Ask a Pro: How to be a Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media Mogul

Thursday, August 2nd

How would you like to get paid to be on Instagram?

Learn more in today’s “Ask A Pro” episode with return guest, the curvy fashionista, Pamela Kieck.

Pam is a blogger and social media star. She’s here to answers all of your questions about to you too can be successful on social media.

To start following Pam – visit her blog at or find her on Facebook or on Instagram @pamelakieck

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You're listening to the fifty shades of pink podcast with host Elizabeth K a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are. Gang but not always saying hey this is big. In today's episode of ask a troll we are talking to my good friend Pamela key clues back. Day and she is a fashion lifestyle blog. They're and a social media superstar. You really are you've created quite the brand I have to Graham and with your blind. Also as soon to be podcast European look out for that's gonna add that her resume she's known for being a curvy fashion he stuck. Since you aren't this social media. Superstar. And you also do social media market meaning Communist social media marketing manager at the spot at plastic surgery associates. I thought why not just throw this out there to some FaceBook friends and some to podcast listeners. If you could asked the social media are rock star any question what would it be. And I you ready for this because that it got some really great questions here and ready bomb first off. We're gonna start with Caron and I want to know this question TO how much time do you spend a blonde teen daily your pictures are fascinating. Devalues her products are promoting link is this a full time job for you. Common someday is I mean there are some is very lazy and I understand Blake. Twenty minutes opt eighty may answer Graham but it I mean I know a state that relate to dedicate it up by Alex. In our word to an hour and a half and solely I and Blake in Easter Graham an hour just on face Spock. And is that mean you responding to people does that mean you. You post steam in the wake of post seen responding to people liking other people's things to gain more traffic to my main page stuff like that and that. Is another question 20 yeah it comes to gene more followers. You are about almost 40000 followers right now on its Graham and that's that's a lot. He dec come from a the forty talked about how you were. Involved in the post with the dress that you wore. And I woke up to like 101000 dollars to remain as they have a lot of followers that they tell you what you talking about commenting on other people's accounts and what is the secret behind that. So what I do as I if I ain't. Similar blockers. And and let you know I kind of look Hammond and they're stop I'll comment and have a people that followed those bloggers. You know lake. Oh my god I love your blazer you now you should check it. My page for you know some more. Outfit inspirations are rapper. And then they get redirected to page and that and is an actor I mean is that because social media and it can't does that make it. Look like he could be that taking over someone else has polished or they give what you're doing I mean I didn't I'm Nat necessarily doing out in other bloggers paid and as deep going and finding their following. It got it yeah so you look for her. Local bloggers or bigger. That Milwaukee bloggers solid I think legal local bloggers I mean were. Pretty lightly at tight Knick little groups. You'd ever wanna like. Poach I mean you're not really poaching by late. I think she that we all have very different demographics here locally and very different styles to the I look for more of the LA I think it's very bloggers that people that are interest I searched the hash take his story you know. Plus has fashioned very fashion who is Pristina and that you know and that you are finding girls that are post steam. Images under those casting isn't commenting on them and making them. So then the welcome Robert page that image it makes sense and what about when it comes to the pictures that. Bloggers post because they're all these lifestyle photos wearing like. You're looking off to the Rite Aid you're drinking this up a copy or your hair is going behind your ear they're beautiful pictures is like. A formula to that or you just say to your tiger. He shoot random shots of me Joaquin and drinking and Massey with my hair and he picked the best ones basically that late there's like a million ones like it delete edit I totally honest I just yeah. Think I cannot take that are following my photographer item argument here for a around our team as well as Klein and she in every issue -- added the good ones and then we'll send me one where I just looked like how. And no one time issue like tax Timmy and went like adjusting Heath did you ever get a big ego plague remember these pictures and c.'s sense I have that somewhere I am I out of does it every single late cutesy lifestyle pictured is the I'm bloggers. It's really not that cutesy. They are though it was a sold re only their real life like that in a Buick and mr. Graham can be very misleading is a damn reality compared to yeah reality. Yeah it's solved yet and had we all do that and it's your Mac yet Shaq because of your day at a picture being aware what's in your background if you're dirty shower is behind closer shower curtain sure. There was a girl that I saw unfazed but god bless her heart every week she would do a baby post baby bump. I didn't know her and Ivan actual baby now I don't know I don't know of her baby bomb probably in the and it was a selfish and taken her bathroom. I didn't know her relief from Adam. But no one told her. You've got to cover up that shower. Because your bumper is growing and you're looking Q protect shower is not looking Q and the mold is growing all sell the act includes sold. I love it felt so bad more updates on another question that we have here on on the FaceBook page. So Amy wants to Knoll when it comes to promoting things like clone been blow she ends. What year phase regiment is all that kind of stuff. It when you wanna become a lifestyle blogger dean need to do all of that art can just be close or can it just be Pestrana. Nineteen Aiken just be a close and restaurants and stuff like that lake eyes started solely I in the fashion and and then you know I started talking to brands that did skiing to parents of late that an area and skin care has always been really you Blake I think that I am interested and south. I mean I just kind of evolved into a beauty and lifestyle as well but I mean you can keep it really. Generalize too if you want tale. I mean you'll still get sent random stuff. And that is another great question and we kinda. Hit on the the last time that Iran. Fifty shades of K when it comes to promote mean products that you are given. The lines can get really blurred because here and like radio land it is. Very very strict. With us and if your accounts become verified you'll have to follow the same rules if you don't already that you are given any kind of product that you talked about. You have to do hash take that and how do you rule. Maneuver around that because I'm sure there's parts he really actually like that you Bly that you want a Kamal yeah that what I'm Annie blog post. If it was given to mean I GO. CEO courtesy. You know whenever branded as anything else say pave foray just take them. And if it is an ad that some brands don't like you use lean. Add cash to Tallahassee sponsored royals did a better be careful or. Are Cutler and I guess other travel they don't like it but they don't like it because that casting ads tend to get buried in the algorithms yet but it's technically yeah legal. To promote some sane. Knowing that there was compensation happen under the table I mean there multi million dollar lawsuits that are happening the public figures all the time. And as as a public figure we are constantly signing forms because now our company has told masses. He you've been warrant you signed this form you took this module you get sued just like an account isn't gonna pay my. I'm on a thousand dollar lawsuit and that's like a minimum yet so that's why I don't even play that game yes so I mean I still use it. With the brands that Staley pain. We don't really want you to play past eight at I do is mix and end with a mix of passion eggs and iPod and though it's not like it yeah pleaded not right at the Dow but it's still in the air because I wanna cover I don't have the will. And there are people that could do like you say kind of gamble with app but I I've seen in the lawsuit I've seen things happen because he gets sent things a lot to. And I'm very clear and I have to put in writing to say hey lock their people that paid me to promote their product because then if I start throwing something else and I am not gaining compensated in the proper way. Then those are following the rules have every right to get upset and that I could lose all of those opportunities on us and this is bad business yeah but they are watching this stuff like crazy. Which is why people are asking a lot of these questions and I feel like a lot of times people think everything that a blogger gets sent that they promote and their answer Hammond social which is not the case that op I'm glad you said that it's not your rights yeah he writes. So I mean just because they're posting some theme that's in and it doesn't necessarily mean that they had two or. I'm trying to I am I doing what she's saying exactly I am relieved. Authentic and real even with the brands. So lake if it's a brand that I don't know if I like it earn and they're gonna send me stuff. I'll tell them straight up sure I will Revere stuff benefits socks and going to atomic followers shouted Sox it's the. Lila and advocate she's really got athletic. I came back an incident Gehrig and try this flat tummy ET. Yeah it's so grade you when it's like now. Right because then people aren't an atrocity next time and it's clearly they don't post. Clearly for page acts they're clearly. He now they are the celebrities are gunning paid for it. I had an. Realized he is aired these flat tummies teachings. And the first and that was have you not looked at any of my post is clearly I am diet. Concerned about having six pack abs you're thirty fashion outlets and that's that lake anything am I radar but it. Deanna told me we are ready plates. The money in your PayPal accounts. Before even sign any bank will. Ruled as late as it will send it over and I'll try it if it socks and a time when it's ox lake whenever. So they sent it over and I tried it and it is terror law lake herald box I wrote to them and I was like lists and I am not posting about I'm not even in the lake. Give you that time a day to. Pete talked about on my blog. Here is your money back which you can have it 'cause I'm not doing it right yeah involvement. Sightseeing too you know need is really have to be real and only promote things that you genuinely. Whitey and you is and it's easier to promote what you really love it yeah. Totally to be fake or talk what's on that you don't like it's or not museum that aspect goes against everything that he stands for yeah and then you lose our atrocity following and you don't want that and do you feel that it's important to be on. All social media platforms that's a question from Michelle or. Is a revenue crater on instant Graham of some a lot to get started doing something like tennis as in their revenue is greater an answer Graham there algorithms sucks to be honest but it. I mean and how do you break it a the algorithm. Do you pay attention to what tiny posed do you pay attention to hash takes the I have never bank met the person to the attention overtime and posts like I know bloggers early I have to post at 9 PM everyday because that is the best. Time for them and I'm just like I don't care Blake I was that was an average feel like post and end. So I mean that but now with the new algorithm I'm kinda veto be more conscious of that and be more conscious of hash changes and make making sure that I'm using. Really could have exchange is it just using a million hash takes to get. I am a bunch of different. Cash to gauge what you mean by good castings one party has a lot of hash takes tied with it or one that is. Tech she's so to speak like I remember back in the day fantastic the first starting off my last morning partner Kenosha he would constantly has to Oprah Winfrey. I would be taught and us always confident indeed I have to go poetry because he figured if you're looking for Oprah Winfrey a land on our stuck at a I don't know about other work tonight we know Oprah is the queasy and I saw tanks and everything. I'm gonna start using that we're gonna take your in this because you mentioned her name to go to Oprah and everything now and see how it works or what beyoncé. Of course the. I'm typing that agency is ones that are relevant to it the post and A China to use one federally. Had she you know because of the world's no one's looking well up caress it's that lake don't beach soul a specific where it's late yeah. I'm wearing a probably there has to purple blazer on a Tuesday at 9:45 AM or whatever like no one's an African yeah I don't really look that up and that has to exact gonna go anywhere I mean bottled up for being witty but that it's not gonna grow year follow all facility you know are hearing gauge meant to so that you are doing they. Cash take pastels. Hash to Hague at spring style. Something that the relevant to the pollen that's irrelevant so is this that bank yeah other any mistakes that you made that looking back on it you want to tell people he don't don't do this. I think my first started I focus more and growing followers some putting out super quality contents. Can I mean it's a big mistake and a lot of people make that they are focused so much on the numbers because you know brands winds you'd have a certain number. Two. Work with them. And I think that that sometimes drives people to. Purchase followers as you never wanted to do okra is I mean that's that's not really engagement that real engagement it's gonna keep you in the ass so. I think focusing and having a really really good tactic is when you do have good content the numbers hold those com. And then things will get shared and how will really enjoy that there's what they're seen in the game and we'll be better gap that seems to make a lot of sense but you're right people. Lose sight of that T because they look at the number right away yeah quality over quantity higher ranked first start as I can't wait to have that K. Where it's like you know it's no longer like 6500. Followers its like ten K. Late I know that's what I wanted so bad and then went and got and I think like this and that. And allies yeah I did it taxes totally kicking in the ass because you have to have tonight ninety some of these things that you get. Was it okay we prepare for that this year is OK. I this year I am greedy match. Broke just about even and hazel or a little bit and at a time. This coming year. It's going to kick me in the ass and not the prices success is thank you mean me ask him now I had I had some big things that we're gift dead zone and do you want this to be here full time job one day is that I would love that I. Yeah I would lie to at a B metals and John it's what allowed Dowayne. So yeah in this is really something that is kind of taking over there's a lot of people that are doing this lifestyle blogging and it does a lot of pieces of the pie to go around us orderly if you're if you're sure you there's only one year old Garrett in of a product. Or are we all your style of what you tell you where your clothes it's just unique to you know Jack hey Nat. I think that you know when it comes to working their brands like if someone's listening wants to be a blogger and whatever like I tell a lot of man blogger friends. You know when I work with brands like Haiti and they're really good to work with reach out to this person. Is used to work with them too and unlike Hubbell I don't have the numbers that you have. Who cares like the worst that a break into eighty is now. And that's really not the end of the world yes and they just move onto the next one. But there and Ari NX one death and they are plenty of brands that are gonna wanna work with the oh so I mean you never now and musty just send it out and see what they say. That's how you ask proud to Pamela key fashion blogger also a fashion columnist at on the lucky dot com Jeff Sherman sent him message TR Qaeda or idiotic got credit varieties like. Mecca you can buy panic it's Pamela key dot com Inkster Graham at Pamela key. Find her on FaceBook will Lincoln OpenId and I won the mixed dot com and other questions. PMs always willing to head to chat that's what makes you feel real enemy that's what people like que ha so thanks for being so gracious and coming here today you Christina Dini. This is then the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elisabeth today if you enjoy this episode to share with us and make sure to subscribe via iTunes and legal review. Thanks for listening.