Bad Accents, Twins and baby showers

Friday, August 3rd

Elizabeth and Radar talk about least attractive accents, an odd coupling with twins and baby shower fun!

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TJ I have everybody can still it's Friday EE AR after cast with Elizabeth and radar because the bundled stop. At 9 o'clock or act producer Dave is headed to Toronto for a family wedding and I opened up some yogurt. Some triple cream yogurt. I won't eat it on India on the after cast other for me. Now some what is this is Esther the green I cited Starbucks I don't know it's really good I Atlantic style strained yogurt. Chocolate but strange yogurt I have no idea I don't know it's chocolate flavored. Yeah it into the game whether somebody different flavors and styles of yogurt. Arnold and I love yogurt I YouTube is going to offer to buy some of them because animal they taste writer standalone. And sometimes it's an employer days I remember when I tried creaky ogre I got Vista does so bitter and that and have become obsessed with it. And this is supposed to more protein into the Greek yogurt so by age by some Greek yogurt I don't like it you'll just heated. Zach explorer acts okay good correct and I do like Shaq and I sometimes like a better dairy tastes. I do buttermilk I used to drink buttermilk just straight out and straight out of a car hitting my drama would be the buttermilk into not only be yelling Nancy it's at it's for okay how about a read about grapefruit. Love it all Mike you know we're done I'm done Broward together you know my redemption my office my drink of choice right now is actually grapefruit into tila. OK well let's differently you're heading tequila but I talk about the great group where you know my mom would cut hamper a little bit of sugar on it and then scoop battles are different sound columns. Add that what we are talking about food today because on the air we talked about the least attractive accident in the United States of America is showing your shirt CH can and below. I think it's pretty sexy looks and actually as much I wanna rip Chicago though I love the city of Chicago I just like. Harass the sports teams. Close to Chicago I feel if it's a United States poll we should be lumped in the annals with Milwaukee me most guns and you know really. Yeah I don't you know all he had I don't know why you'd talk up beer back. You know I candlelight basic gaggle accident. That is very Chicago well I grew up with that in easy to land on idea and my sister still Brenda ceased gyroscope and the Chicago comes out you. Even though she doesn't live in the city were closed to the city anymore but yet. Just sit there and say. I get your radio station on the way to work the acting you did was still funny that's which sounds like. You are correct because they act in Chicago is spelled DAT yet to act. Get paint getting over there a Chicago is the least attractive accent apparently. The most attractive with Texas and get them up to Texas you go to because sometimes Texas. I have friends that live in Texas. As they can sound a little dom well that's country's southern accent you know we got the difference. I've Bobby Brown out there are Lugar's not my dad Billy Joseph way it was going around The Hague rep that all over there emerged out of your backs that they don't does this. You know and things like that is extra. Or you have the city southern which is little more the more subdued more you know educated I find that attractive because that it does Matthew McConaughey and his Iran dollar at dollar EAC although he's never indicated that. I digress bed at night doing just fine and it is doing just fine we also talked about these super twins out of Michigan. This is insanity now imagine if your sister Mary to your boyfriend's brother rate now. Imagine this. In Michigan there are identical twin girls marrying this weekend. Identical twin boys how does it happen either all we did together I guess I could see that because twins got to have the same thoughts maybe it is an attraction but. They're marrying OK they're marrying another set of twins and remove any other. I don't know about there's more going on there that. I beat you to tell you when you wake up with a battle than hiding your broad audience of again you do a tap tap on somebody's behind Laporte copy you don't realize oh my gosh sorry it's the twin sister until you can go south real quick to get on main Noam Zion. Oh my gosh that's what they're doing a whole what are your plans this weekend our plans. Baby showers so I have three sisters two of them are pregnant and there about a month apart in their due date. I'm posting my sister Natalie shower at our house tomorrow my sister Gretchen shower is Sunday and then after that we're headed to my nephew's birthday parties it's like family party USA this weekend are you playing those fun little games and are you know doing. You know they open up the US and if you break the bullets kick you get a handle words of well there is again and my sister Natalie is doing it's called an over under game and against were seen kind. Were hitting on something you know with gifts I don't know how it works she she plan that part of the shower it's her shower I don't know what it is yet a blind older never put a diaper on a baby dollars and like. But if I'm being honest I haven't got a baby shower. Since my nephew which was almost nine years OK so I'm not kidding fan of the baby showers as someone that can't have their own children it's sometimes hard for me to go to baby showers and this is sort of is a big deal for me to go to my sister showers this weekend and I don't somebody began its hard Burmese style. I think my sisters are respectful of that and I understand the sensitivity of a little bit of a wanna be a distraction I don't wanna be pity party. I love my life by the good life but this has been something that just have to come to realize that. Having my own baby probably is in the cards for me so I'm throwing in a shower so I can be busy so steam and have to sit. And an awkward relatives I don't know it's able. Have a baby. I'll. Okay Nancy makes a lot Nance. Where's the beer right that's yeah. Yeah it is my sister's party actually speaking of the year. What we're doing is a she wanted to barbecue bash she wanted to be a coed baby shower really relaxed yeah our games going to be tough on. All the couples are coming in all their kids are coming to. We black he's like eighty can't uzis is that I think it. Yankees I think it's kind of fun and we we have I filled up these little bags of popcorn. And it takes Nazis are about to you all you are still crap he I really help pay interest I just different interest. Now you can go in the business I'm speaking to gear up front grads who met the Wisconsin state fair yeah. Sarah either Deval tonight definitely. Tomorrow's going to be really hot and I have a softball tryouts so we have the trying to get to the state fair and because my youngest has been to the state fair already. They won enough to guardian today cited trying to catch up to her you know she's a social butterfly that's because radar lives by the ferry he ways people into his yard not all we can park for a buck. Hey that's college IPs for college years it's cheap it's Noah actually my son not Johnnie bus yes. It's probably like a parking my drive way but it I was leading generalization that all these kids are out there waiting to see they'll find it's. This is critic talent spot and then they also get a free water ballots in a parking spots of did all it I like the parking spot with a bottle water like the ones elect to use the bathroom and I like the ones I promise you won't be parked and. Yet to leave your keys there with the knowledge of the kind of partner because over the must now is that I've never parked in one of the laundry if you do that for fun just to say I've experienced that. Is the lawns are very go to west Dallas they don't have to be good as your parking on the line and I want you somebody else's bathroom especially you know. A yellow president bill thanks for the park in special odd man. Well I've heard this weekend we hope we have a great weekend coming up on Monday's shell we're talking about terrible family traditions that you married into because Megan Markel. Has to deal with some nonsense because of the clean yeah she's. She's evident castles sell if it means you live in a castle I McCain he's like the princess locked away in the castle according to her dad and I kind of believe him. I'm telling you I do they don't let her out she needs air. He needs to visit her family continues to cease to sparkle needs to anything to stop talking has had to let Tommy C he is kit that has been not paranoia on Twitter on route to another boys. Well thanks for out watching the after cast or if you're listening in because we do we are recordings we have this on a podcast as well we appreciate it and will be back on Monday more so every week and everybody had a great weekend is gonna turn off our live we just gonna keep it on your show ordered I have. Exactly what we're doing. For the rest of the shell yesterday where he got. Oh there is your money and help them up real quick.