture regardless or not they saw her movies they're gonna post that picture on social media thing I'd just a particular Jennifer Garner did. Vernon maybe that's what it is maybe maybe. Not did you offered a via the polo shirts for. Bart Starr. Now that would have been you know I just up the last few gala so much in Green Bay let me get this fully not a packer logo on something and automatically goes up in price but I did have a moment after I looked at the photo. When I shook his hand I realize that that hand. Shipments from party's hand. That hand. Three times down is that it and won Super Bowl held on the ball on the ice bowl and scored the winning touchdown against the cowboys then a week it was fast we are shabby no more than five minutes later it was like flies on water everyone realized parts are there and I think he was regretting need to think wandered into the post I'm on glitter. Haven't ever heard that no that's not fire it's I think we'll see the.