Bachelor Bits with The Commissioner

Tuesday, January 23rd

Bachelor fans...did Arie make a big mistake with Bekah M? Should he get rid of Krystal already and who do you think should be the next Bachelorette? That's what Elizabeth Kay is talking about this week with Bachelor fantasy league commissioner Emily and her fellow league player Katie.


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It's the bachelor addition of fifty shades of K I'm your host Elisabeth today. Isn't lifestyle podcast to talk about all different kinds of things from Botox. Two parent teen to your sex lives to reality TV like the bachelor advice for annaly is here with her good friend TD. Hello ladies. You think and a vague term meaning here because they are in a bachelor fantasy league. Emily you're the commissioner of the league and in this podcast we're gonna talk about this week's episode. We're talked about our opinions of our area what we think about back at amp. And that age difference between her RE or talked about crystal amber gonna talk about who you choose think. Is gonna win in the end but first annaly as the commissioner of the bachelor fantasy league. How does this all gets started. That's pretty anything weird just talking about those on the way and a few years ago right before and season we had kind of some. Crummy stuff going on in our family and so we just wanted to do something silly that we cut laugh about every week despite people living in different states. And at that time ABC had just sort of teased this concept of a backs are leagues so we said. Why not let's go for insurance to everyone in the family to do it even the guys not everybody watches the show but they do believe it. Mostly as a peer pressure but also for the weekly email and humor behind it out now what is some of the humor you're saying is what you watch on the shelves are you seeing more as a commissioner youth tennis and you know funny things so I dual weekly commentary email which is my interpretation of what happened on the shell. Several people in the leaks say that they Purdue as bait just for the weekly email because it's. Taking aim at the comedy aspects of the show bringing them polite and making fun of the decisions of whom ever done that. There's always big to make fun of when it comes to the bachelor now TD have you been in it since the beginning. Not very heavy gain I think I'd joined effect and it's. Season OK on site downtrend on board and I hadn't watched it too much before then but it can really pulling you and then. I quit because he is when it comes the bachelor people can relate to the show as goofy as it is because we all. Ben and love or wanted to be in love we ball perhaps been dumped or we don't someone else or maybe we planned what the army moving north friend that's deep meaning gays are we can relate to all different aspects of what the show brings to the table. And it's the ultimate my gap. Are they gonna fall in love us aren't all so let's talk about Ari TV let's go to you first what do you think about Larry. So I really liked him no weight when you see at first you mean and the league season. Because I loved him and Emily season by the different viewpoint of him right now. I don't see I'll Percy OK you're saying now as the bachelor you liked him he had just like when it opened up I thought he was going to be gut. By tomorrow and I knew he was kind of Lorena doesn't seem to be much like behind him personality yeah I'm not. A lot of depth and the person. The same am. I not the last what you don't have them how he sees his parents every other day. And he hangs up without all the time he was in Scottsdale Arizona and he has money he's got lucky can't get a date it's like well what the hack his or anything else. When I'm emphasize race car driving and we wouldn't think this team I think when they started the season they pitched him as a really really nice guy each and what and wheat so with our league you you watch the present a solid you fill out your bracket for the whole season to kind of like March Madness so you're predicting all the way to the and and everybody picked you know Smart intelligent girls. Typically alleys and a Lauren asked. Just to make decisions based and cool with this is the best would you like Saturday yell and Joey is an. Ari is known for being in the you know romantic type and it what I have found between him and nick V Vernon back to the last season I loved Nikki when he was a contestant on the bachelorette. And I love Ari when you as a contestant. On the bachelorette but I soon realized when he became the Levy even. What I liked about them work. It was aspects of you know there's little conversation and a they left great making out on camera but now is the lead you realize there's not a whole lot on on their personality. That you didn't realize when they took a backseat to the bachelorette yet because it plays right they were the co stars. So back and the last night's result from Greece she revealed. That she's 22. Parties 3614. Year age difference. Do you think she should capped her family party think he's in a letter go can he did keep. Our. Timmy is interesting the way that they resolved that conflict was essentially by making now so what approach this time. So there's always a problem just me. Where you are out when you're 22 oil leak realistically you're just out of college you don't necessarily know where you're headed in mind I didn't know what drink to order correctly at a at a bar I was more or less is give me beer precise range and that's pretty much what he said like I want you to go live your life. But again and they just resolved a by making outs I really don't think that's panning out well but I think she's gonna put up a fight to state and she's very features. Steam because she's mature she has good perspective on things but I feel like she's too Smart for him. Age difference aside and she's just she's Smart she's all of them are gone upstairs and perhaps are you guys now Katie wood about you do you think you should a center home. I don't think he was going to like right on the spot like that if you like her too much but there's chemistry there right I don't think in an ultimately keep her. Buy it. Even now as a sack. There's Tim is chemist and thing for her him political right away but you think eventually she'll be gone oh yeah I am no way showing hands I yeah I agree we all can agree that she'll she'll be there for a little while and he'll have a fun time with her but then eventually if she's really looking for. Marriage at the animal has. I think two's she's going to be gone so we had a discussion on the air this morning about Kristall. Crystal is sort of the villain she's the one right now that's becoming really paranoid. Ever reality show somebody gives super paranoid. And just it's kind of weird now because out of their comfort zone and they're portraying her as that. But her voice. Her voice is driving people it's necessarily help curb. Voice so make fun of that. She turns I'm not at times this valley girl Bibi talk whiny voice. Do you guys think it's an actor do you think that she's really sounding like this Katie what do you think. I think she can milk it for all of and it's worth like she. She tried not Horton hears some. Ice actually turned it on more than he needs to play. She exaggerates it more iron. And her normal she hasn't extra syllable like the word high eight is how. That's not to celebrate winners John. The commissioner I believe anything. I inducing did an act however always try to empathize and the person that paper trays of villain expecting their some mates characterization going man. But once she says things like. Everything I am I gonna say is going to be perfect and people unions flawless it's getting harder and harder to. To returns. And it it's rooting for her I'm just trying not to get on the ball of light the snippets that you're seeing is everything that he has slipped for the producers. Trying to put out entertaining show like we said earlier with such as little personality for Mari. They needed trying to find trauma anywhere they can and I gleaned there is something from crystal man his age. Difference with packet and that's kind of where there rats. Now use setting your league heavily most people said I'm Elise and Lauren asks who are both gone and that was there panic. Is there anybody that's front runner right now all that easy. All those. A weird season and I think may be some of it is the lack of depth behind Harry rate normally when people watch the first episode. They feel the whole bracket for the season there are some consistency. This season it was. Really across the board in terms of trying to project what this I was gonna deal but I would say to other people that people like our T. Back off from Minnesota he is teen Wiener that's in college just from Wiener Arkansas yeah. And Jacqueline fans to that was kind of the innocents in media now is the girl was Graham the castaway is she gonna come back. Attempting to house score that every week I have to go into score what needs to see if she wasn't a limb you must eliminated and they didn't address it sell ice quarter as eliminated because I don't think she's coming back but if she does. I have to re score soul Woolsey. And now Katie who you inform. Ire originally put at Jacqueline but he had a tough act for the first so far by that is I'm not sure it's going and Jack glamour our youth I haven't seen in any thing sometimes in her back and I do like backup from Minnesota. She's attack front yes I think she's a top runner and Tia now normally. I go on the spoiler web sites and I read spoilers every year because here at work. And I really early and I can't catch every persona wanna mil what necessarily to talk about the next day on the year. I haven't diet. Because I wanna keep talking YouTube during the season and maybe do another podcast and I know you have a rule homily at the commissioner. No spoilers absolutely sell the. We will not let anyone in the league that does any type a true researchers spoilers and I'm so serious about this as a commissioner I have to fill out my bracket first before except anybody else says because I don't wanna be swayed by other people's opinions so were buried serious yeah about about plane it's fair and not doing any spoiler research and it's fun and it's just a commute break for the week. Yeah in addition to like filling out the whole bracket I added bonus questions in year two just to give people link what do you mean. So if people make light may be a bad pick right away it was hard for them to climb up the ranks so I create bonus questions that are five peace at five point. Each so one of them was. Back at age is an initially room the only ones using her true ages who gets the first one on one who's gonna meet the parents first. Which crystal what met the parents right away. Her first one out one day holy cop car that's. Really put the cart in front of the horse right there yeah. Helping move that was big move yeah I was really bold now do you think he's gonna actually find love in the season do you think there's potential there. Family. You always hope that they deal I mean that's the that point of the show us. I'm not. It typically have got like somebody I'm really rooting for and I don't have like a pack leader in this crew so it's hard for me to project who is gonna and up went but whoever it is hoped that the chairman church. And a good fit for and that is we want to see and be happy. Katie what about you know. Hope he does buy it I don't think some of the girls are right fit for him TI and him have some like similar background where may be but again I think she's too I think she's too quick. I think she's too quick on. That's the steely they mean I want but I I like TNT I don't know by media and Ari together. That's my only thought. Do any people that your rooting for to maybe be did Axel right. That you like that she doesn't get picked in the end and less like tied to a bachelorette but I am. Fingers crossed and a time that they bring Peter back like I was I mean I can. That team that was super Christ you were crushed. And everyone else was crossed Peter Krause if you can't remember it was on the bachelorette season with Rachel he's from Wisconsin and I'm with you that Peter I thought it was a really good guy. I tell you bumped an even a box game. Did you see that picture on you always see what happened. So I was a box game this was this past season and I'm down and upon a lot in the area. And my friend according looks over and she says it's Pierre on the bachelorette. Turnaround sure enough and he is pretty good looking in person let me tell yeah. We are nervous club and talk to this guy so we haven't talked to him and he was really really nice we took a picture and I tweeted a picture out later. As in hey remember Peter prowess. He reads we did it and made a joke and said remember. It's not like I'm dead yeah. Oh well. And the Peter Krause fans. Came after me on social media know like how dare I don't know I think people wouldn't remember repeater which I actually just introduced in here this contest by saying hey remember he beat her. It wasn't like. The biggest celebrity to come out of the series so I just thought maybe people don't know we as the your big fans. CNN I just did not understand that like the slack he got at the end of the season for not being ready to. Being married okay let's talk about the seat at five total that he was somebody. And you're expected to the polls like he was being very real Mary I don't reality show out. And and the other person to go back to your original question. I'm always going to be and team Daniel them like anybody from Wisconsin I'm gonna be like rooting for them what season was yeah. Danielle and was on next and she's from Germantown and Al I think Daniel damn yelling yeah she yeah yeah nurse from German time when there yes yeah so either of those back I am I happy camper yeah golf Wisconsin and Katie what about you. See care line coming back. She had a pretty strong personality. And could can do that I'm rooting for maybe the Yale graduate to come back. Or maybe TS using get in the end I mean I think he has really really funny I mean she was the enemy the comment last night interest of it's a row summoned speed bigger face. I think that's funny that's funny television talent Moneyline it OK one final question for you to you before we wrap this up. You could be on the bachelor. The bachelorette. Which would you pack Katie and that's tons apparently. The vasser at. You wanna be able to pick among oh yeah less trauma I think there are times you sky isn't oops they can pretty dramatic sometimes finally what about you death. Only the same when I watch the bachelor I'm just not the personality that's gonna compete for attention in and overbearing or dramatic ways cell. Let's shift the power back Miley in a bill that more comfortable. And going to the bachelor aren't you get a stylist that give you a larger around here in the mansion and you gotta pick and choose the dates that definitely has way more perks to be wanna contestants because. See how it's intimidating we always women that they pack. Are successful their own way and they are type a personalities and there are beautiful and that can be hard to have to compete with all of that that would be hard. I agree with you will thank you so much commissioner annaly. Katie bachelor fantasy league we'll do another one of these may be near the finale somewhere around there I'll bring you ladies back and talk more about the bachelor thanks ladies. If you enjoy this podcast and you wanna hear more make sure to subscribes to can be updated when there's a new episode so to subscribe just podcasts on your Smartphone. Open your podcast app. Or use your Google play app in the search backs tight end at fifty shades of okay. Now the fifties spelled out so it's 50. Shades of Kate once the podcast comes up click on it and then hit the subscribe button and as always reveal any comments or suggestions for the podcast. Feel pretty email me at Elizabeth Kay radio at That's Elizabeth KEY radio. At Thanks for listening.