The Biebs Is Back!

Tuesday, February 20th

Radar and Producer Dave talk about Justin Bieber going back into the studio.


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Group this big pop star I'll be done. The BBC Justin Bieber fresh out of his amazing scene celebrity all star game appearance at the end males that weekend. He said he go back into the studio but. Don't worry he's not making an album or worried. I don't know do you worry or do you not worry when someone goes on the radio Madonna wanna make an album he's in the studio but he's not making an album and get it yet they're saying that he's just begun his. Process in quotes. So he's listening in creating music but has no album planned. It that every day of life at least my work and but isn't every day and lighten your. Music artists like you're always thinking about what you wanna do and thinking about leaders and thinking about obviously you ready to go into the studio hey there you can do that and you badgered. Yeah you do I couldn't work from home invited do this by myself from home. I would be. Mine mine to be drifting I'd be looking at stuff I'd be watching TV guys are decent years in Elizabeth and David we sit here on radar but. Well yes this is it's it's hard to do that when. You're not in the studio sorry you're not in the aura of what you need to be so he's in the studio that's good to get his mind prepped and ready to go he's focused. At one of those kids who what the library whenever they needed to study. Don't know I could do that either because would be bored so he just didn't study not could have the TV on the same time I had the study but I couldn't do it in the library. It's condone or if enough people are locked and buys stuff and it's too quiet for me but yet with the TV on some like it I could do that it. Well I'm hoping that you know beater from the new out of it honestly like he. He did some stupid stuff back in the day and you know it's yesterday. Trying to redeem himself. Selena together again I'm open for the best for him honestly I think it's Selena back in his life and he's got to change. Apple's going to be some good stuff or who believes a whole new bays that you've gotten is on the neck.