The biggest mistake people make in photos is...

Monday, June 11th

What IS the secret to looking great in photos? Is it a filter, how you pose, should you really have your hand on your hip? Professional photographer, model (and my wedding photographer) Lottie Lillian is here to tell you exactly what to do to get the best results from your photos.

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One looks smoking hot in photos. We'll wedding photographer and model Lonnie Lillian is here with a few tips so you can look your best the next time your pictures taken. You're gonna get your pictures taken some time in your life like. He might as well embrace it instead of just fighting it so that's why it's it's good it's good to attend practice taking photos and no especially nowadays everyone paparazzi with their cameras on principle shyly from the camera and I'm like. There are just certain things that he continued to really. Make yourself look better and everyone in Hollywood done there so what are those certain things you can do keep listening to learn more. You're listening to the fifty shades of K podcast with host Elizabeth K a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are. Gang but not only saying this is fifty shades of K. However drinking Kumble would show up and we're talking about photography specifically. Wedding photography. Lonnie Lillian is here she's a wedding and you born photographer who loves yelled out her husband and our rescue pop Hartley she travels all over the world. And she's one of my absolute favorite people on the planet I really mean that she's a good friend of mine everybody welcome cloudy Lilly and I'll get it taste testing here later in the podcast because if you know a lot of issues in its U. Health and fitness actually met you as my personal trainer like a lifetime ago now and had a great weekend. That was home that was. That was my first husband that was my first got back to Milwaukee and that was when you were personal trainer not doing photography you know where you are your very best ball. Photography hernia and she Broadcom Gucci guy. For us to try and that she suggested that we try. Here on the podcast because you want my reaction to somehow Pataki and entry. Lowered it to that in just a second on but if you are someone that is maybe planning a Latina or you know someone that is looking for a photographer. Lot. And so I bend to the dove mountain which is in Tucson and I was recently in the and Jamaica. Among the key Naples Florida. That's upcoming ones increase. Ohio gas. What a tough job what a tough jobs he had pretty crazy that's. I song I'm so excited for you because you hear this has really taken off in the last what five maybe six years yeah it was just kind of a glimmer raid after my wedding which is six years ago and may. I actually. The photographer that we flew down for our wedding in Longboat Key. Shia and looked up and she's jet skiing through that to the Gulf of Mexico and I'm like only that would be an awesome job hunter I get to do that. So I'm I just can't picked her brain a little Benton shutter some might work in them so I just might work out there and had a really good base of like clients. And so it started snapping pictures of family his friends had shots that kind of stuff just and it just practice scene and then yeah really did it kind of lean on other photographers too and sort of got some tips from that there translated as well there's a lot of help am I held along the way which I'm really grateful for and I realize I left out of this equation body was my wedding photographer I'm sorry I didn't include bad but she really does amazing work. So what's somebody look more you know wedding photographer is there a certain style they should look for is it personality b.s because nowadays with the answer Graham. You're very successful on mr. Graham and that's were a lot of photographers art to that kind of stocked them that way and do their research of that apparently you there's so much on social media that you can. Find out about people know so that's a great place to start but. It's also great to just like sit down and and meet with some. A lot of people online aren't necessarily the same as baron person. So when you way are you kidding I'm not adding. Now I get you're exactly right they'll based apiece meeting how really important the screen screen shot of someone is sometimes different I really trying to. Hope that I portray a little bit into my personal life and that. My name on just genuineness comes through with some of my post. We'll have struggles we all have great moments and I try to share a little bit about. I am but you really want your wedding photographer to be able to sit down and and have a conversation with you like have a cup of coffee with you and just be really relaxed around them and they should make you feel. Comfortable because getting your picture taken isn't always comfortable it's weird especially on high pressure gaelic I don't know where you may have family dynamics dipping them out or. You're dealing with weather and the elements. You're exactly right you wanna make sure you're comfortable around that person Scioscia has to face meeting is really important to know how bright figure out what style of photography he wants arm. Basically a lot of their works sell social media is a great place to start but also penned it may be diving into their web sites. And there's really there's a lot of different styles but I guess the biggest one just kind of break it down. Would be teal and one is like a Lake Erie clean bright photographer. Which is what I am but then there's other photographers who are really amazing that used in like a nudie emotional arc style contrasting style. To their work so it just depends on what you want how you would describe. Yourself or your style your body. What do you see are how do you feel when bright come to you and they just immediately opened up a interest page and say hey this is what I like how do you feel on that comet offer I have a love hate. Relationship with interest. It's good because it gives me an idea of what daylight. 'cause I have had brides come to mean and you've got and they open up. You know what whatever it is they show me a bunch of stuff and it's completely not my style and I'm like whoa wait a second. You know I am not may be the person that you looking park is my style is very bright. I'm so and then with interest it to like to copy other people's work so. A lot of times and guides come to mean or even in a new people that just had babies bells say taking need to this and I'll generally Satan. I can do something light kit I can pull inspiration from a but I'm not gonna copy another artist's work is insist it never turns out the same and it's arts right you might not be someone else's some card that gap that may academic total cents. This question I've been I mean ask DO. Because a lot of times when someone has a big like event but there be a newborn or away I mean there's always a photographer in the family. How do you feel when someone says to you won't yeah I want to hire you but there is causing Giles who loves to take pictures to it we might just gold that route or. They wanna kind of do it themselves do you encourage that or do you feel like maybe hire professional for your big day. You know that's hard to salie the professional when he says blow absolutely not do not hire your. You know your uncle Bob we column of the photography world to do your wedding. And as uncle Bob you know and know who that is yeah but there it just depends each person values photography a little bit different. So if you're not really if you really care how your wedding day is gonna role in. But like if you really want your photos to stand the test of time if you want somebody that knows what they're. But really knows what they're doing what the flow of the wedding day involves. 'cause it's from its way more than just taking pictures are basically managing a group of like. One to 300 people throughout the day all day and you're trying to get shots that can't be duplicated the I mean the biggest shots are during the ceremony and I can't say taking you do those album art I can't get it right. Well and I can almost relate to what you're saying in regards to music because I was a former wedding DJ and and working in radio and having access to music files. I've been approached by people who wanna save money that her family and friends whom asked if I would DJ their wedding. And I know problems Hussein do you want you enjoy your wedding in India gas or do you want me work at your wedding ring that's when it comes out of jail for a share. I've had a couple innings action over there where earlier on in my career where wasn't in my contract to say. Hey I really need to be the only one. With a camera on your day with a professional camera. And I've been in situations where. Uncle Bob global bust out his uncle's super big camera and start taking shots and it's just. So it's it makes for an uncomfortable situation because. I want them you know he means well they meanwhile they really want to keep two pictures for the day that you truly cannot enjoy a the essence of the wedding date if you're focusing on taking. Photo which is a perfect segue into some mean that you brought up to Eric and I for our wedding. And I don't exactly what you called the but it was. Maybe it was just called and old fallen ceremony that we called unplugged. Yes yeah that sounds way better than alpha could see that this is what you were talking about you mentioned that to me and I was confused by what that meant but why do you explain. What that it is so basically an unplugged ceremony is just to ceremony where people. You know that the pastor or there's a sign or in whoever's doing that the judge whoever's saying the ceremony. They'll say arm which phones Elaine really kind of just be part of the moment and take it all and because there's a professional that will. Captured for a couple so that iPhone picture you know the united chances are you're not gonna frame and put an opinion Hans. Thank you again and it's just it's so much more. To be present instead of being you know having. Having your phone and in taking a really good picture phone which can be done but it really takes away from the moment. And of pride walking down the aisle she doesn't want to see. Your phone in front of faith she wants to see your eyes she wants to see you know you light up in ticket Allen and see the first look between. You know her and her husband if enough they haven't done better at it so it just it really pulls people into the moments. Absolutely and lacked any citizen are you excited to meet you. You said when I do you view your pictures do you really what ST drama in the background with her face covered with a leopard print cell phone to set up a bit or I can get into exactly what you said. And hanging Graham I don't think even has a leopard print cellphone case or a cell phone blight. The point stays the same and that was my point of yeah your rights and you all know what he's cosmic plan a wedding it's not cheap you want people to enjoy the day. And I did notice when you took pictures over sort of of us the people in the background to them they were all watching in the and I stand by you don't want that person that put the first picture up on social media that drive up and Brian Elliott and if you're that person. Just know the bride probably wasn't happy with you whether she said it or not to hit but I unplugged it. She did that for a lot of things really pressure. There's a lot do you do that your trips he travels so much in you document nighter against Graham. And I know you are photographer so do you have moments where you tell your husband banning hate. No phones are now let's actually when he retired and even a lot of plays well it's mostly just mean how could. Pay phone let's be honest here I'm she really is gonna I'm playing because he's on his phone all bill he gets a million calls a day at all times. So he's really good with complaining am. Answer me I really it's a fine line of being able to document says. As well as just putting my finally there are definitely times where I just their moments that I have in my heart another sitting in my back pocket that aren't documented. By that I still have cell but generally I AE document quite a dead arm but it's super enjoyable for me like it's not. To me that's not work it's just like. But make cameras an extension of another it's like another eyeball look in you are knowing knowing who you are as a person tier corps you are. Such a giving person and your photos are such a gift and they're so beautiful that's you sharing your gift with the world soul I appreciate stocking errands to perhaps and every time you posted straddles it and husband are going here are going to Arizona. We're going to display is a lot able to these hysterical place is out there are so many cool places now let's talk about the do's and don'ts on the big day when it comes to photos that might be a broad question and thinking you'd dig into that at all but what if someone. Is dealing with some kind of like awkward family dynamic where. Moms and dads don't get along because there's a divorce or any of that stuff like how can you. What should you do or not do or should you force the whole family together for big family photo because it's important to the bride and how do you handle that it's a case by case basis I'm pictured and go over all of those dynamics. Before the wedding to settle in on wedding day I am. I know exactly who everybody is I know where they're standing and know who their places are. I known names not just momma Brian and I know that the mom of the bride's name is Jill or. The dad's name is Jack yeah or go to Jack and. And where his uncle Bob he's up there could occur. Yeah exactly camera so you know look. Players are and you asked for a little background and fowl idea. If everybody's cool with each other situation can make a list and then I just basically roll through that list really quickly. Arm and I you know. Brides and grooms are generally really sensitive to. Nobody wants to force anyone into situations. I am sell rides and grooms are generally cool a lot of parents by the time their children are adults. They're cool with each other even though there's a divorce or an ever so it's you don't have to run and then allot it sounds like no I do actually is a good. But it's just people generally. Generally here on their best behavior what things some ten does not. Put them you would hold you hold all the people can realize it's about the bride and a girl her shirt that's not always not undoubtedly the case. Let's talk about why you shouldn't say cheese and again take a photo I learned this from Wadi. And if you're someone that has ever taken a photo with us here at the radio station maybe you Marty heard us say this if we don't say cheese during thought house what are we say a lot gates. Again he. A lot of thought cornered and you've taught me that bullet like a year ago two years ago and now I implement it with a group photos but explain why. OK so when you I'm not sure who weird that even started but. When you say the word cheese China now operating she. Ease she is you put your mouth and the like are really weird position looks hot corners just what's really offered and it feels awkward and it's not. It's just not fun in the arm and so just coming up with a different word coming have to come up with a different word besides spaghetti because I feel like everybody sit there and up. It kinda especially kids it really connectors him often came to save exited it's a really fun word. And it just relaxes you a little bit and relaxes your mouth it totally dies a natural smile again he. Sheen hit it right. That's a start that trend now start saying this to Betty. One LP. All that are amateur photographers and announcing amateur with eight fancy. Camera I'm saying am pitchers. Like myself with an iPhone. There any tips that you can give us about what not to do when it comes to taking pictures are posting hammer filters or whatnot. Yeah oh gosh there's a lot but I think the most important. Really is so there's probably two things so the things that make or break a photo are made light. And be composition of the phone and a so a lot of times will be at a wedding what do you mean in a composition of the photo blog on it and I bet I hit it so with the lights. I can't tell you how many times people have come up to Meehan in weddings and said hey don't you want to turn your subjects into belie it. And I just kind of chuckle and and I am saying no I don't and Maine they look at meal inquisitive Lee and I explain it well when you have subjects facing the light. So that the sun is shining onion you're squinting your guy is. And the light and an iPhone if you're wearing sunglasses sure that's going to be at a decent picture. But I was polite behind people sick kind of casts and nice soft glow behind and come back cleaning. It just it creates a different locked band when your subjects are facing cancel it so if someone is standing outside they want to get picked Arthur iPhone you recommend having seen the flash on it I'm hearing you correctly but yet having their back to the sun yes bingo. Wall. This is a game changer air crash during the day. In television. We back lady when we do TV so yeah yeah. That makes a lot of sense now that now that you say that interesting doctor lobby look up to you until you gotta be a photographer and I think we've come up to and say you know don't don't just think. Uncle Bob and instead play up and go among Obama. Know what what else though when it comes to taking the lake. Using filters and things like that an instant Graham and stuff you know filters and arts and never critique anyone's flake artistry if anything. You know something that's been the only thing I I don't choose as well ninety Letterman wedding photos actually sit make sure that the lighting in the color composition everything is. Correct and a lot of times people put a filter on the photos and it makes them look like in political I can't look at ever really great tan with this. You know this low five filter whatever but filters general Lee. You gotta be careful of kids that color of people's skin tones is really important and photos so yeah that's even servicers even alters exactly how you lock them when you post a picture against Gramm. Fancy camera on the I would say in 99.9. Percent are with Manny Manny. Fancy camera Shia I really can't seeking backup camera yeah. But there are still I love food photography says sometimes if I'm like Alex. There are photos that I'll just. I didn't bring my camera with mean so I'll snap a picture with my iPhone if it's in like natural light to any apps that you use for our. Any kind of editing on your phone that people can download yeah actually. I have a Photoshop on my phone but I do pay for that and as a professional photographer just. It links on to my phone that makes but you can get a pretty ged Photoshop app just Adobe Photoshop app. They used to be a secret of mine but you know. Like when I started out but I think it's a great excuse if you can I think it's like four nanny nine just oh that's not bad India OK so lastly before we try this come blow job. Which looks very Barry green it's aggressive it's. Your entry of body. What tips do you have of how to oppose in pictures. Lonnie changed my life after we took a picture. At a concert at summer past what country show was. That seasonal dean. Now maybe I guess his resounding we took a picture and Lahti who again as a personal trainer at the time. And bodies models and she's is TV commercials and things like that she knows a little bit about being in front of the camera besides being behind the camera. And you said to me friend to friend you were very sweet about it you said you need to learn how to oppose in pictures because he's doing yourself a disservice the way you're standing and everyone puts their hand on him like that's just the thing but it's not just that or. Specifically about that. You told music go in front of the Mir and practiced different poses no the camera is. So how can you explain it to someone that's Palestinian that that I'm doing a poor job explaining how to figure that out I guess let's just start off by saying like okay going in front of the mere imposing that sounds like big confused thing. I actually did it. But it's one of those things where you know you're gonna get your picture taken some time in your life like. You might as well embrace that instead of just fighting it so that's why it's it's good it's good to have practiced taking photos and no especially nowadays everyone currency with their cameras on principle shyly from the camera that I'm like there are just certain things that you continued to really. Make yourself look better and everyone in Hollywood doesn't so a couple things is not hurt to stand straight on to the camera is it makes it it'll generally macular. Boxee. I'm seals wanna be at the camera and an income that's the first thing and then the second thing. Is in its counter intuitive but like leaning in to the camera. If that makes sense on because what that does is if you lean and so your your head is closer to the camera. Your head is can appear bigger in nearby Heidi is can it be smaller not in a Bobble head sort of it just. I can't explain it it's just. It's great to experiment just have a photo of you so he's looked so good because people. How of that industry I hate Celsius 82 general I'm not a an app I'm a fan of some of someone else is holding the camera for some reason to close to you're too close and you look weird. That's another thing appears with a group of people. Don't sell Fiat set up your self timer on camera all iphones how bomb and then it's like a 32 timer tons second timer. Hit it and then walk away from the camera because it just that person closest to the cameras I was gonna look baker. He has person on the far end is the smallest. So which kind of brings you back to composition right. No these are great tips so practice in front of the meaner practice the other thing and show what it comes delay taking pictures and things like that. For someone it like my job that is out at public events and people are stepping all kinds of pictures from all kinds of angles if you know something like that. Try and whatever you're wearing and have someone that you love and trust take pictures of you from all different angles because there are certain. Outfits that look great person but do not photograph well from the and then it's doing a disservice you might spend 200 dollars on a dress but because of where the least starts and stops and looks like your knees are cut off ring and it looks really weird that that's my little tidbit that I learned to take a picture of what your clothes are because they just a totally different sometimes yeah. Whether photographed pressure specially bride your wedding dresses get a picture and probably have wanted to make sure you do. That's how I decide it would just a pick and I was between two dresses and my sister took a photo and won the lace was all blockers. In the picture I did was not happening and. Someone else may be enough for me all right your muscle is awesome and a my passion was the talk six. You know what I've I've actually told my husband said let's begin couples that go to Vegas and Mike I'll put my dress on a whole lot I event we just got married then people will give us three drinks he thinks we're not what I look at them and so we're not the only people that lie about our identities in Vegas Federer literally you do it happens and they registrations don't hang on the back of my closet ballots that's you know really weren't that one time. We don't know teeth busted out I paid five university are going to hate anniversary or go to Vegas a ten we just got married and we'll have our honeymoon I was telling everyone was our honeymoon and I can characters kind of embarrassed I said. And as for what it's words legally did not is doing a nice dinner yet I am ashamed and that's. So OK speaking out by drinks and food let's try this come boot shop case. I think you should let people down to not to shake it up for which I did like a lot of first gave it to me I show a little but it's gonna explode all over so it should be settled now as somewhere and a white Jean jacket. People are gonna hate me if I get stuff all over the studio were by Elvis electrical equipment in our we got cloudy can look at your face tells me and I slams you have to just peel off their app. The consulate do you do it. Gritty get this stuff I generally shopped at outpost or whole foods. The kid anywhere. I think targets that I should mention this is not an ad people are so weird about is it matters and not a man not an and we can't even get it is just pure entertainment and my perfect. You drink the whole thing. And body doesn't age and you should find her on against a ground lot. Which you will link up at night I wanna mix dot com but. Girl doesn't age is soybean it's easier secrets AG unit there's a lot of electors spent a lot of include like green things more I don't know the source of life come boots. That are idealistic except. Look I like that you do that's awesome I feel like it has alcohol and it hit a couple things that. Really can't Trace amount they'll make a teeny teeny tiny yeah I'm playing point 05%. After this is. Really really good what's that other stuff that you brought you the Niger the other stuff at some temples to America harm to America and governor hunt CNET Tamara I've heard. All different and it's it's a mineral green elixir that Obama has really effect that one I would drink it because I would have to drink it that's how this could come which I would drink it because I would enjoy it doesn't morning. Yup and it has so it has piece of good black tea green tea. We don't you dramatics you don't get drunk now from a couple I'm only asking because I worked in radio and the idea I was taking a drink unison and driving you can't drink interactive point zero for a point 01 pursue its doesn't read on the bottle actually. Somewhere in the that's a really aggressive one to try first. Arm there's some other ones out there that you can China lake strawberry flavored and all sorts of stuff like that but. I Lang gets the green has remained my favorite and then one final thing what is this multi collagen protein and tell me what this is a little packet that she also brought me she came with gets hit it. I may started putting collagen and like buying green team and I give up coffee a couple of years ago craziness that is. But I I'm with you I don't drink coffee talks I like it maybe once a while had a we let me out it like just accused mean. Puts me only the super high in the night crash of green tea as sip green teal day that's another secret a pink. I'm and it just isn't this constant level and energy. So but anyways so this college and packet and started putting in Maine my coffee. Who actually learned from my nails tell. We put in your coffee taste after I answer my my tee and putting you can put in your copiers T got a dozen or persisting but I put MIT. And it's odorless flavor Ellis and basically just really helps mind. The condition of my skin and hearing handles it well you're watching refinement as you do you look great you don't age. It's amazing and it's amazing every time I see do you look Asante. And I'm so glad you came on the podcast. Having me this goes so far and I've had you written in my at little notes for awhile because as another pod cast I would like to record with you in the future. A Holler to completely start a new career. Airliner as he basically did that why don't for a shirt is our mid life but it sounds better as a title. When late thirties he had totally out of midlife crisis you couldn't immediately change CNN now look what you're doing you follow your dreams and I feel like a lot of people around this time mid 30s40s. He may be they have had kids are now older and out of the house and they don't need him you know appearance as much C a more time for yourself. This is not legally start thinking am I finding fulfillment and what I am doing McCain and you are an example of that silly come back to channel that one of these days absolutely probably after all your Wainscott you're really busy right now. But Italy again reach out cloudy bloody dot Lilly and you won't not regret following in her instant Rampage your pocketbook might because you're gonna wanna take an occasion I promise. Camelot you Lillian dot com thank you so much my friend for being here today. This is then the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elisabeth tape if you enjoy this episode chair with a friend make sure to subscribe I stand and leave revealed. Thanks for listening.