The Best Phone You've Never Seen

Thursday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar with Producer Dave talk about the new Apple products and created one of their own.  

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Would you pay a thousand dollars for your our new iPhone because that's what's gonna happen based on what apple announced yesterday. That gap Elizabeth and radar sunny and eighty today and dig deep and those pockets and wanna do that holy cow will apple unveiled a bigger iphones at higher prices moved and the apple watch this kind of incredible and has a heart tracking monitor on there we're continuing a picture of your hard and it can even. Detect if you take a fault. Remember those commercials those infomercial I went on we homesick from school yeah you push the button and thought I can't get out you know colleges did did a relative and an apple lots and it'll. Detect and it's a life savings Kris I'm pretty cool and his big time sexy light a thousand I'll assure you crazy guys but I. Yet again. This is something that I've been working on tirelessly day after day you've been working out of a newer better product is better than my own phone and it's pretty exciting to have the best phone out there. That's as to how do we know about this economy here about what I'm glad you asked amid a flurry of course all we again have. Bullies. Ho ho hum yeah everything is in the hall of fuel and you can now have everything. At your fingertips. Literally. It's good news I'm flow and seven point nine full line goes all the phones may be six inches in sickness but this one will only have. A millimeter and those are the phones have already noticed Larry. Will alive info and seven point 29 floors as Ford. And nobody pushing here for this camera is just being a gentleman in the picture would be dead in your guy in it. This all works completely on his mind to call control. If you call now to order your phone will never show our lives because this. Is zinc. The line phones set and pulling and I. OK okay. Seven point nine popular dating a lot of iterations of this don't know what apple better watch out that if you're on us on top of.